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    [–] guys pleaze pumamaner 1 points ago in okbuddyretard

    Is that a dog or cat?

    [–] The Grand Reveal pumamaner 3 points ago in NSFW_GIF

    Just watched the gif, They look nothing like that. Nice. But nothing like that.

    [–] The Walking Dead Issue #181 SPOILER Discussion pumamaner 8 points ago in theroamingdead

    Am I the only one who was disappointed that we didn't get to see ocean side?

    [–] m.jpg pumamaner 6 points ago in surrealmemes

    Fuck this is sad

    [–] 🅱🅱🅰🅱🆎 pumamaner 7 points ago in DeepFriedMemes

    Is it just me or does this look 3D to me?

    [–] [COMIC] All time favorite COMIC character. pumamaner 9 points ago in thewalkingdead

    Yes I relate to Billy so much! His death was one of the saddest to me just cuz he seemed like such a harmless guy who wanted to be happy.

    [–] tourist trap starterpack pumamaner 7 points ago in starterpacks

    Oh hey it's Niagara falls

    [–] GiANt VuLtURE fUCkINg eaTs a BaBY's bRAin pumamaner 12 points ago in PeopleFuckingDying

    So you're only allowed to like boobs of a girl who is single and childless?

    [–] How to end a threesome pumamaner 9 points ago in CumKiss

    Been trying to find the source to this for ages

    [–] 10 Years Ago, A Universe was born. Where were you when the 1st Iron Man came out? pumamaner 1 points ago in Marvel

    I was 10 and saw it with a bunch of my friends. I remember being super salty because iron man was everyone's new favorite hero but I was just like, ya but he's not better than Spider-Man! Iron man has grown on me since