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    [–] Saturo tasting - be part of it porkslow 1 points ago in soylent

    I have tried Jimmy Joy (Joylent), Ambronite and Twennybars.

    I currently use mostly Twennybars and sometimes Jimmy Joy.

    [–] Why are so many websites asking me to sign up for their e-mail newsletter all of a sudden? porkslow 10 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    I think this has to do with content marketing and lead generation.

    It's now trendy to produce "quality content" that gets people to read it and then ask for their email address by promising more content in their email inbox.

    A lot of companies use this tactic to try to upsell you their products and services or sell the email addresses to some shady ad company after luring the users in with free content.

    [–] Dating a programmer porkslow 4 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    When you need to serialize data or store it in a database?

    [–] Dating a programmer porkslow 443 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in ProgrammerHumor

    ISO 8601 allows timezone if you use the longhand notation, for example 2017-05-19T11:55:43+03:00 !

    [–] Are Mac OS VM's legal? porkslow 1 points ago in MacOS

    If you are short on money, maybe buy a second-hand Mac Mini or MacBook Air. Running Mac in a VM is against to ToS and it's also pretty difficult to get working reliably.

    [–] no one else on my twitch stream got this reference... porkslow 1 points ago in soylent

    I'm guessing it's originally a parody of Calorie Mate which is actually kind of similar to Soylent.

    [–] Despite being open source, jQuery is easy to use, fast and concise. porkslow 12 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in programmingcirclejerk

    JavaScript also controls the web browsers, effectuates user interaction, facilitates asynchronous communication, and delivers customized content to users

    Who the hell writes English like this? Pajeet confirmed.

    [–] Rust advocate undeterred by sarcasm porkslow 5 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    No, in node.js. It's microservices, 12 factor app, and async out of the box. And your app will be backed by vibrant community and lots of emoticons. Please join our slack and discourse and gitter.

    Go is pretty okay, but you cannot go get because gitlab is where it's at now. is so old.

    Ayy lmao

    [–] How to teach 11-year-olds Haskal in node.js porkslow 63 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    In computer science, a anonymous function is considered a fairly advanced topic. Many computer science majors in college don’t learn it until their upper-level courses, if at all.

    $(document).ready(function() {

    [–] What is 't.'? porkslow 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in OutOfTheLoop

    It comes from the Finnish tradition of ending a letter in "t. [your name]". t. is an abbrevation of the word "terveisin" which means "regards" in English.

    It's a form of shitposting used to ironically describe the poster. It was popularized by Finnish shitposting memes such as spurdo and dolan.