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    [–] Holding fireworks while they launch popje 9 points ago * (lasted edited 13 hours ago) in WTF

    I got a nail shot in my leg from a bootleg explosive we made as kids, we did bottle/balloon pea sling shots wars and I got shot a pea that went through my ski mask and made my eyelid bleed.

    We made smoke bombs, bleach bombs, potato guns, termites, a high pressure pump gun that could send a 4 inch nail projectile entirely into a tree.

    Anyone remember the anarchy cookbook you could download from limewire ? I am still not sure how I made it alive and whole.

    [–] Every time : ( popje 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in wow

    Yeah that answers my question, I wish there was a way to bind my mouse buttons to something else than the keyboard 1-6 and numpad 1-6, I need those.

    [–] Every time : ( popje 1 points ago in wow

    Oh I had the naga hex in mind which is what I have, to do this world quest only with the mouse your buttons have to be binded to 1-6 but don't you use 1-6 on your keyboard on top of your mouse buttons ?

    Not sure if I explained that correctly.

    [–] Every time : ( popje 1 points ago in wow

    You kept the 1-6 keybinds ? Or do you press the little switch when this quest comes up ?

    [–] My wishes!!! popje 1 points ago in funny

    Yeah no shit this is far from an unpopular opinion.

    [–] Ha popje -1 points ago in pussypassdenied

    How is that the point lol ? The fact that she was a girl changed absolutely nothing, there was no pussy pass nor any pussy pass denied, you incels just like to hate on women.

    [–] Ha popje -10 points ago in pussypassdenied

    Didn't that incel sub got banned ? Looks like some came here.

    [–] Breakfast taco with scrambled egg popje 5 points ago in PutAnEggOnIt

    What are the black "seeds" in the scrambled egg ?

    [–] Trouble with Mythrax normal popje 1 points ago in CompetitiveWoW

    The bigger the group, the easier the fight is.

    Thanks ! after like 20 wipes we just invited 8 pugs (12 players -> 20) and we one shot him, pugs weren't even on discord, the difficulty difference is INSANE. Good job at scaling the bosses blizz.

    [–] Questions about simulation craft and retribution paladins popje 1 points ago in CompetitiveWoW

    Do you take mastery over haste ? I think I'll just stick to haste>mastery>rest

    [–] Just found this sub and I love spicy flavors. What's a good, higher quality and heat hotsauce that won't break the bank? popje 2 points ago in hotsauce

    Awesome, I hope you like them, here how I use them mostly:

    Green: Mexican food, sandwiches, subs, dipping sauce (mixed with italian dressing is so good).

    Original: Eggs, pizza, bread, soup/ramen, veggies.

    Caribbean: Chicken, rice, pork, veggies.

    [–] Attempted steak. Turned into quesadilla. Another failed attempt, mates popje 0 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in drunkencookery

    I was the same before I learned about reverse sear, it changed my steak game forever, no more drunken overcooked steaks, not that this doesn't look good in any way.

    [–] Tommy Wiseau just uploaded The Room (in full) to his YouTube channel popje 17 points ago in videos

    Yeah I watched The Room, its so bad its almost good, entertaining nonetheless, I'll give Room a try.