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    [–] World's first buttchain powered smartphone: includes built-it cold storage wallet porkslow 9 points ago in Buttcoin

    They have also a blockhain PC:

    Additional computation power (GPU/CPU/RAM) can be added through SIRIN LABS peer-to-peer resource sharing protocol or via a cloud based service.

    Computer too slow? Just download more RAM! With blockchains!

    [–] Typical Micro$oft porkslow 5 points ago in applecirclejerk

    Redmond, start your photocopiers

    [–] Webscale image compression porkslow 1 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    Actually, there are couple of file format that that use h.265 compression (HEVC) for still images like BPG ja HEIF. The latter is supported by Apple in iPhone and Mac apps (though not in Safari yet) so I'm sure there will be some interesting developments in the future. The only problem is the patent restriction but that didn't prevent GIF or h.264 becoming popular.

    [–] Webscale image compression porkslow 14 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in programmingcirclejerk

    I have one more idea: because human eye is more receptive to contrast than color, I say we separate the color information from brightness information into its own image but at lower resolution. Then we can use CSS filters to combine them into one image with big file size savings!

    What, are you telling me that this is something that image compression algorithms have done for decades?

    [–] Webscale image compression porkslow 36 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in programmingcirclejerk

    Yeah, "it works" unless you open the image in another tab, show it in RSS feed, save it on your hard drive, display it in browser that doesn't support CSS filters Internet Explorer, show it in Google Images or share the image with someone else.

    [–] Bathrooms are now webscale porkslow 7 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    bugs: you tell me

    plz donate to my beer fund

    [–] A cryptocurrency company literally called TenX (bonus: hiring Rust programmers) porkslow 70 points ago in programmingcirclejerk

    Maybe it's called 10x because I spent 10 seconds staring at a bouncing ball before all of their JavaScript libraries finished loading.