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    [–] IBMer would buy a mainframe for his next startup porkslow 21 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    You could hire engineers to figure out to make systems run reliably on a cloud provider, but unless you are one of a tiny handful of unicorns that specialize in this, you are going to do a second-rate job of it.

    Good thing running a mainframe doesn't require any engineering talent whatsoever.

    You just turn it on and it scales right up.

    [–] Speeds up to! porkslow 2 points ago in softwaregore

    Maybe it's a 1 Mbps connection?

    [–] Browsers porkslow 5 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Iceweasel is literally renamed Firefox because Debian had some problems with the trademark restriction if the Firefox name.

    [–] How to reduce lag on scaled resolution? porkslow 3 points ago in mac

    Turn on "reduce transparency" in accessibility settings

    [–] Bower is depricated porkslow 2 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    It's a follow up to this

    [–] Bower is depricated porkslow 1 points ago in programmingcirclejerk


    Jesus. Next thing you'll tell me is that you compile your stylesheets using LessPHP

    [–] Women shouldn't code because it's too stressful for them. porkslow 6 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    My 20+ years of experience in coding tells me that this job is not fun most of the time. It's hard, it requires a lot of rigid logical thinking, it's rather boring, and it's a constant war against machines and against other programmers who produce unmaintainable and unreadable code.

    I don't feel good about sending women, who I was raised to protect and respect, into this war.

    DAE writing a CRUD app === storming the Ohama Beach?

    [–] Question about reinstalling MacOS porkslow 4 points ago in MacOS

    If you have a post-2011 Mac, you should be able to start in Internet Recovery even if the filesystem is busted and install the MacOS version that came with the computer. Then just install Sierra on App Store.

    [–] Best Display for new MacBook Pro? porkslow 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in mac

    Dell P2415Q. I bought it before Apple came out with the UltraFine 4K/5K displays. It displays 4K resolution over DisplayPort and 24" size matches the Retina display PPI a lot better that most other 4k displays that are 27" wide.

    I also like the matte finish!

    [–] Hack. Synergize. Scale. porkslow 11 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    Too busy hacking to enable URL rewriting on the server

    [–] Aggregating all programming books mentioned in !!!! 😮 porkslow 2 points ago in programming

    It took over 10 seconds to load the page on my 100 megabit internet connection. You should really look into incorporating minification into your build process and enabling gzip on the server.

    [–] Aggregating all programming books mentioned in !!!! 😮 porkslow 13 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    Click link
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    Loading text jumps by a line and changes to a different font
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    Site actually loads

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