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    [–] Possibly the Best Childcare Advice I've Ever Received purpleboxkite 2 points ago in Nanny

    It was the best parenting advice I got.

    I had bad PND and was just a wreck, one day in therapy she stopped me and asked: have you ever thought about putting her in a safe spot and just taking the time to count to 50? What harm will she come to in less then a minute in her cot, even if she's crying. She won't stop until you settle.

    It also never occurred to me, I could do that. That it was even a thing. Fuck my life changed when it was pointed out to me.

    [–] Justnomil and her own birth plan purpleboxkite 1 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Just tell the hospital no one visits without you.

    Unless you need it, baby won't be in the nursery, and the usual ward nursery won't admit anyone through the doors without the buzzer and name checking.

    It's not as outdated as above said to have nurseries on the same floor/ward you'll be in. Where I am, the NICU and special needs is on a whole other floor from the maternity ward and that nursery, some just have a different layout, especially in the newer hospitals where they had the room to combine the NICU and other nurseries.

    I had to buzz in anytime I wanted to see my child, even the maternity staff had to buzz to go in, only the actual nursery nurses and drs have free access to any of them.

    [–] Game of Thrones in Wollongong - Where to Watch purpleboxkite 3 points ago in wollongong

    Also, as a local, no where plays tv shows like this in the evening.

    It's all sports or music videos.

    [–] Game of Thrones in Wollongong - Where to Watch purpleboxkite 2 points ago in wollongong

    Probably not man. The pubs and stuff generally don't have Foxtel, they have sky for the sports etc.

    When you find out your hotel ask them if they have it, likely they won't as well, it's Wollongong.

    The internet shouldn't be too bad tho for streaming if your not looking for a 4k stream, or you could torrent it worst case...

    [–] Sleep training? HELP! purpleboxkite 2 points ago in Nanny

    Starting a routine will help big time, just be prepared to knuckle down on it for a while before doing anything to divert from it, cos as I guess you know, knocking usual routine off causes some chaos, and your about to get some with sleep training. Also keep teething in mind too, that might cause some hiccups.

    For my daughter now at 7, anyone can have her shower at night and she straight up gets into bed once dried and dressed. As above, I also did cry it out, went in and checked on her every few, but I didn't speak to her, aside to tell her good night, mummy will see you in the morning.

    It's just consistency, it can take up to a month to instill a new habit in you or I fully, so appreciate it's not going to happen straight up or easily to begin with.

    I always started the shower/bath routine with 'lets get clean and ready for bed bed bed' I still say it honestly, but it's was a cue for her, using the same phrase the same way for something helps heaps, I've had friends adopt it with their young ones and after a couple of weeks it set in. So we did the whole bath deal, now it's time to dry dry dry and dress for bed bed bed. That's done. Now it's time to pick out a bed time book for sweet dreams in bed.

    Make it sorta fun but not overly fun, pick a book together, say goodnight to the teddies together, tuck in and kiss the bed teddy (comfort object), but keep the theme it's bedtime, oh goodnight Mr bear, goodnight Mrs frog, I'll see you guys in the morning when the sun comes up. Light hearted approaches and letting them feel they are leading it is good too.

    If he's used to sleeping on someone it might take a bit more time, try a white noise app on a phone/tablet, a fan even. My daughter responded best to a projector nightlight, she literally would lay there and watch the patterns etc on the roof til she crashed out. I go in and turn it off about 30-45 after she goes in, I don't leave it on all night.

    Just don't get disheartened by resistance and once you guys set this in motion, don't back down. This is one of those pick your battle moments and its time to throw down honestly. You guys will win, if you can set your plan and stick to it, after the first week there should be little resistance. 2nd week less again, by the 5-6th weeks you should have a little bro who's already decided the book he wants to read.

    [–] [BC]My employer fires me because one of her worker (age of 20) failed to ask me (age of 15) out on a date. The bitch also denies me any salary. purpleboxkite 484 points ago in legaladvice

    I'd make the big hint too about age. Being a minor under 16 where I am, this could be considered predatory behaviour on the male co-workers part.just to add onto the unsafe workplace side of it all. Because the manager at the least would of known her age, if they were aware she was being asked out by an adult, they should of done something to the adult trying to date a child.

    [–] [BC]My employer fires me because one of her worker (age of 20) failed to ask me (age of 15) out on a date. The bitch also denies me any salary. purpleboxkite 36 points ago in legaladvice

    Where I am, while a probationary period does allow for a no reason termination, if you can prove you were terminated for reasons outside the scope of your job expectations, such as refusing to date a co-worker, you have more of a case then you would think. Especially when it's a adult trying to date someone under legal age.

    Where I am, an adult asking out a minor could be considered creating a hostile workplace and predatory actions in the workplace, and it could also be seen as harassment of a minor.

    [–] Colonel Waterworks and the bridal lingerie UPDATE purpleboxkite 2 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Hate me for this.. but what if she has a matching set to what you rightfully should of burnt and then tried to burn the ashes of.

    Sounds like your about to start a life with a side of crazy.. keep notes and us informed haha

    [–] Poached Egg tried to sign my son out for lunch today and was thwarted by school staff - I feel like it may be about to get messy. purpleboxkite 3 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    Do not message her.

    If you want some form of this is not okay to be made clear, have it done through your lawyer, your already paying for them so may as well make use of them. Give him the call log from the schools calls, give them the msgs from your ex with the time and date logs. Have the school send him something advising their side of it and why they acted as they did. Let him deal with it.

    It can and will also look better on you as your not going at her in any emotional way, nothing you say can be taken out of context or a personal attack on her as a grandparent. It covers your ass, so they can't run to the courts if that bill passes and say look she's alienating me and I have proof. If they try it, sure you have something advising you overstepped, stay away, but with irrefutable proof and without any emotional tone/infliction and is a timeline of events as a whole. Not a snippet or two.

    [–] My reddit might be broken (or i'm not interesting) purpleboxkite 2 points ago in FreeKarma4U

    I started to get paranoid that i'm muted on the whole of Reddit

    little did you know, just how right you actually were man haha

    your at 8.6k at me leaving this, hope to see it hit 10k for ya

    [–] AITA for not wanting to get up at night to help with our twins? purpleboxkite 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    your wife would likely benefit from some mental health treatment.

    if your being 100% and not just sulky and guessing whats going on cos your pissed off ( i doubt she sleeps 830-3pm while you not there, how the fuck would your house be clean and kids alive even with the nanny mate), shes showing some real big red flag signs of post natal depression.

    and you need to be on top of that, you needed to have been on top of it as of 3 weeks ago, when she gave birth to your kids. shes just had babies, shes unable to do what she should be able to do naturally and feed (same boat as her here and i was awful on myself because medially i couldnt BF when im a woman and should be able to feed her own kid without formula, it really affected me), her body is a place she doesnt even recognise anymore, it hurts, its busted and it may not be that she wants you to take on more with the babies, she literally might not want to be around them, because like me i was convinced i was going to hurt my kid and i was a terrible mother.... so i was really arms length with her until i got treatment.

    [–] ILs just about walked into my home uninvited! purpleboxkite 1 points ago in JUSTNOFAMILY

    One thing you need to get worked out..

    They did break in.

    They were not asked, they were not invited and just because it's for them a family thing, to let themselves into someone else's property, they have permission to do so from those other family members.

    If someone enters your home, your property without your expressed permission, they have in fact broken in.

    You may need to lay it down, you are affecting my mental health, that affects the entire household, you may think you are helping but you are not, here is how you can help.. text me just before you arrive and then you may walk on in. You need to tell me your entering my home before you do, I do not know if your a stranger with a gun attempting to rob me.

    Also, don't set the standard they can do it. Cos if shit goes to hell, your going to be hard pressed if they again break into your home when it comes to charges.

    [–] The paranoia of these men is intense purpleboxkite 107 points ago in IncelTears

    yeah its harassment.. where i am he could well be fired for handing her a video and telling her thats her training, if he didnt do that with every other person regardless of gender.

    if he did not train the others via this method and did not bring it up to the boss he wanted to, he well could be seen as treating her differently and thats discriminatory work practice. you must treat everyone the same, regardless of gender, race, religion or even age.

    [–] I poisoned my younger brother and regret nothing. purpleboxkite 9 points ago in NuclearRevenge

    are you unaware that vomiting and diarrhea can kill people because of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance? and when it comes to kids, especially under 10yrs old, their bodies can be thrown out of balance so much faster then an adults, they decline faster making it harder to get them stable and the like again.

    any kind of vomiting until they have nothing left and are still trying to vomit situation in a child is a straight up go to the ER asap event, as they are already dehydrated as all hell. kids are fucking scary like that man, something that you or i could well handle, because we have some 2-3xs the size on them, can quite quickly kill them.

    dehydration. it literally kills a hell of a lot of people a year.

    [–] I poisoned my younger brother and regret nothing. purpleboxkite 230 points ago in NuclearRevenge

    you were 11.... as far as revenge goes for someone that age, unable to buy shit or actually do that much, because your a child with no income and very limited options for actual revenge i dont see the issue.

    tho i guess if you stabbed him or set something up to crush his skull in, itd count. shame on you for not trying to become one of the youngest killers and of their own sibling to boot in your town/country.

    [–] Today I had to fire a server for having his mom call him in sick on a double on St Patty’s Day, later finding him on the patio at a pub one street over. purpleboxkite 3 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    or come into the fast food place, off your head on whatever drugs you took that night.

    when the owner has had to come and take over your shift, because you thought at 15 and on my 2nd week working there, it was all fine and safe for me to close alone in the middle of a not so small town, on their busiest clubbing night, so you just didnt show up and texted me like 2hrs later saying ill be fine and giving me the alarm codes (didnt need a key to lock, roller door with a switch, get out before the door drops, a good 2-3mins)

    then show up and not even seem to realise where you are, til you sit with your food and then bolt out the door. you fucking muppet, we saw you and your on cctv.

    fuck you Jeremy.

    [–] EM tried to steal my baby, I'm getting sued ***Update*** purpleboxkite 1 points ago in entitledparents

    no chance you could get that brought up in her criminal case...

    they look down on blackmailing a victim to drop charges.

    some judges get big angry seeing shit like that.

    [–] How do you guys deal with customers who just won’t leave? purpleboxkite 3 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    We would lock the doors on close time. If there were customers in the store we would advise them what was going on: Excuse me guys, it's close time and thing you may want come grab it now because we will be shutting down the tills and starting the clean which could get noisy, let us know when your ready to go and we will let you out'

    Anyone inside questions it: it's a liability thing on our side, also a safety for all as we won't be watching the doors like usual.

    Anyone knocking outside: point to closed sign, shrug sorry and walk away. Try to come in when someone leaves 'im sorry we are closed, if you keep trying to entre store policy is to call the police, we are closed you cannot enter after the doors get locked'

    Only had to call the cops once. But they were incredibly drunk, so we soothed them with left over cookies and some fizzy drinks til the cops escorted them elsewhere

    [–] Dying neighbor tries to take me down with him purpleboxkite 1 points ago in LetsNotMeet

    ive had to talk to a few of my friends about their own frustrations about their loved ones having chemo brain and hormonal/depression/mood swings that can come from it, even when not terminal. the doctors and nurses, as brilliant as they are, did drop the ball there, they didnt do too good of a job counseling the family or encouraging them to seek therapy. it was sorta left to us friends to do it.

    i wonder if where OP is, if theres an adult social services that might help/intervene or even a way to get the courts involved worst case situation and theres not. because hes just proven he is a valid danger to himself and others around him in one hell of a way. an attempted fist fight or a thrown punch i guess given his circumstances might be something to let go until another incident from that danger perspective, but he has guns. he got one and held it at someone. he shot it too yes, but he held it at a person, what if next time he doesnt have the mental capacity to then move it before he shoots it..

    [–] This belongs here purpleboxkite 1 points ago in destiny2

    im not really someone who plays shooters.. im more mmorpg or rpg gaming, so maybe for me with those games for the most part being really icon based, just used to going: get to that marker even if you gotta glitch your horse up a mountain.

    [–] It was interesting to me at least purpleboxkite 1 points ago in Tinder

    when the average weight for women around my height is 75kgs, and im 80kgs.. sure

    [–] This belongs here purpleboxkite 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in destiny2

    yes, its the primeval slayer buff, you want it at like 2-3 before you start busting the supers or rockets at him.

    too many times ive had others lay into it, wipe half the health, then BAM invader and if they are real good and get least 2 before we take him down, primeval is almost back to full health and you have nothing really to bring him back down.

    edit: word salad

    [–] Dying neighbor tries to take me down with him purpleboxkite 4 points ago in LetsNotMeet

    you would be surprised to know that pain meds actually can make you hallucinate, its rare yes, but it does occur and usually when theres a mixture of medications involved, when your hitting like 4-5 meds in one day type situation, a lot can happen thats out of the really rare catagory for med interactions.

    im not saying the meds alone, by themselves cause it, but there is evidance showing that it can/does happen. also i listed a number of things, not a specific thing, he could be having paranoid delusions due to mental illness which isnt too uncommon in end of life reaching cancer patients, also some brain cancers, because of where they are and what they are affecting can cause it.

    terminal cancer like he has, can bring some of the real oddities out in medicine and reactions to them.