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    [–] Can tooth pain create chronic stress? princessmacaroni 1 points ago in ChronicPain

    did pain killers like oxycodone help your abscess pain?

    [–] 5 a day keeps the anxiety away princessmacaroni 12 points ago in drugmemes

    it bothers me more than it should that in the title it says "5" but there are only 4 joints in the pic

    [–] I know a few people... princessmacaroni 12 points ago in drugmemes

    oooooh just cuz we not smoking meth doesn't mean you gotta be a hater

    [–] Donald Trump news: He will be 'LAST PRESIDENT' of the United ... princessmacaroni 1 points ago in donaldtrump

    Ugh... it makes me sad. youve spent so much time debating that you are so enthralled in your own argument that you are UNABLE to see outside of your lens.

    But the fact that you are a woman.. you stand by this man who has been accused of sexual misconduct so many times... who treats women as objects, who speaks to them as if they are less than human. It breaks my heart.

    [–] Donald Trump news: He will be 'LAST PRESIDENT' of the United ... princessmacaroni 0 points ago in donaldtrump

    also.. you do realize that all of the things you listed that are now better... that's all a result of Obama's administration. It takes YEARS to affect those statistics. the fact that you think Trump is responsible for this growth THIS quickly is ridiculous.

    [–] Eminem saving the Rap Game from mumble with Kamikaze (2018, colorized). princessmacaroni 1 points ago in Eminem

    I think he might be talking about MGK's new album which just dropped last night or something. it's called B I N G E, so

    [–] I decided to play with color this morning!! princessmacaroni -3 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    i knew by the thumbnail i was gonna fucking love this

    thanks for not disappointing me :)

    [–] KILLSHOT - MGK DISS princessmacaroni 1 points ago in Eminem


    [–] I got a 20 thousand dollar tip. princessmacaroni 12 points ago in personalfinance

    no advice, but as a waitress who also is struggling to pay her student loans.. this gives me hope

    [–] Ganja Goddess Getaway princessmacaroni 1 points ago in entwives

    so I went to the ganja goddess getaway on Lake Selma, Oregon! and it was amazing. really, more than worth the money.

    The weed was more than endless. the edibles were the best tasting edibles I've ever had. I met girls who I will always keep in contact with and made memories ill never forget. and the food... was bommmbbbb. like, steak and salmon and a taco bar and stuff. I've never done anything like that before, it was like being in a fairy tale bubble, where everyone was nice to each other and you could feel the love so palpably. it was beautiful.

    [–] This Comment in MGK song 😂😂 princessmacaroni 42 points ago in Eminem

    Em also came up as a battle rapper.. i think it's in his nature to put the nail in the coffin.... ayy

    [–] So true princessmacaroni 6 points ago in Eminem

    Some stans think he was being sarcastic.

    [–] new album wtf princessmacaroni 7 points ago in Eminem

    I'm exhausted. worked all day. I have to be back at work in 8 hours. but i found this and now I'm hype as fuck

    [–] Chillsville princessmacaroni 2 points ago in DrugArt

    so simple and yet pretty damn detailed. beautiful :)