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    [–] Who's your favourite historical figure? playboy101 0 points ago in askteenboys

    HAHAHAHHAAHAHA what fucking motive, man was a war criminal, a racist, and an imperialist piece of shit tbh. source You can find way more, they're scattered throughout the internet, maybe take some time and introspect before you decide to call him a hero, and understand what he really was.

    [–] Who's your favourite historical figure? playboy101 -1 points ago in askteenboys

    That's a weird way to justify a massacre, maybe you can start by not glorifying his genocide of people

    [–] Who's your favourite historical figure? playboy101 2 points ago in askteenboys

    Dude was responsible for the death of MILLIONS

    [–] How active are Indian Incels? playboy101 -2 points ago in IndiaSpeaks

    We can definitely term our men to be inherent incels in the Indian context, if you know what i mean

    [–] AITA for reporting my coworker playboy101 5 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NAH. If she actually has a mental disability, you wouldn't know and maybe she's slow because of it, you can't really blame her for it. And you did something completely okay and natural to do, really, because you were frustrated about the work not getting done fast enough.

    [–] Do bullets fired in the air fall back and hit people? playboy101 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I wouldn't think so , since it can easily be falsified by simply shooting into your property for the insurance money

    [–] How to cheat on a test in MS Teams playboy101 3 points ago in teenagers

    Can’t, they know I have one