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    [–] Ruin my Friday night?. We'll ruin you Monday morning. purpleboxkite 3 points ago in ProRevenge

    it likely would stand.

    especially when a judge hears the driver was there ONLY to correct 2 pallets for free as it was the companies mistake, and was then lied to by the client and told to move 18 pallets he should never of had to touch.

    truck companies like this also have full breakdowns of work and cost, so long as the fees are the same as they would be for the next client or the previous one. if the driver is paid per pallet moved as standard, thats just how the cookie crumbles, and the client shouldnt of tried to pull a fast one. not all companies do by the hour fees, a lot do by the piece fee.

    [–] TIFU (shoulda just left my neighbor alone) purpleboxkite 8 points ago in tifu

    my exs parents.... assaulted me, blocked my car in.

    then called the police on me, for trespassing and apparently assaulting them. my dash cam caught everything, and what it didnt see, it recorded the sound of.

    weren't they shocked, that their call to get me arrested, ended up in the both of them getting arrested and charged. ex tried to say to the cops oh we dont want them charged, cop replied with, thats okay mate cos i want to charge them, i dont need your permission.

    [–] Employee Parking? purpleboxkite 1 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    because now security has to leave what they are doing, go and pick him up and also return him to his car. meaning they have basically unnecessary work to do and likely will start to complain about whats going on. but they cant refuse him, because of policy. i dont know if you know much about security, but taking them off the floor at all like this, means their rounds may not get done on time and also leaves the team down a member in case of emergency, which will piss them and their bosses off big time.

    its also not a great idea, to have any medical staff walking over 30mins alone. nurses and drs have been attacked and killed. doing it at night as this person would have to also means prime target for mugging. OP noted, anything that happens on his way to or from his car to the building they need to be in, is on his bosses heads and the insurance, so its sorta forcing the hand of security to escort OP.

    goal here is simply to get security mad about whats going on, get them to complain about it, flag it as a safety and security concern and reasonably, at night the workers should be allowed to park closer. you might not realise what this would be doing to the security, but its hurting them.

    [–] FIL seriously wanted me to sit out in the truck during 30°F weather for two hours to properly surprise his daughter purpleboxkite 2 points ago in Justnofil

    i feel for him with that, im watching a friend currently fight for his kids, her parents have the money to keep throwing at delaying the whole proceedings, demanding drug tests, psych evals, oh that eval was by his dr has to be done by ours etc. his tunnel vision is shocking, if its not work or his kids, he really has no idea these days.

    i hope tho it works out in whatever way you all hope for and that he can do better with his kids. if he snaps to it, and realises theres an issue between them, remind him he cant make up for it, theres no way to go back and fix whats done and dusted, just try to do better moving on.

    [–] Airline Captain/Bell Boy purpleboxkite 1 points ago in IDontWorkHereLady

    when i was like 8 i threw up on the pilot of my flight.

    but he was cool with it, i was flying alone cross country and he came up to me in the first place, because i was upset and scared, so the girls at the gate thought maybe talking to him would help me.

    i was mortified, and got even more upset cos i thought he wouldnt let me on his plane, i didnt expect him to laugh and say 'well i guess its a good thing i brought my spare uniform and shoes today' , got me a cockpit tour, a cool wings badge i think they give all the kids and was showered in flight food. be nice to the plane staff, cos even if you vomit on one of them, they could make it the best flight ever.

    [–] FIL seriously wanted me to sit out in the truck during 30°F weather for two hours to properly surprise his daughter purpleboxkite 3 points ago in Justnofil

    the photo dont stress it, its likely just to show to courts the family, who is who and the like, there wont be any legal implications because of it, your not a blood relative, and even if you married BF, neither of you legally have any responsibility to LO. morally of course tho.

    also, wow. just wow. he wants to play happy families, while being a really shitty parental figure and trying to make someone sit in a cold ass truck, on a cold ass morning and hope they dont get hypothermia? your right to be putting up space and refusing to spend time with him, your not an accessory. your a human being.

    [–] Advice Needed: Sister Ignores my Husband because of "PDA" purpleboxkite 1 points ago in JUSTNOFAMILY

    seal your fate.

    aka, go home and get an awesome bear hug from that hubby of yours with the titanium spine.

    people arent property, you cant be stolen or taken away from anyone. you can choose to walk away, but your not some doll to be passed around to whomever wants you.

    [–] Valentine's Day almost broke me. purpleboxkite 2 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    awww what cuties! kids are the best sometimes, they think of the little things and just want to please most people haha

    pavlova is the best part of Aussie summers i swear, its basically a giant ass sugar cake covered in all the fruits you want. i can eat it til i feel sick

    [–] Valentine's Day almost broke me. purpleboxkite 3 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    Might not be for you, but a hope to not lose heart.. some of us care about you as a person.. especially my almost 7yr old.. (next month.. she's 7 fuck it)

    I gifted my child $15 for Valentine's, partly for en early bday gift as money is tight, also took us to an Italian mum and pop kinda restaurant, it's always got cheep food, they get my kids autism and no saucy or runny type foods can be had. Just wanted a cute mummy daughter thing.

    She went to the toilet, normal. Came back with a rose for me from the basket they had at the register for Valentine's Day. Cute right? For sure. She went to the toilets again... Long enough I was worried.

    The roses were $1ea. There was 8 working all up (again mum and pop total hole in the wall place for better idea), she worked out at the table with her $15, she could by $9 in roses, gift 8 to all the staff on shift and also me a rose and still have enough to buy their shared thing if a $9 pavlova slice for two (her and I).

    That pav slice wasn't paid for. As the staff were chuffed a 7yr old decided to buy them all roses, because as she said to the one who brought it to my attention 'mummy says todays a day to make people feel appreciated'.

    But if it comes to it with pavlova, I doubt anyone would of got a rose. Pavlova is a serious thing in this house.

    [–] JNGrandpa And My Baby's Name purpleboxkite 2 points ago in JUSTNOFAMILY

    Sometimes no name is okay.

    My daughter's name for example. If anything, it's traditional as far as names go, normal to be an asshole even.

    All bio families of her (bad relationship with me, but baby let's try for it right?), loves the name, even her middle which is Maree, they love the older spelling because I chose to not go the older version the first name (one letter changed but whatever). Her first and middle make a more older styled name, simple as well.

    Then a Spanish speaking close friend of us all, who knows my middle name, made note, that my middle name, translated into the Spanish variation is the first name I had chosen for my daughter. They lost it. But jokes on them, their son lost his rights, so I'm rather glad I chose the name I wanted, because she was born suiting it, she still does and I am so thankful I didn't let stupid family politics run my child life to that personal, intimate extent.

    [–] Unthankful idiot purpleboxkite 2 points ago in Justnofil

    One animal you really need to see to believe, and you can in a zoo or even usually smaller wildlife parks, is a cassowary, pictures do not do them justice, and you only want to see them there where they can't get to you haha.

    And I really don't think the thought wasn't lost on them, I'd suggest maybe asking them if you could cook dinner, something maybe from your home town etc, tell them you want to share and show them some things, they may hover a bit but don't mind, we are sticky beaks and house proud haha.

    And we welcome all here, all we wanna do is chill, have some fun, eat food and get some sun on us for the most part. And having an accent like you will, it'll attract people to you for talks and the like if you go out to pubs and social stuff to get to know people. We love stories and story telling about shit when drunk haha, and sorry in advance if anything said to you seems like an insult but your expected to take it nicely, here there's a level of banter that can come across as a bit are they joking or... Haha

    [–] Unthankful idiot purpleboxkite 2 points ago in Justnofil

    Welcome! And the net is always shit haha

    I find we here tend to be a bit house proud in all ways.. if we tell you that you can stay, without paying for things, doing what you did, tho to you it was a thought out gift, might not come across that way.

    Rent is fucking expensive here no matter where you are, they might be thinking why aren't you saving and why did you spend a week's rent on that, when they didn't need it.

    Older Aussie men as well, are very seriously set in their ways and ideas, especially about their ideas haha, offer to set up or help with his apple one when he gets it etc, he will likely appreciate that, it's honestly not likely they are trying to be mean or seem ungrateful, it's just for some extravagant gifts, when your looking to be moving to a rental, doing visa stuff, dont go down well.

    And I know the wife and your gf said help fix this... But honestly if your returning it, dad rules the house and his wife will be picking her battles, and again extravagant so she's not going to do anything here. The wife likely can bend him to her will, but does so in select moments haha.

    I hope you enjoy it here tho, once you realise not everything actually wants to kill you and you don't really see them (they are there tho DW), it's an amazing country and well worth exploring as much as you can

    [–] Incel proposes ending school shootins via prostitution?! purpleboxkite 14 points ago in IncelTears

    I'm assuming that this would be different, because they would be apart of a service just for them, not escorts also fuck Chad's etc.

    The big issue they seem to have with them from my time browsing, is they sleep with Chad's and they couldn't possibly have sex with them, without talking shit in their heads or making fun of them later on for their lack of dick or incel facial features blah blah.

    This way, they aren't able to fuck Chad's anymore or be paid for it. They may of fucked Chad's before their conscription, but I'm assuming this guy would over look it, because age (even if Chad touched, not too damaged) and again, she can only have sex with the losers.

    Thing I don't get.. why he wants all those compliments, when he knows she's lying to him to get paid lol.

    [–] Incel proposes ending school shootins via prostitution?! purpleboxkite 7 points ago in IncelTears

    Women can get mad enough to destroy whole cars or spend heaps of money to publicly shame men.

    What makes them think turning us into sex slaves and pissing us off isn't going to end horrifically for them?

    [–] My Mother in Law is ruining our babies sleep training purpleboxkite 2 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    If you cannot respect us as parents, even in your home, once we get home, we will be on a time out from as long as it takes us to get sleep training sorted out.

    My daughter had basically the same sleep pattern and it was torture. You don't need her shit once home and getting back into it, so remove that stressor for a month.

    Also a heads up I wish anyone told me, google sleep regression, it's a thing. Its shitty, but this sleep training will prepare you for it, I thought something was wrong with my kid haha, no, just a usual phase that lasted 3-5weeks at a time (3xs for us)

    [–] EM tried to steal my insulin pump and give it to her Son! purpleboxkite 18 points ago in entitledparents

    Should.. but doesn't mean they do.

    I had a science teacher send me to the principal, because I use a turbohaler in winter, not a normal puffer for my asthma.

    You have to forcefully breath it in vs puff it into our mouth, and yeah it makes a noise for a second or two.... But not using it could lead to me dying as the principal pointed out to him. He was deadset trying to tell the principal, to tell me I had to use a normal inhaler even tho I explained no, my GP says this, and thats what I'll do thanks.

    Principal smartly sided with me and keeping my airways open.

    [–] Brittani Louise Taylor purpleboxkite 2 points ago in ShaneDawson

    dont forget, you cant sue someone for speaking the truth.

    well, you can sure try, but get laughed out of court for trying.

    [–] Yes, because Dominoes Pizza delivery guys are actually possessed by demons purpleboxkite 3 points ago in thatHappened

    What if it was keeping something in?

    Tho it would need to be a circle, square or other enclosed shape to actually protect or trap.. not something you could walk around

    [–] Your service dog would make a great plaything for my banshee child purpleboxkite 7 points ago in entitledparents

    I had an incident with one in the mall, people were trying to grab it's harness, I stepped in front, didn't try to grab and he stopped.. looked walked off and looked back at me. The owner had passed out in a small alley way that only the workers of that building would use.

    I wasn't aware they did that, until it happened, and I only thought to not try grab him, because I was trying to work out where the actual fuck is the owner.... Had that heart drop moment when it walked and then looked back at me too.

    Thankfully, owner was alright, just a heart issue with new meds that dropped the blood pressure a bit too much to enjoy a cigarette with on a really hot day, pretty panicked tho as they are legally blind and woke up to their dog gone..

    [–] Your service dog would make a great plaything for my banshee child purpleboxkite 12 points ago in entitledparents

    Service dog Pro tip.

    If one ever comes up to you alone, don't grab it, walk to it, it's looking for help for its owner because of a medical situation 9/10xs.

    They are taught to seek help from others in emergencies, so if you see one and it's alone, approaching people, let it know it's a good doggo and go help its owner.