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    [–] Facts pissedoffseagulls 3 points ago in ween

    but he’ll love me just the same...

    [–] NYC Subway - leaning “bench” pissedoffseagulls 13 points ago in HostileArchitecture

    just make people lean on the wall if you’re not gonna put in a real bench!

    [–] help, all you Kirby fan blenderers! pissedoffseagulls 1 points ago in blender

    Yes, we are. At most, there would be like 5 copies, and it already costs about $80 per copy, per person, so why not spend a bit more and get a really great-looking piece? I completely see how that would be considered overkill by someone else. Video game soundtracks on vinyl have a decent following, and I’d want a release I made myself to look as good as the professionally-made ones on my shelf!

    Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll definitely check it out!

    [–] Dressed up my Canonet! pissedoffseagulls 7 points ago * (lasted edited 13 hours ago) in Cameras

    So I’ve had the Canonet for a couple months now. It’s in pretty good shape, but the leatherette was very rough and a little dirty. I decided to get some new leather for it for that reason, and because it’s not a super expensive camera (even if it was, I spent $5 on it). I got them from Aki Asahi. They were super easy to apply and they feel great. I’d recommend ordering from them.

    EDIT: forgot to mention, this is the “lizard ochre” set.

    EXTRA EDIT: I noticed in this picture there’s some spots where it looks to be not properly placed (like around the GIII badge), but on the camera now it seems to have settled into place from handling.

    [–] This ad placement pissedoffseagulls 16 points ago in AccidentalComedy

    this isn’t accidental comedy

    [–] No sleep, no sleep, I am always on a mission pissedoffseagulls 6 points ago in weezer

    The Alone version and the Jackknife version are both great.

    [–] Obligatory Jesus post on Easter Sunday pissedoffseagulls 11 points ago in brandnew

    ‘Cause this omelette’s not gonna last more than the weekend...

    [–] Jiggle that thiccness pissedoffseagulls 2 points ago in ConfusedBoners

    at least it fits here, unlike all the posts of naked women with a funny mask on

    [–] IIL Chilled road-trip songs, WEWIL? pissedoffseagulls 4 points ago in ifyoulikeblank

    Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect - The Decemberists

    [–] Old Shit and a new weasel. pissedoffseagulls 1 points ago in ween

    I want one! The detail is amazing.

    ps I love Deaner’s face on your new project lmao

    [–] Obi-Han Kenolo pissedoffseagulls 12 points ago in breathinginformation

    “look, somebody edited a thing to be an intentional joke! hahahahahah to r/breathinginformation I go

    [–] Me🔥irl pissedoffseagulls 1 points ago in me_irl

    damn, the YouTube algorithm just gives me alt-right nonsense :-/