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    [–] Hovering ladies... Please wipe the damn seat. purpleboxkite 1 points ago in offmychest

    When they do it.. while they have their fucking period.

    Like are you absolutely fucking kidding me? Piss is one thing, but our period blood?

    [–] Saw this today. Was baffled somebody would admit to this. Dude then goes on to say he thinks she’s an asshole. purpleboxkite 14 points ago in EntitledBitch

    You forgot to reply to me, so im reminding you to reply to me.

    I weed males out like this.. I won't answer for 24hrs. 8/10 men lose their shit or go down this line, I showed you attention now you owe me attention back. No I don't.

    [–] Thanks for teaching me good kid rules For life! purpleboxkite 12 points ago in Nanny

    Same thing here. I've been asked if the child I'm slowly following is mine, said no I'm just worried cos I can't see parents, we are coming up to the security guards (who I knew), I'm going to wave em over. I think following until your sure there's no one coming or there is a need to step in, the end of this mall is a busy road both ends, that's why I started to follow.

    Then a terrified looking father comes flying outta nowhere, tears, hyperventilating and just grabs the child while ugly sobbing.

    Let him know we had eyes on his son, were going to grab security and didn't want to grab the child incase he had say autism and I set off a meltdown or he thought I was somehow trying to snatch his child up. He was thankful and seemed to think we would have a go at him, vs make sure he and the child were good, because he was in such a rush to explain himself.

    Had to level... I lost my toddler once too. Cos she crawled under the fucking shelves in a store and then made it out the door past security. Shit happens, what matters is the right people were there.

    [–] Nothing in life can bother him tho purpleboxkite 3 points ago in thisismylifenow

    Pissed in the recharge station at mine.

    The chewer learnt the hard way to stop. Changed tactics. Adapted, overcame, improved.

    [–] How dare they try and safe the planet!! purpleboxkite 1 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    They had lids? Really?

    I'm in Australia so I wouldn't assume there would be a huge difference, but I swear they've always looked like in the photos.. no lids. Just weird ass spoons.

    [–] How ExSO has wriggles out of paying for his children purpleboxkite 10 points ago in JustNoSO

    yes and no on that, if they use child maintenance itself to collect the money, the payer gets a 20% fee, the receiver gets a 4% fee.

    you can still have them help you, but have the money sent privately via say bank transfer/direct debit and not incur any fees while thats working out, then turn to the agency if the payer fails to pay on time/correct amount. doing it that way means no fees for anyone, as the only time the agency has to do something, is if they have to force collect, which would mean fees get put onto that forced collection to both sides.

    [–] JNMIL crosses a major line, sends a FM, and is cut off from her grandchildren purpleboxkite 2 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    I remember you guys, and sweet shit are you all going to have such better lives if you can keep her at bay.

    Best wishes and good to see you/sorry for the circumstances ❤

    [–] UPDATE to JustNoMum showed up at my door wearing my bridal hairstyle, and the wedding purpleboxkite 135 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    oh no, thats an off handed comment for fb or in person when the photos come back...

    oh im so glad i went with a younger looking style, the other wouldnt of turned out so well in the photos

    [–] UPDATE to JustNoMum showed up at my door wearing my bridal hairstyle, and the wedding purpleboxkite 73 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    off hand comment when you get the wedding photos back:

    ahh im so glad i went with my hair this way, that older style i thought i wanted wouldnt of come out so well in this photos. - casually forgetting mother had her hair done that way.

    [–] Glorious CBF from my gran. purpleboxkite 38 points ago in JUSTNOFAMILY

    I'm riding a high for sure today, usually when it comes to my family, I'm not the titanium spined human my friends know me as, there's something about that part of my family that makes me all meek and 7 again.

    I hate that I have to avoid a whole area to avoid them, but maybe I've had a bit of a push through. My therapist was so happy for me in the email I sent to let her know I didn't cave for once at the sight of my own flesh and blood.

    2019 is my bitch.

    [–] Glorious CBF from my gran. purpleboxkite 17 points ago in JUSTNOFAMILY

    Pretty much, my maternal side isn't pissed, I said no to moving state to be with them, in favour of staying the town over from my school/friends and not have more then my home itself changed.

    Honestly she is, for me it's more that she was all eyes on my child, didn't even acknowledge me until forced to by her friend, she's never met her first great grandchild I well understand, but she also understands the reason why.

    I've already got some FMs aghast at how cruel I could be... Sorry, nothing is more cruel then what she said to me and what she blames me for.

    [–] Glorious CBF from my gran. purpleboxkite 4 points ago in JUSTNOFAMILY

    Cat butt face.. when you piss someone off and they do that pout, that makes their mouth look like cats asshole haha

    [–] omg guys my manager is looking at my man-boobs purpleboxkite 11 points ago in quityourbullshit

    I worked from 14yrs old, like most of my year did. Depending where you are like me, the school kids are perfect, cheapest for weekend work, don't need skills to stock or use a cash register. The only real 'skilled' jobs in my area were at the bank who gave cadetships etc to 14yr Olds recommended by the school and I guess upper management with some of the big grocery stores/security.

    There was literally only 3-4 places in my town kids couldn't work, a solid hundred where we could. It was older workers and teens everywhere and still is. Most adults leave the area for work, next town over is a major industrial for example, so there's plenty of unskilled jobs and kids who they can pay under $18 an hour.

    [–] I have 6 mental disorder :p purpleboxkite 2 points ago in iamverycrazy

    I have an idiot friend who swears he has it. Tho it only seems to spring up, when he's not the center of attention in a social setting, even if it's my 7yr old who's taking up the attention.

    Best part.. when I had a proper anxiety attack after a car accident, he told me I was acting like a baby and refused to help me locate my asthma puffer, because I tend to have asthma attacks along side panic attacks.

    He's now no longer close with our social group, cos he found a heap of idiots who believe him/fake issues too. You can't keep pretending to have mental health issues, that only seem to spring up when it's super convenient for you, amongst a group with properly diagnosed and treated mental illnesses.

    And when your supposed social anxiety doesn't stop you from going to massive festivals and concerts alone... You sorta stop getting believed about it fast lol.

    [–] Guest was locked out of his room all day. purpleboxkite 144 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    I don't think so.

    My partner and I got upgraded to a full suit with some freebies food/drink wise that went with the room and upgraded to the buffet breakfast our whole stay, and I honestly think it's because we were just nice.

    We had the 3yr old and there was a delay on our room, so we said cool, can we park, leave our stuff and we'll go do something for the next few hours.. if we are back by like 430pm will it be done? Waved off apologies for inconvenience etc there were others being grumpy (not nasty but short and obviously mad) and here we were, shitty toddler in tow going, nah don't worry things happen, we can go entertain ourselves for a few hours.

    Got back, went to redo the check in fully, got told 'oh looks like you guys have been upgraded to a full suit, do you still need the roller bed as it has two bedrooms?', our stuff was already in there and the same staffer was still on when we went to dinner, checked when she left (8pm) and brought her back some snitty and chips for her dinner. They also ended up taking our parking off the bill.. and it was the same woman who checked us in who checked us out.. so I'd like to think because we were so nice and understanding, she decided to save us $200

    [–] comment on my last post about periods... purpleboxkite 1 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    It was the best way I could put his insanity.

    It amazes me that with the availability of Google, there's still so many of both sexes, that are still just so pitifully informed about their or the other genders reproduction system.

    Granted there's probs heaps about the males I don't know, I feel I know enough to pass by without making this type of mistake tho lol

    [–] comment on my last post about periods... purpleboxkite 4 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    He could.. but he would still be wrong in most cases. The hymen actually has an opening that widens as we hit puberty, it's an automated process in most females. Some females are actually born without a hymen, so really with how the hymen actually works and the fact not everyones born with one, he's still not hitting the right mark or close to it.

    There is such thing as an imperforate hymen, which effectively seals the vagina shut, happens at birth, is a congenital issue and no one knows why in some cases it stays like this and doesn't open. It is usually found during puberty when there should be a period, there seems to be period pain/abdo pain but no period, it's a relatively simple procedure to fix and full recovery is seen in 3 days.

    They cut it away or open, remove the extra tissue causing this and create a normal sized vaginal opening, remove any menstrual blood trapped and sometimes they just need to use a dialator 15mins a day to train the vagina to its new and improved situation.

    [–] comment on my last post about periods... purpleboxkite 2 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    No, he's saying it takes so long to come out of a virgin because she's soooo tight as she's never had sex, that it oxadises on the way out.

    So basically a virgin has a vaginal hole the size of a pin prick and a non virgin is the size of a baseball bat. Hence why virgins bleed oxidised blood and non virgins rad, because it can just gush on out of the non virgins gaping holes, in some messed up, sex education lacking and plane of existence.

    [–] My SO insists on anal purpleboxkite 3 points ago in JustNoSO

    Sex should be enjoyed by everyone. Not just one.

    If he's not accepting it's not enjoyable to you and is forcing it on you, for his own needs... He doesn't care about anyone but himself.

    He's shown you that by going out and sleeping with others to get at you for not having sex with him or doing anal with him.

    Sex isn't some sort of exchange based on the other person's want, where one person and one only reaps the benefits. It's a team sport, one in all in. That includes a dick up the ass if he's insistent. It directly stimulates the prostate and gives guys one earth shaking orgasm if stimulated right.. there's more pleasure really for males then females when it comes to anal.

    [–] Am I a bridezilla to ban my dad's new "wife" from the wedding? purpleboxkite 59 points ago in bridezillas

    Same.. a father should be showing his daughter how to handle issues in his relationships with respect, how he would want her to be treated is what he should be showing her.

    Not using her as an emotional punching bag so she thinks it's fine to project her frustrations on others, her own kids or allow her children to be treated the same.

    [–] I use to be a foster kid, my adoptive mother keeps saying I can't legally leave when I'm 18 and she has rights over me till I'm 21. ( TL;DR) purpleboxkite 261 points ago in legaladvice

    As a foster kid in Australia the money thing hit me for this, even if adopted over here you can still qualify for income support for anyone up to 21yrs old in your legal custody. I also got medical support and paid for once the reciepts/invoice were sent in. While it could be slightly from a look this could be beneficial side, I doubt it. As she's not pointed out the benefit of staying.

    [–] I use to be a foster kid, my adoptive mother keeps saying I can't legally leave when I'm 18 and she has rights over me till I'm 21. ( TL;DR) purpleboxkite 307 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in legaladvice

    Editting to add: you are no longer a foster child. You are the legal child of your aunt, you are her son/daughter to the eyes of the law. You aren't constrained by ANYTHING, you are in the same boat as your friends living home with their bio parents, free to walk out that door at 1200am the morning of your 18th. Your now an adopted child, that finalises everything for you legally, your legal mother is your aunt. She's not your foster mother, she is your legal mother with all the same rights your bio mother had before whatever passed that meant you ended up in this position.

    Here in Australia, our CPS has an interest in us foster kids until we are 21-25 depending on specific orders. If there's some sort of welfare payment they get for adopting you, that might be apart of it, as soon as you move out and are independent, they won't get that anymore. For me personally it was medical care that extended to after 18, but I could access that after 18 as a legal adult.

    While there might be an inrerest in your welfare and wellbeing until 21, at 18 your free to move out as you wish. What's CPS going to do? Nothing. They cannot force you to stay neither can they put you in jail for leaving.

    Drop the subject at home for now, don't add more stress into your life, when you turn 17, I would reach out to a social worker and ask what your options are at getting assistance with housing etc, as some countries have ways to help kids fostered or adopted who need it after they become legal adults, as sometimes their parents just boot em on out without a care.

    [–] Idk if this is the right place but whatever this is started when doves began hanging around outside purpleboxkite 1 points ago in StartledCats

    gekking. or eck eck ecking depending on what version of it your cat makes.

    mine does neither.. mine screams. like a dog would howl. and the crows i swear like to tease him.