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    [–] Sixers fan with some questions r_politics_is_shills 3 points ago in bostonceltics

    Hi Sir,

    I admire your courage and will try to be honest without being overly crude.

    1. I'm most afraid of the Raptors, they have given us fits in the past and it just seems like we don't match up well with them. They are much improved with Kahwi and Siakim is the real deal. I don't fear the Sixers as I think that Brad can game plan for them. We beat you handily last year and you have made some improvements but also lost some good players too. We will have added for the playoffs Kyrie and Gordon "Really Improved in the last three weeks" Hayward. His step forward is huge!

    2. I think we have a chance. Danny built us to beat the Warriors. I'd say that we'd have like a 35% chance against them.

    3. Kyrie needs to stay. This is most important. I think both Tatum and Brown will be stars, but Tatum more so. I'm mixed on AD, I'd do it for Tatum OR Brown but not both. Obviously you have to throw in much more than either of them (Smart is also off the table). I don't think the C's are in a position to land any big-money FAs.

    All the best in round 2. I hope we meet in the ECFs. ;)

    [–] Andrew Benintendi goes to Africa r_politics_is_shills 2 points ago in redsox

    Great job of syncing the audio with the (audio + video) .

    [–] Kyrie saves it, Tatum dunks it, Jaylen sweeps them away. r_politics_is_shills 19 points ago in bostonceltics

    Nope, 100% in the bucket unless Tatum gets too fancy. Perfect Celtics play.

    [–] Game Thread: 4/20 Red Sox (7-13) @ Rays (14-6) 6:10 PM r_politics_is_shills 1 points ago in redsox

    Yeah, but we need more good arms out there like Barnes, who messed up tonight.

    [–] What scientific ability does this dog have to breathe fire like this? How is it able to create the fire and bear the heat? r_politics_is_shills 45 points ago in shittyaskscience

    Some of the last dragons took to fucking dogs for fun and sport. There is only a gene or two in the whole strand that would cause a dog to have this ability and being on Reddit probably activated one if not both genes and it's 4/20 which may have something to do with this post really lacking adequate punctuation.

    [–] NEXT DAY THREAD: Boston Celtics 104, Indiana Pacers 96 r_politics_is_shills 15 points ago in bostonceltics


    I've really only seen him twice against us and both times I thought he's as good as Tatum.

    [–] THE POST GAME THREAD - Boston Celtics 99, Indiana Pacers 91 r_politics_is_shills 2 points ago in bostonceltics

    Philly fans keep saying Ben is better than Tatum...