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    [–] I present to you the Japanese meat volcano with an egg on top. popje 3 points ago in PutAnEggOnIt

    I tried the thai version, been looking for the japanese one for a while now, I'll try it eventually.

    [–] I present to you the Japanese meat volcano with an egg on top. popje 2 points ago in PutAnEggOnIt

    Yes, steak and eggs is like the best thing in the world I can't even imagine how good wagyu and eggs would be.

    [–] Coco Curry with a Soft Boiled Egg on Top popje 1 points ago in PutAnEggOnIt

    What recipe ? Also how did you like it ?

    [–] Blizzard has just given up... popje 3 points ago in wow

    I really wasn't sure if that was a really old meme until I read the post..

    [–] I present to you the Japanese meat volcano with an egg on top. popje 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in PutAnEggOnIt

    Its called a "wagyu" roast beef bowl, I found it on a youtube video and immediately thought of you guys.

    [–] A5 came in today popje -1 points ago in steak

    I thought Wagyu was much cheaper over here, here an example, or is the video fake or something ?

    [–] A5 came in today popje 14 points ago in steak

    I'll add the steak price which is less than 100$ over there

    Option 1: Steaks and you're at -400$

    Option 2: Steaks with a round trip and you're at -1000$

    If I was to pay 400$ for steaks, I'll just pay the extra 600$ difference (1000$ total) and get the round trip + steaks which is my personal opinion, how is this not making sense ?

    [–] A5 came in today popje 3 points ago in steak

    We're in the most expensive month of the year though, its normally around 900$, if I was to spend 400$ on steaks I'd personally pay the extra 500$ to get there.

    [–] A5 came in today popje 23 points ago in steak

    At this price might as well get a round trip to Japan.

    [–] Bloodwood popje 4 points ago in natureismetal

    There was a beaver hidden in the tree /s

    [–] Super Smash Bros Ultimate Discounted Order Status popje 1 points ago in VideoGameDealsCanada

    I pre-ordered both crash bandicoot and spyro from, received it on release day both times.

    [–] Ed Sheeran shouldn't wear T-shirt and Jeans? popje 84 points ago in gatekeeping

    Hmm it completely make sense with context ?

    [–] Canada Computer's 25 Secret Days - A New Mystery Deal Everyday Until Christmas popje 8 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in bapcsalescanada

    Where is the canadacomputers hate coming from ? I bought some headphones when there was 1 left in stock, it updated to 0 after my purchase and they shipped the headphones the next day.

    I never had any problems with them in the past few years, they even use UPS so thats a good option right now if you don't want your package to be stuck with Post Canada.

    [–] BeamNG has a friendly message to those running a pirated copy of their game, and a badass pirate background on the title screen too! popje 37 points ago in Piracy

    Especially Beamng, I bought it when it first released without second thoughts, its a weird game but they deserve as much money as they can possibly get if we ever want to see their physics in a fully fledged triple A game.