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    [–] Happy holidays quarteritalian 57 points ago in funny


    [–] hmmm quarteritalian 5 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    oh no you’re thinking of the sequel

    [–] Snake shedding skin quarteritalian 20 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    thought it was deg loving, sounded happy. is definitely de gloving, is not.

    [–] breakfast in bed quarteritalian 1 points ago in Tinder

    CASEYS IS #1

    [–] [Need Advice] Fluctuation all my life quarteritalian 16 points ago in getdisciplined

    i am the same way and was recently diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder. it might be worth talking to a mental health expert about these patterns.

    [–] i took this photo of my daughter to make a statement on body positivity, explanation in comments quarteritalian 6 points ago in pics

    dang guys, raising daughters is hard work. emery is 8, and always watches me work on photos. she wanted me to take some photos of her. i explained to her how i work with people and how i direct them in front of the camera. she was totally loving it but then i realized we had to discuss editing, which i knew would lead to self image and expectation discussions.

    i showed her the before and after, and explained to her that all tv shows, movies, and things she sees online are all enhanced by people who do this for a living. she told me not to worry because she loves herself 😭❤️

    [–] i took this photo of my daughter to make a statement on body positivity, explanation in comments quarteritalian -1 points ago in pics

    i don’t agree. we reviewed the differences between reality and the alternative. she understands that most marketing she sees is technically fake, and that people don’t actually look like this. it was a statement over everything and it worked.

    [–] I need ideas please quarteritalian 5 points ago in Frugal

    do you have anything you need to store? you may just end up recycling them..:

    [–] Grammar really does matter quarteritalian 0 points ago in funny

    i mean they all look important to me

    [–] Seems legit quarteritalian 4 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    i heard wolves do though

    [–] Many of us can relate. quarteritalian 13 points ago in funny

    the real life tip here is at the end

    [–] I need to lose weight it seems quarteritalian 105 points ago in antiMLM

    i think my desk is from yikea