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    [–] Farting Into an Intercom 😂 prguitarman 7 points ago in funny

    Using a TikTok soundbyte and pretending to fart

    [–] smooch prguitarman 8 points ago in ac_newhorizons


    [–] Old School Bubble Tape, anyone? prguitarman 13 points ago in nostalgia

    It’s six feet of bubble tape FOR YOU (Not them!)

    [–] An interesting title prguitarman 1 points ago in aww

    I like how OP’s first post on Reddit is “I guess swallowing cum is basically cannibalism??”

    [–] Relationship trust prguitarman 0 points ago in Unexpected

    Very cringe

    [–] Playing this game 12 hours a day prguitarman -6 points ago in FallGuysGame

    Ditch gamer chairs. Almost all of them suck and are built badly. Get an ergonomic chair

    [–] Defeated by obesity prguitarman 47 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Set a bait trap with a block of velveeta

    [–] How Interesting prguitarman 136 points ago in pics

    “NOT IN THIS HOOD BITCH” has a different meaning than “NOT IN THIS HOOD, BITCH”

    [–] It is what it is prguitarman 4 points ago in gaming

    Haven’t seen a single cheater in Fall Guys since the new anti-cheat has been implemented

    [–] Among us starter pack prguitarman 7 points ago in starterpacks

    If you haven’t seen it yet then you are one of the lucky ones

    [–] Among us starter pack prguitarman 27 points ago in starterpacks

    You forgot the ridiculous rule 34

    [–] Children of porn stars, what's it like? When and how did you find out? prguitarman 12 points ago in AskReddit

    Some dude out there is stroking to porn and thinking about their children mid-stroke

    [–] Thanks, I hate Among Us fanart prguitarman 2 points ago in TIHI

    Missing the giant tits and asses

    [–] There is no justices! prguitarman 6078 points ago in awfuleverything

    They look like young Lord Farquaads

    [–] Listen here you toe-eyed cabbage... prguitarman 13 points ago in rareinsults

    The “Rare Insults” r/starterpack should include “cabbage”