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    [–] I am currently a high school teacher on my intern year who has been suspended due to a student (18) making false allegations out of spite. I lost my position in a school that I loved, I run the risk of losing sponsorship for my certification, and now I am labeled as "pervert" within the community. ponderosapotter 75 points ago in legaladvice

    This is the trouble with teaching. Students or parents can make accusations and the teachers job is over, regardless of the truth.

    Since you do not have tenure, it's over. Start applying to other school districts. You'll get hired somewhere else. You'll forget the sting of this experience and have many good years in another place. Just be careful. NO STUDENT CONTACT outside of classroom business.

    [–] I [M, 32] got offered a position in LA, California and my wife [F, 29] doesn’t want me to take it. I’m lost... ponderosapotter 3 points ago in relationship_advice

    Take the job, pack your bags and say goodbye. That's what she wants you to do so don't think twice about it. There is a gentle-hearted, sweet girl waiting for you in LA... go find her.

    [–] Asked spouse to say one nice thing about me, reply was less than ideal. ponderosapotter 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    This is damaging your children much more than you know. Their personalities, values, morals and self-confidence are being negatively affected. They will need therapy themselves once they are adults. For Heavens Sake, get a backbone and tell that sub-human to get OUT of the house. I grew up with a parent like this. I am old now and it made me sick to read this.