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    [–] [REQ] (75) - (#Norfolk, Virginia, USA), (2/10/18), (PayPal) prodi12 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in borrow

    Please teach me how to be a genius like you and go to college at 14

    [–] Brag and Bitch -12/11/17 (Monday) prodi12 3 points ago in sportsbook

    Not only did they somehow climb out of that big first half hole, but somehow force OT to also cover the spread. That was a crazy game.

    [–] Brag and Bitch -12/9/17 (Saturday) prodi12 3 points ago in sportsbook

    I always look forward to this daily thread, thank you to everyone active on this subreddit, it's fun.

    [–] NA LCS vs. GPL / All-Star Los Angeles 2017 - Group B / Post-Match Discussion prodi12 2 points ago in leagueoflegends

    GPL really showed up for this all stars tournament. Props to them for performing so well and making it to playoffs even after the visa issue and last minute roster changes.

    But as always, NA TSM fails to make it out of groups.

    [–] CN vs NA Allstars - Sneaky saves Baron prodi12 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    Really thought after this Sneaky play NA would be able to close it out with baron, but nope MikeYeung went full tunnel vision dived when they had mid and top tower pushed...

    [–] EU and NA LCS rosters (as of 06/12/2017) prodi12 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    There's almost no appeal for imports to go to EU with comparatively way less money in the region...

    [–] Stray dog with severe maggot infestation gets rescued and makes a full recovery prodi12 13 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    The organization is Animal Aid Unlimited, they are based in India. Here's a link to their website where you can place a donation:

    [–] D-Wade to LeBron. A little PB&J. prodi12 2 points ago in nba

    Having Wade and James on the same team again always reminds me of Bosh in the Big 3. Really unfortunate... Amazing alley op tho

    [–] Champion Concept: Imaqtpie, the Fugleman prodi12 2 points ago in leagueoflegends

    This is fucking hilarious, we should have more of these "new champion concepts"

    [–] Soccer Daily - 12/7/17 (Thursday) prodi12 4 points ago in sportsbook

    This is not a horrible bet at all. West Ham is a bottom feeder team and Chelsea is expected to win this game. You have a good shot of this hitting and even if Chelsea only wins by a goal, you still get half of your wager back and only lose half.

    [–] Azarenka not included on 2018 Australian Open entry list prodi12 5 points ago in tennis

    Very unfortunate that her personal life has to interfere with her tennis career. Really hope everything gets sorted out.