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    [–] Migrant Beheads 1 yr old Girl in Germany and Media Bans Coverage. pseudonymeria 1 points ago in The_Donald

    Fine, it's not the exact same sentiment. But preaching about countries burning to ashes and falling to ruin? Such negativity about Europe is tiresome and not productive.

    [–] Migrant Beheads 1 yr old Girl in Germany and Media Bans Coverage. pseudonymeria 3 points ago in The_Donald

    Those are some dark thoughts. In line with what radical muslims think of America, and Europe as well. Be more reasonable.

    [–] A narrative designer for Guild Wars 2 pulls out the sexism card when a user gets into a polite conversation with her pseudonymeria 62 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Don't know about that, but now she's definitely radioactive. It's funny how SJWs make everything gender issues, and by doing so actually harm their cause. Who would want to deal with that kind of shit as an employer?

    [–] How I feel after seeing Ghost of Tsushima gameplay pseudonymeria 3 points ago in gaming

    Would be looking the other way, even without the woman in red.

    [–] Listataan Suomi-Youtuben parhaat videot pseudonymeria 1 points ago in Suomi

    Nämä olivat kyllä aivan loistavia.

    [–] r/pics Starterpack pseudonymeria 2 points ago in starterpacks

    We hardly knew ya

    [–] The Sacred Texts [OC] pseudonymeria 1 points ago in comics

    Love it how robots are also using smartphones.

    [–] I love seeing OC in this subreddit. [OC] pseudonymeria 4 points ago in AnimalTextGifs

    No, please keep this meta shit out of here.

    [–] Today’s Reveal- Epic Skins! pseudonymeria 5 points ago in Overwatch

    All of them are kinda boring and uninspired.

    [–] When you hear that Dark Souls is getting remastered pseudonymeria 31 points ago in gaming

    Now imagine that without the music at the convention

    [–] Your Goals for 2018? pseudonymeria 3 points ago in bodyweightfitness

    To start anew after many months of break

    [–] Tea magic pseudonymeria 1 points ago in gifs


    [–] Wanted to share a pic of my apartment living room pseudonymeria 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago) in malelivingspace

    But how do you get it down if you ever wanted to use it? Wouldn't you have to move the sofa or step on it and reach for the bike? Feels very inconvenient. Unless it really is just an eyepiece.