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    [–] a transfer dorm question protreehugger 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in OregonStateUniv

    If you want to save money avoid the dorms, their cost isn't really worth any sort of experience. If you can afford it or if they're already paid for, halsell are probably the nicest dorms but yeah definitely most isolated. Pretty much living in a quad. But you get your own room, so you just gotta weigh the pros and cons of each dorm. Whatever you do, welcome to OSU! I went to the windy city a few times as a kid for doctor appts, and I always enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy Oregon!

    [–] Went to the doctor complaining of venlafaxine withdrawals, came out with a box of sertraline? protreehugger 1 points ago in antidepressants

    prozac and zoloft have pretty long half lifes so you don't really experience withdrawal with them, whereas venlafaxine is out of you body quicker than your brain likes. How are you withdrawal symptoms now? I'm trying to come up with a game plan for coming off of this stuff, and from the looks of your edit this might help.

    [–] This guy lives in my driveway it's as big as my hand. protreehugger 1 points ago in natureismetal

    They can bite it's just rare. Their natural defense against predators is to drop to the ground and hide in the brush, which is what they try to do when a huge animal walks through their web and destroys it. In fact some spin webs or live near males who spin webs in random patterns and in a way that warns them of incoming predators. As soon as a few strands break, they drop to the ground out of site.

    [–] This guy lives in my driveway it's as big as my hand. protreehugger 589 points ago in natureismetal

    Nice thing about orb weavers is they just want to get to the ground and the fuck away from you. Shitty thing about orb weavers are they are fucking everywhere and being tall does not help.

    [–] 😥 protreehugger 6 points ago in marijuanaenthusiasts

    There are also a large number of ways to do clear cuts that aren't so detrimental to the environment. Not only that, his statement is incorrect. If left to its own devices, within a year after a clearcut the land is at one of its most diverse stages with shrubs, herbaceous cover, and most certainly insects. The problem comes when you take everything and use herbicide to suppress growth of competitive species. Unfortunately people think trees are all that there is to the forest and thus wrote legislation forcing green up requirements, and most land owners want to maximize profits so they kill anything that's not a crop tree, essentially skipping this early seral forest stage altogether.

    [–] My favorite smoke spot is gone :( protreehugger 1 points ago in trees

    This is definitely not old growth

    [–] Nihao protreehugger 1 points ago in BoneAppleTea

    not enough jpeg

    [–] Found this tree on my walk’n’smoke (right before I slid down a hill), was mesmerized by the patterns. protreehugger 2 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in marijuanaenthusiasts

    They're called engraving or wood boring beetles (edit: some might call them bark beetles, they're just descriptions of a bunch of different kinds of beetles)

    [–] Post your OSU unpopular opinions here protreehugger 14 points ago in OregonStateUniv

    What do lower admissions matter when you can just increase the price of attendance?

    [–] Post your OSU unpopular opinions here protreehugger 50 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in OregonStateUniv

    50% of the classes I've taken over the last four years were either useless, taught by someone who shouldn't be teaching, or was taught by someone who was impossible to understand. The forestry program is a joke with obvious grade inflation they don't even try to hide. They'll do anything to get people to graduate, but it's not even a difficult major. If this is the best forestry program in the country, and second in the world, then damn. Those must be some terrible schools. The amount of money we spend on this education is not worth it.

    [–] 🔥 Gorillas hold funerals for dead & grieve like humans protreehugger 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    Where are you supposed to find it, friends and family? Pfff like I have those either.

    [–] Best resources for online CFEs? protreehugger 1 points ago in forestry

    I think the SAF has a page where you read a couple of articles and take a quiz for some credits

    [–] I have done it! protreehugger 7 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in AnthemTheGame

    "I'm busy ending the Empire, Master Luke."

    [–] Brunei to punish gay sex with death protreehugger 5 points ago in MorbidReality

    Some classic subreddit drama. I need more popcorn...

    [–] Your opinion on the course I'm taking ? protreehugger 8 points ago in OregonStateUniv

    How was your course load last term? Do you feel you can take more on? Sometimes it's good to push yourself and move a little out of your comfort zone to grow. But if you're moving from say 12 credits to 18, then you might have a rough time. I would say I'm probably about the same level of skill as you as a student, and I never went past 18 credits. Most often I just took 4 courses per term. You'll get better at it as time goes on.

    [–] Why Witcher 3 is considered a masterpiece? protreehugger 2 points ago in patientgamers

    I think there can be masterpieces (10/10) games of their time. Zelda OOT was a masterpiece of its time, but also not quite perfect (as can be read in an actual recent post about it). Morrowind is a similar title imo. I've never played the Witcher, but I think it may perhaps fit into that category since 10/10 is out of reach in your opinion.

    [–] Micro and macro economics protreehugger 2 points ago in OregonStateUniv

    Micro was easy tbh, never took macro tho. Never went to a single lecture (2 hours straight of dry economics? Love the subject but not even I can handle that) and got an A in the class from just reading the text. Physics and econ require similar conceptualization and problem solving skills, so you might benefit from taking them at the same time.