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    [–] There are now as many Americans who claim no religion as there are evangelicals and Catholics probably_confused_rn 1 points ago in atheism

    I would imagine that non-denominational xtians would be counted as mainline Protestant as their are a lot of non-denominational churches

    [–] I cannot believe the president of my fucking country just posted a video on twitter mocking Biden’s behavior when there are many documented instances of he himself sexually assaulting people. probably_confused_rn 1 points ago in rant

    Let me preface this by saying i'm not attacking you, genuinely asking from a point of conversion. Are you concerned that Trumps behavior is hurting our reputation as a country? Regardless of views on America's involvement abroad, a lot of what our country does oversees kind of hinges on a perceived moral high ground and I feel that when the highest office is degraded it takes away from that.

    [–] VERY tasteful drawing from the Nazi weebs on 4Chan probably_confused_rn 6 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    That doesn’t make this any more okay though. Even if something is made to be ironic that does not excuse it of context and distastefulness.

    [–] If you're quiet you're a bitch if you're nice you want the guy, what do guys want? They want every girl that they are attracted to to want them? probably_confused_rn 2 points ago in rant

    I’m sorry about the world being like this OP. This sounds like traditional objectifying behavior. They’re viewing everything you do in a lens pertaining to them getting laid. “She’s being nice, she must want me.” I think things are getting better slowly but it’s disheartening to hear about this sort of thing. In short, people can suck. Hang in there.

    [–] Former Arkansas Democratic Party Spokesman Arrested for Child Porn probably_confused_rn 3 points ago in news

    In these trying times, at least we can come together as a country and agree that pedophiles are literal trash

    [–] Low pass rates are not something to brag about probably_confused_rn 73 points ago in college

    I agree with your point on grade inflation, I think what is considered a normal GPA has gotten out of hand. However, a lot of majors have higher gpa requirements than the rest of UT. These reqs would need to lower slightly with the standard GPA. Until this these professors essentially put you at higher risk.

    [–] Will UT rescind a transfer admission probably_confused_rn 1 points ago in UTAustin

    Update: I ended up passing the class with a B, thank you for all the support

    [–] Will UT rescind a transfer admission probably_confused_rn 1 points ago in UTAustin

    I don't know yet, once this all pans out though I will make an update thread