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    [–] Web development is not a worthwhile industry. It is a bubble, nothing else. porkslow 10 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    I can imagine this person sporting a neckbeard, fedora and IBM model M keyboard

    psssh, nothing personnel kid

    [–] Web development is not a worthwhile industry. It is a bubble, nothing else. porkslow 65 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in programmingcirclejerk

    In my years as a full stack web developer, not once did I need to use binary trees and linked lists in a real world scenario.

    I pity your users, your co-workers and your employers...
    You're admitting that you never had to even stop and think why your code is so fucking slow? You never had to optimise anything at all?
    Hope I'll never have to work with someone like you.

    If I use a linked list will it make my WordPress blog run faster? Or how about the API for my dime-in-a-dozed CRUD app?

    [–] putting my kid in a cage to own the fascists porkslow 54 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    "My partner's​ daughter" kind of gives it away.

    [–] Forget about evil veronica porkslow 5 points ago in GamersRiseUp

    The Strongest Girl in the World vs. The Strongest Boy in Town by Motsu Aki

    [–] Just never use MySQL, I say. porkslow 10 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    I thought this was just a string of random Japanese words but it turns out it's an actual hentai show :S

    [–] Literally comparing DICE to the Nazis porkslow 56 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    If there are no swastikas and nazi eagles in the game, then I honestly don't see the point.

    60 million people died for this shit and we're taking it too lightly.

    [–] PSA: Safari on macOS Mojave no longer supports legacy extensions that aren't reviewed by Apple porkslow 4 points ago in apple

    I’ve been using the redesign. It’s a bit slower than old Reddit but it has almost all RES features baked in.

    [–] How B L O C K C H A I N will fix the internet porkslow 5 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    Lubin mentioned how Web 4.0 is “what we’re just starting to think about.” It is a system where artificial intelligent agents are empowered by value through blockchain and tokens. “The Internet of the machines economy is going to be very interesting and definitely coming to a blockchain near you,” he said.

    What does it even mean

    [–] Please sir, no more problems porkslow 1 points ago in Badfaketexts

    TIL trains travel on roads

    [–] Finally a comprehensive Drupal Vs Wordpress article I came across. porkslow 1 points ago in PHP

    But Drupal it more complicated and harder to use. That's why it's enterprise ready.

    Everybody knows WordPress is only for blogs. It simply doesn't scale. Mind you that scaling Drupal most often just means putting Varnish in front of it. You certainly can't do that with WordPress!