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    [–] My parents are in severe debt and want me to take out a bank loan for them. Is my solution to their problem viable? ponderosapotter 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Nope. Financial problems are not yours. Mom and Dad need to SELL THE HOUSE. They should have made financial adjustments years ago but better late than never. They have to sell it before it goes into foreclosure and they loose all equity. Tell your Dad, "Call a realtor tomorrow then start cleaning and packing up the house".

    [–] My wife is in a 2 year affair .... what do I tell the kids? ponderosapotter 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Don't let the kids decide where to live. Hash it out between you and your ex. If she can't stop acting like a teenager, then go for full custody. The kids probably already know that something major has happened. Talk to them sooner rather than later, because they might think that they caused something.

    [–] My (34M) GF (33F) of 5 years is having sex with her "Running Buddy" ponderosapotter 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    Find a room to rent in some Grandma's house and just lay low for 6 months. Cut her out of your life forever, starting now. I can't believe she went out with the guy when you were there. That's like rubbing shit in your face. Damn. What a tramp.

    [–] Ex-gf won't move out completely. What's the problem? ponderosapotter 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    The stuff left behind is stuff she doesn't want. Depending on what it is, you could put a post on craigslist or fb. People love free stuff. Otherwise, box it up and take everything to Savers or Goodwill. Just send her a message before you take action.

    [–] Is my wife rude and disrespectful or am I over reacting? 28m 25f ponderosapotter 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    You are not over-reacting. There are some troubling psychological issues happening. We often think trashy thoughts about someone but never speak them aloud. She has crossed that barrier and is assaulting you verbally. It's called emotional abuse. You need to call her on it. She cannot talk to you like that. More importantly, she needs counseling. Her behavior is not normal and needs to be addressed before it leads to divorce.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex ponderosapotter 16 points ago in legaladvice

    Go to your school principal or counselor tomorrow. Don't even go to your first hour class. Sit in the office until someone will talk to you. You must be removed from that terrible foster home. School administrators are required to report abuse. Authorities must get involved. If they do not help you, go to the law enforcement center. Talk to anyone who will listen. You will not be required to pay a penny. The Child Protection Agency in your state will take over and will remove you from that bad foster home. Life is hard enough without idiots like your foster mom. Be strong. There are lots of bad people in the world but you shouldn't have to find that out at 15 years old.

    [–] Update to my son reading the will and my family getting destroyed ponderosapotter 6 points ago in relationship_advice

    This is so transparent. You are the problem. Hatred and revenge are powerful motivators, whether conscious or subconscious. You have let those feelings ruin the relationship with your first wife and first son. Stop the pity party and accept the shit show that you created.

    [–] I [31m] found torn-up remnants of a Plan B box in the kitchen garbage. My wife [27f] should have no reason to use emergency contraceptive because I had a vasectomy years ago. I don't know what to say to her. ponderosapotter 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    If your wife is having trouble with her period, she should have told you about it. If her friend asked your wife to throw away the box, she should have told you. So nope, she is messing around behind your back. Lay low for awhile and collect the puzzle pieces that you did not see before now. Then have the discussion with her. Good Luck.

    [–] Boyfriend walks way ahead of me if I'm not constantly talking. ponderosapotter 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    If everything else is OK in the relationship, I dont think it is worth the worry. When I walk, it is my quiet time to think. I dont want to talk or even have to listen. So let go of the worry, let him pace himself. It is what it is and doesnt need fixing.

    [–] My husband (27M) "doesn't need" sex with me (24F) ponderosapotter 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    Your husband needs to see a doctor. There is no sense in suffering when there is modern medical science to help. Your family physician can refer you to a specialist if needed.

    [–] Perspective on petty wife ponderosapotter 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Awesome. You'll land on your feet and there are happy times ahead. Now you have to figure out how you attracted such a devil woman and not do that again. Haha. Maybe it's time to look for an ugly woman with a heart of gold.....

    [–] My daughter(7) in elementary school got sexually assaulted at school and the school want her to transfer and police are not doing much. ponderosapotter 3 points ago in legaladvice

    What state are you in?

    You need to hire an attorney. Then contact the principal, superintendent and school board members. Threaten with a big-ass lawsuit. Elected officials can't and won't help you. Public school districts consider themselves above the law and most times, they get away with pretty nasty shit.

    [–] Perspective on petty wife ponderosapotter 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Good, you are executing a plan. Maybe you should talk to your boss or business owner about what's going on. Since you both work there, it would be wise to keep them in the loop.

    I can tell that you are strong and will weather this well. You've recognized that you can't live this way. You are acting to protect your future happiness and your son's well-being. Godspeed!

    [–] Perspective on petty wife ponderosapotter 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Oh my, the fight with her ex about pick-up times is very weird. She is way overdue for therapy and meds. Something is dramatically wrong with her mental health.

    It's time to start planning your exit. Look forward to the color coming back into your life. The pain of breaking up will be rewarded with future happiness. Good luck and keep us posted.

    [–] Perspective on petty wife ponderosapotter 4 points ago in relationship_advice

    Sounds like your wife is brewing mad about something. It's probably unrelated to what you mentioned but her attitude is definitely showing. You might want to consider therapy together to get to the bottom of what is making her unhappy.

    Most parents buy similar gifts for children. Get an iPad for your kid. It's the right thing to do. Also, spending time with your family on Thursday was the right thing to do. Hang in there. The holidays can be stressful.

    [–] My girlfriend of 18 years (34F) is threatening to leave me (35M). I actually think I want to leave her, because this is a ploy she does constantly and I'm just fed up with it. Have any of you left a long-term codependent relationship, and how did you get yourself through it? ponderosapotter 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    I left a relationship after 20 years. I don't know why I stayed so long. My partner was like your girlfriend. I paid all the bills, took care of shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, car maintenance and cared for the children. He was an entitled asshole who treated me like shit all the time.

    Leave. Establish a new normal. Living alone is not a bad thing. I love it. It's all a matter of the mind. Get a second job just to get yourself out of the house. Go to movies. Go to church. Go to community events. Happiness doesn't happen to you. It's a state of mind and you can indeed, be very happy without your girlfriend.

    [–] Cooking Classes ponderosapotter -1 points ago in funny

    I'm in Study Hall with kids. Have to be quiet but I couldn't help myself. Laughed out loud!