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    [–] My friend is a teacher and created an assignment where the students had to rearrange words from an essay into a story with a different meaning. The result from one student was fantastic. [Original Essay in Comments] quarteritalian 1184 points ago in WTF

    Seeing Through the Grey Mist of Cal Poly On an early Monday morning my sleepy classmates and I met at the gate to Poly Canyon. The thick marine layer circled around our group as our professor led us into the dense grey fog. A crisp breeze stung my bare cheeks sending a chill down my body. We walked past the Cerro Vista apartments, the last buildings of Cal Poly that I would see for two hours. A feeling of excitement ran through me as we began our walk down the service road and into the canyon, a place just down the street from my dorm that I had never known existed.

    As we trekked deeper in to the thick mist, a hidden part of Cal Poly began to reveal itself. Walls of serpentine rock rose on either side of the road and the creek below began to fill with water. Four does and a buck looked down on us from the steep slopes above. Eucalyptus trees sent a sweet fragrance through the air, and chirping birds provided soft background music for the hike. Worries of school began to fade away.

    The trail got rough as we started climbing up Poly Mountain. My eyes were glued to the ground. Rocks were constantly sliding under foot waiting for an opportunity to take my feet out from under me. My breath was getting shorter and my legs began to burn from the first real exercise they had gotten since leaving home. I did not know if I was going to make it up the hill. When we finally stopped for our first break, I collapsed onto the nearest rock and took some time to observe the land around me. I realized I had not looked up once throughout the first quarter of the hike. When we sat down to write I had nothing to describe or to meditate on. The thick fog had erased the trail behind us and everything surrounding it. I was filled with regret.

    As we continued, I made certain to look around more often. Golden grasses, patches of yucca, grand rock formations, and a solitary tree dotted the landscape. We took our second break in a community of yucca. When I sat down, one stabbed me in my thigh. Its green leaves sat motionless as though nothing had happened. Yucca is no name for this plant, the Spanish Dagger is far more appropriate. My respect for the yucca grew in this instant. How amazing natural adaptation is, that each plant and animal is equipped with weapons for protection.

    Higher we climbed, farther from the noise and stress of main campus. I felt my muscles relaxing, my lungs breathing deeper, and my mind much freer. A cricket drowned out the sounds of the highway in the distance. The fog began to feel like a protector, rolling around my classmates and me, hiding us from the chaos of the world below. For the fist time since arriving at Cal Poly I felt a sense of peace and home.

    As the morning wore on, the sun finally broke through the clouds, though the ground below was still hidden underneath the rolling fog. I was forced to pull off my sweater and take a large drink of water. All of a sudden I heard gasps from my classmates; I looked up to see we were at the top of Poly Mountain. It felt as if we were floating, the fog met the sky, and only the peaks of surrounding hills could be seen above the sea of grey.

    Sounds began to arise from underneath the thick marine layer, first the bell tower, then the sounds of cars speeding across the highway. My muscles tightened, the peace of the other side of the mountain was gone. The fog was not protecting me anymore; all it could do was hide the origin of the sounds. I wanted to retreat back the way I had come, I wanted to run, but all I could do was sit and accept it.

    As I sat on the top of the mountain, the fog began to burn off. I could see the highway below and the bowl of Poly Canyon. Soon I heard more gasps, looking up, I saw a herd of horses less than one hundred yards away no longer hidden by the fog. I had no idea that the horses existed thirty seconds ago. Every minute something new was revealed, the science building where I would be going to class in an hour, the noisy dorms, and the overcrowded parking lot. But I began to notice my favorite places as well, the Performing Arts Center, the track, and the baseball field. If I had remained enveloped in the fog, I would have missed so much. I would have never seen the beautiful horses, or had the opportunity to see the entire campus from a bird’s eye view.

    Before entering Poly Canyon, I had no idea how much the stress of school and my social life had been affecting me since arriving at Cal Poly. I realized I had missed many opportunities for discovery and adventure in this new town by staying so focused on my life on the main campus. Escaping Cal Poly’s chaos was just what I needed, but like returning home from vacation, walking back onto campus was sweet. The rich beauty of the hills directly behind my dorm needs to be explored and enjoyed. In Southern California, I had to travel thirty minutes to escape the crowded freeways and big cities; here all I have to do is walk out my back door. Poly Canyon has become my quick escape destination, and will be for the next four years at least.

    [–] What inexpensive item have you bought that you get an insane amount of use out of/from? quarteritalian 481 points ago in AskReddit

    My rice cooker, oh god yes. Those damn things are the greatest, most simplistic kitchen tool. Perfect rice, every god damn time. Also, salad spinners. Ain't nobody like wet lettuce.

    [–] What trend should make a comeback? quarteritalian 311 points ago in AskReddit

    Whoa, whoa, whoaa... Tell me more about this sex club!

    [–] Guys of reddit, what's the best gift a girl has ever gotten you? quarteritalian 271 points ago in AskReddit

    After a couple months of dating my (now) wife, she bought me a Playstation 3. I later found out that she sold the promise ring that her ex-boyfriend gave her, for $300. Just enough for the PS3.

    There's no greater 'fuck you' than turning someone elses love into Call of Duty.

    [–] Parents of Reddit, what is the most embarassing thing your child has done in public? quarteritalian 204 points ago in AskReddit

    I had just got out of the car and was walking my 3 year old daughter into the store, when a black woman said to her, "I like your shoes!"

    My daughter says "thank you", and then looks at me and says, "Daddy, that black mom likes my shoes!"

    We should probably move back into the city.

    [–] Reddit, what crimes deserve harsher punishments? quarteritalian 192 points ago in AskReddit

    I can only hope you're not boiling your lobster! Steam that!

    I'm not sure the proper method to cook cats...

    [–] I'm a Crime Scene Cleaner. AMA! quarteritalian 184 points ago in IAmA

    I was expecting you to say he was floating by the ceiling.

    [–] What small anatomical change to the human body would be a big improvement? quarteritalian 140 points ago in AskReddit

    Have you ever had a female dog that wasn't spayed? Those bitches will bleed all over your house like twice a year.

    [–] I need to lose weight it seems quarteritalian 106 points ago in antiMLM

    i think my desk is from yikea