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    [–] What games had the most abrupt drop-offs in enjoyment? protreehugger 1 points ago in patientgamers

    Elite Dangerous. After about 20 hours you've done pretty much everything there is to do in the game except maybe explore, but even that takes forever and is pretty slow. Beautiful game with fantastic flight controls, though. Very immersive. On a slight tangent, I tried Star Citizen to see how it compares and feels like you're flying a paper airplane. In Elite Dangerous, you really do feel like you're flying a spaceship since the physics, distance to travel, planet and star sizes are all very accurate. Shame there's not more content, and a full Star Citizen game will probably never happen. The idea of flying around in a spaceship with friends, exploring and adventuring around the galaxy is something I think would be so much fun. Sucks it's so hard to actually make a game like that.

    [–] Poor guy protreehugger 6 points ago in gifs

    Worse, it'll rip your face and limbs off with no effort. Gorilla wanted to make that known

    [–] Woodstock tutorials or guides? protreehugger 0 points ago in forestry

    We were given a district owned by the ODF and have to create a management plan for it. Each group is given a different objective, and ours is to maximize greatest permanent value of revenue, water, and wildlife. We just finished creating the stands in GIS and yield curves in FVS, and are starting to create our model in woodstock now. We're starting out with the "strategic planning", then moving into tactical and operational planning in a few weeks.

    [–] Woodstock tutorials or guides? protreehugger 1 points ago in forestry

    Oh wow, thanks so much! This is gonna help my group and I so much! Best of luck on your capstone.

    [–] Woodstock tutorials or guides? protreehugger 1 points ago in forestry

    Thanks for the reply. I suppose I just need more practice with learning the different syntax then, there just doesn't seem to be many resources to do so. We did see patchworks last term too, so I guess I'll look more into that too.

    [–] Woodstock tutorials or guides? protreehugger 1 points ago in forestry

    Nope, my class was sort of just thrown into it with no real introduction other than a few practice problems, which were mostly already set up for us.

    [–] What games did you consider horrible, while everyone else seemed to like? protreehugger 34 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in patientgamers

    FFXV. I would honestly put it as the worst AAA studio game I have ever played, which is sad since that includes EA and Ubisoft.... Unfinished, fragmented and uninteresting story. Terrible, clunky and extremely simple combat system. Impossible to die, and therefore lose. The graphics were the only thing that held up in this game, but apparently that's because SE never learned their lesson with FFXIV.

    [–] [Poetry] A roommate PSA protreehugger 66 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Sorry can't read it don't speak canadian

    [–] 27 Years Old Man Commits Suicide after Parents Object Marriage to Girlfriend protreehugger 348 points ago in MorbidReality

    A family in Kiraro village in Maara, Tharaka Nithi County is in mourning following the tragic death of their son, 27-year-old Lewis Mwandiki.

    The deceased is said to have committed suicide after his parents stopped him from marrying his girlfriend. Neighbours found his body dangling from a tree near their home.

    Confirming the incident, Maara police boss Johnston Kabusia said Mwandiki left a suicide note blaming his parents for objecting his marriage to his lover.

    He called on parents in the area not to be too strict and to dialogue with their children.

    Area residents described the deceased as a humble person who kept to himself.

    One such resident, John Mutembei, said: “He was my friend but he had never confided in me that he had such problems.”

    Jane Kathure, another resident, asked parents to allow their children to choose their own marriage partners to avoid such incidents.

    “Parents should advise their children on coping with love matters instead of dictating to them whom to marry,” she said.

    The body of the deceased was taken to Chuka County Referral Hospital mortuary.

    Police have launched investigations, Kabusia said.

    [–] How many mirrors would it take for sunlight bouncing between them to become useless to plants? protreehugger 116 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    It was actually a different segment, one where I think Adam had to go through an obstacle course or something. I think the result was it was similar to a room filled with candles, naturally nothing like the movies such as The Mummy.