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    [–] AITA for making someone realize he is poor? pupperMcWoofen 4 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Um OP didn’t know that Erik didn’t know. Idk how that makes OP an asshole. And clearly making fun of someone paying for lunch is dumb in itself. So when someone states the obvious, “dude you’re getting free meals for a reason” I don’t think it’s OP fault for being an asshole. Only asshole are Erik’s parents. Like I get it, shelter him as a child. But if they’re in high school now, what happens when Erik wants to go to college?

    [–] AITA for telling a student that she's "easy to get with?" pupperMcWoofen 65 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Yea I’m confused too. Like if a kid says “he’s such a butt.” And you take them aside and say would you like it if someone called you a butt behind your back? Like I feel like that’s normal parenting or behavioral correction. As a teacher I feel like saying “would you like it if others say you were easy to get with behind your back?” Is the tamer version of thot or slut. Like obviously the girl manipulated the words. I’m confused why principle was supporting the girls side. Like obvious from her behavior it’s not the most unlikely thing that this girl is exaggerating what happen. So why would principle assume OP actually said that.

    Edit: oh wait did teacher say she could be stereotyped like that? Because that part isn’t ok. You can’t be like oh some people may think you’re a butt. You’ve just gotta stop at the, well you wouldn’t like it if others called you a butt.

    [–] AITA for getting mad at my husband for a joke he made after I gave birth. pupperMcWoofen 874 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Because of the husband stitch existing I’m saying OP NTA husband TAH. It’s not a joke because this actually exists. Husband is making a poor decision by joking in this way. He can stop “being sensitive and acting like a bitch”.

    [–] AITA for calling my dad's girlfriend out on her jealousy on social media? pupperMcWoofen 6 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Yea see there’s a difference between getting divorced and partner dying. When you are with a widower, you have to definitely accept something’s. If you’re not ok with that then not freaking date a widower.

    As for your place? This is OPs dad. OP is allowed to have their dads best interests at heart. I think OP calling her out is fine. Hell I call my dad out on things between and mom and dad. But obvious not on Facebook. That’s was the only AH part. Honestly I don’t think OPs dad and GF are good together because she doesn’t understand what dating a widower is about.

    [–] Helping out a seal pupperMcWoofen 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Sir sir, please don’t resist, DONT RESIST seal: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    [–] AITA for choosing my dogs over my 5year long relationship? pupperMcWoofen 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I’d pick cats over people. Literally in my dating profiles I’ve written “if you are allergic to cats swipe left”. Like I’m not getting rid of them. And if we moved in together she’d come with. So might as well not even talk to someone who can’t deal. So I wouldn’t feel bad what so ever. And whoever is being hostile to you, if yea can’t respect an animal I wonder what level of respect you have for humans.

    [–] To buy flowers. pupperMcWoofen 1 points ago in therewasanattempt

    He keeping you healthy

    [–] WIBTA if I said something to my sons prek about him not getting a single egg at their egg hunt today? pupperMcWoofen 1062 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    In our egg hunts, the younger ones would get a head start of about a minute or two. We had multiple locations for egg hunts so they did this every place to make sure they got a fair amount of eggs before the big kids took the rest

    [–] AITA for getting a blind student kicked out of university? pupperMcWoofen 24 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Additionally it creates issues for those who do require special treatment or accommodations and do not abuse it.

    [–] AITA for telling my pregnant wife that there is pretty much not a single circumstance where I would choose saving the baby over saving her? pupperMcWoofen 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    See I’ve never understood this either. OP I’m with you. I’m sure if I was put in this situation for real it might be different. But I’ve always thought the “you could always have another child”

    [–] Six years of chasing my wife with a lobster pupperMcWoofen 3 points ago in funny

    refuses to ever eat lobster again because husband won’t stop

    [–] Entitled Aunt wants me to give everything to my cousins pupperMcWoofen 9 points ago in entitledparents

    Have a nephew who would pick the icing off cakes before we even got around to cutting it. Obviously this is grubby children hands poking icing so I told him to knock it off, that wasn’t ok. He could do that when he got his slice. He kept doing it, and I was getting more and more angry. I didn’t care that I was turning 18, it was my birthday, I didn’t want his germs on my cake and in general it’s not his birthday it’s mine. Instead I got told to leave him alone he’s a kid by my parents.

    He’s older now and has a little more self control but you can still tell he really wants to stick his fingers into the icing. But I’m glad he grew up.