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    [–] Pool table on a cruise ship qubeVids 2 points ago in DesignPorn

    They did surgery on a ship?

    [–] New Default Textures Version 3.3 Released! qubeVids 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Thanks for the mention, will get to those!

    [–] 18w49a worldgen does some haunting things. qubeVids 2 points ago in Minecraft

    This ia really dark for most people, I think. Almost black except for the middle

    [–] These simple, 1-page instructions to build a coat rack qubeVids 1 points ago in DesignPorn

    Yay, I thought about exactly that (reversed bolder type in circles, because of the "I" labels). Cool that that's what you mentioned

    [–] Welp. That’s just a waste of muscles. qubeVids 3 points ago in funny

    That's normal for us and in Manga, it's always top to bottom. But he was right. It's definitely right to left

    [–] Minecraft is a genuinely fun and interesting game. It’s not cringy or just for 12 year olds. qubeVids 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    You could always do that... Difficult in single player survival but that's it, you xan tweak it for a server yourself.

    [–] Wooden House qubeVids 10 points ago in Minecraft

    The floor? Also an indication of the dimensions

    [–] Feedback Megathread on JAPPA's Textures in 1.14 Snapshots qubeVids 1 points ago in Minecraft

    I agree with basically all of this, but why would crafting tables look like they did before on the side? It's like very unusual shapes on the wooden planks, they don't really look like just worn out. And of course, how would the sides look like that if you use the top?

    [–] Feedback Megathread on JAPPA's Textures in 1.14 Snapshots qubeVids 5 points ago in Minecraft

    Well, I think extreme negative without a goof explanation, which might be the kind of stuff people downvote, probably should be? Unless it's really all good points but I can't imagine that.

    Isn't the old Diorite, and old Netherrack, a truly ugly block? The new ones might be terrible in your opinion but the old ones have to be worse, basically just crazy noise