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    [–] Eminem saving the Rap Game from mumble with Kamikaze (2018, colorized). princessmacaroni 1 points ago in Eminem

    I think he might be talking about MGK's new album which just dropped last night or something. it's called B I N G E, so

    [–] I decided to play with color this morning!! princessmacaroni -1 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    i knew by the thumbnail i was gonna fucking love this

    thanks for not disappointing me :)

    [–] KILLSHOT - MGK DISS princessmacaroni 1 points ago in Eminem


    [–] I got a 20 thousand dollar tip. princessmacaroni 12 points ago in personalfinance

    no advice, but as a waitress who also is struggling to pay her student loans.. this gives me hope

    [–] Ganja Goddess Getaway princessmacaroni 1 points ago in entwives

    so I went to the ganja goddess getaway on Lake Selma, Oregon! and it was amazing. really, more than worth the money.

    The weed was more than endless. the edibles were the best tasting edibles I've ever had. I met girls who I will always keep in contact with and made memories ill never forget. and the food... was bommmbbbb. like, steak and salmon and a taco bar and stuff. I've never done anything like that before, it was like being in a fairy tale bubble, where everyone was nice to each other and you could feel the love so palpably. it was beautiful.

    [–] This Comment in MGK song 😂😂 princessmacaroni 37 points ago in Eminem

    Em also came up as a battle rapper.. i think it's in his nature to put the nail in the coffin.... ayy

    [–] So true princessmacaroni 7 points ago in Eminem

    Some stans think he was being sarcastic.

    [–] new album wtf princessmacaroni 8 points ago in Eminem

    I'm exhausted. worked all day. I have to be back at work in 8 hours. but i found this and now I'm hype as fuck

    [–] Chillsville princessmacaroni 2 points ago in DrugArt

    so simple and yet pretty damn detailed. beautiful :)

    [–] 🔥🔥🔥 princessmacaroni 36 points ago in Eminem

    looove how the bottom of his shirt is the Detroit city line!

    [–] today’s look 🦋 princessmacaroni 2 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    I'm guilty of this too, but I think it works great! i try to pick one aspect of my makeup and make it bold as hell and then keep the rest kinda neutral

    [–] today’s look 🦋 princessmacaroni 1 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    looking like a badd asssss bitttchhhhh

    [–] My girlfriend cleaning her monopoly collection princessmacaroni 1 points ago in pics

    how does this girl have a monopoly collection AND a significant other?

    [–] Ganja Goddess Getaway princessmacaroni 1 points ago in entwives

    Im going to the one in Oregon next month! I'm so excited but I've never been to one before. I'm flying all the way from PA though so I have highhhhh hopes ;)

    [–] Aside from minimal alterations I’ve made throughout the years, this has been my everyday makeup look for most of my life. CCW! princessmacaroni 11 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    I feel like you could totally rock like an awesome red lip with this look! it might make it a litttttle less "every day" but I think its fun anyways :) btw, LOVE your eyes