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    [–] be a good nigga and stay away from thots pumamaner 1 points ago in DeepFriedMemes

    My parents πŸ…±οΈeat me at night

    [–] Official SPOILER Discussion of Issue #177! pumamaner 8 points ago in theroamingdead

    Loved this issue, and holy shit my letter actually got answered in letter hacks.

    [–] me irl pumamaner 6 points ago in me_irl

    Why is this down voted? This is hilarious

    [–] Chucklefish provides a few more details on its magic school game Spellbound pumamaner 2 points ago in StardewValley

    So are any of the people who made stardew valley actually working on this game or is it just the same publisher? Cuz I know concerned ape has mentioned that he is working on a new game as well

    [–] Marvel's officially changed the colors of the Infinity Stones to match those of the MCU's pumamaner 44 points ago in Marvel

    Am I remembering this wrong but I swear it's said some where that the infinity stones of a certain universe will work in only that universe and no others? So how could the reality stone effect other realities?

    [–] What's the dumbest way someone's ever died? pumamaner 4 points ago in AskReddit

    I know it was so obvious. There was this one episode where this doctor died cuz he was doing some sort of ass surgery on someone and her ass exploded because of gas or something and killed the doctor. That's all well and good but for some reason they decided to show a 5 second clip of the doctor sexually harassing a nurse before the surgery.... like, ok? I'm so sure that happened. Or the one where a guy stuck his head through a girls window and it fell and broke his neck, I mean he was probably just sticking his head through a window that fell on his neck. Why does everyone who dies on that show have to be some sort of pervert or scum bag

    [–] The greatest song ever recorded pumamaner 1 points ago in videos

    Already posted it there. Not getting a lot of love lol

    [–] Issue 176 Preview pumamaner 8 points ago in theroamingdead

    I'm happy to see Michonne isn't in that line up with them. Hopefully that means they let her see her daughter

    [–] Wait for the jiggle pumamaner 16 points ago in nsfw

    What is this type of shirt called?

    [–] (Spoilers Main) A question I have about the Grand Northern Conspiracy pumamaner 1 points ago in asoiaf

    To be fair he never claimed that he had any right to winterfell or the north. He won it back for Sansa and the northman named him king in the north