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    [–] Typical Midlaner :^ ) racast5 1 points ago in DotA2

    It's also so easy to place it out of vision. Either place it on the rune or on your side of the river before you get the bounty, or just place it on your side of the ramp just before the creep wave reaches it while you're blocking. Towers don't have vision across the river.

    [–] [Spears] Damian Lillard ends strict vegan diet, says he was losing too much weight racast5 2 points ago in nba

    Even just going vegetarian opens up cheese, milk, and eggs which are great for calories and protein if you're avoiding meat.

    With vegan your only real options are tofu, lentils, beans, nuts, and soy by products for calorie/protein dense foods.

    [–] /r/NintendoSwitch's Daily Question Thread (01/17/2018) racast5 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Can't seem to find the japanese language DLC for xenoblade 2 under the eshop?

    Does anyone know the exact name for it? I tried a few different keyword searches and nothing turned up. Just xeno 2 and the expansion pass

    [–] Car charging? racast5 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Probably safe because car chargers are fairly low power.

    [–] Anna K racast5 10 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Mobile has an option that filters nsfw content. It's required to be on the app store. Just go find it in your sertings

    [–] I tried to install SC2. It said Bnet instead. racast5 10 points ago in starcraft

    It doesn't actually install any of those other games on your machine. It's just a launcher like the steam client. Steam doesn't download random games for you.

    [–] How broken would dropperlords and medivacs having warp prism pickup range be? racast5 6 points ago in starcraft

    For zerg? Not very. Protoss can abuse the pickup range cause it's known for having high value individual units (collossi, disruptor, high templar, immortals) that make it worth it to play that way. Zerg is basically the exact opposite. There's almost no reason to pick a zergling or baneling back up. It wouldn't be worth it to micro a roach or hydra that way either imo. You get better value just focusing on outmassing the enemy and getting good surrounds rather than saving individual units.

    Terran dropships are already pretty speedy with medivac boost. I don't think it would make too much a difference. They might be a little better, and maybe you'd see more tech drops.

    [–] EPICENTER: XL Dota 2 Major announced with 1 million prize-pool racast5 5 points ago in DotA2

    I actually enjoy the higher stakes (not full RR into DE) tournies occasionally. Better chance for underdog stories like ad finem at Boston, and the top teams still usually come out on top regardless, like at boston

    [–] How do I do the medivac “suck” racast5 1 points ago in starcraft

    If you have a group of medivacs selected, can you D-click just one of them to have all start dropping, or do you need to do each of them individually? If I D-click 'medivac 1', and 'medivac 2' is a little bit aways, will 'medivac 2' fly to medivac 1 and start dropping near it's location? Or just start dropping?

    [–] Magic...a new one! racast5 71 points ago in gifs

    It helps that the gif is only like 16-17 fps.

    [–] Isaiah Thomas ends his debut game for the Cavs with 16 pts, 3 ast, 6/12 FG, 2/7 3pt and +16 on 19 minutes played. racast5 5 points ago in nba

    33 isn't exactly an old man and he spends millions on his health. But regardless, he started this season out with injuries on 4 big players (IT, TT, Drose, Shumpert). His minutes will get lower as these guys, especially IT, get worked back into the lineup. The bench production is top of the league now and now that IT can pick up some of the slack in the starting lineup Lebron can pick up some more rest along the way like he did tonight.

    [–] BattlEye: Update on the number of PUBG bans: 1,500,000. racast5 1 points ago in Games

    How many times are you going to take my comment out of context? We're talking only about the mentality of the cheater. I've never claimed that people find losing to a cheater to be satisfying. Can you read? Go one comment above mine and realize that I'm saying FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE CHEATER the games are the same. You're arguing against no one here. No one is saying anything against what you're arguing for. We're talking about the cheater mentality. This is not a comment chain about the victims of hackers.

    [–] BattlEye: Update on the number of PUBG bans: 1,500,000. racast5 -1 points ago in Games

    Again, they're the same thing from the perspective of the cheater, who doesn't care about the people he's playing against.

    they don't both find it satisfying in both situations

    You're actually arguing that people don't find cheating or p2w games satisfying. I'm going to point to millions of people who do it every day as the proof that you're wrong.

    We're not talkinga bout what's right or wrong here. The comment I responded to said he couldn't understand how someone could find cheating gratifying. You're making the mistake of thinking the cheater cares about people he's playing against. Person in a fair game, person in a p2w game, NPC in a single player game, it doesn't matter. It's the exact same from the perspective of the cheater who only cares about getting instant gratification from feeling powerful in the context of the game.

    I'm not saying cheating is right. I'm saying, this is why people cheat. And the people who do cheat do find it satisfying for this reason, which is not actually that hard to understand.

    [–] BattlEye: Update on the number of PUBG bans: 1,500,000. racast5 -5 points ago in Games

    You're looking at it from the perspective of the loser. The person who didn't sign up for what he got into (an unfair match against his favor). But we're talking about understanding only the perspective of the cheater, who knows exactly what he's getting into (an unfair match in his favor).

    It is not, overall, the same situation, because one (or more) people are getting screwed outside the bounds of what they agreed to when entering into the game. But from the perspective of the cheater it is. That's fine you don't enjoy p2w or single player games against NPC's. A undeniably large amount of people do. I too, prefer a level playing field. But I think it's foolish to say you absolutely cannot understand how a cheater could enjoy winning.

    [–] BattlEye: Update on the number of PUBG bans: 1,500,000. racast5 5 points ago in Games

    So you've never played a game against NPC's? I can't think of a single game where the main character is weaker than the computers. Halo, CoD, Doom, Far Cry, etc. Maybe you don't like single player games, but lots of people do. And even if you argue that playing on 'insane' difficulty makes the AI close to the main character in strength, which is still pretty much never the case, many people still prefer playing on easier modes. It's hard to deny that it appeals to a lot of people, even if you yourself are a competitive purist and only play perfectly balanced multiplayer games.

    [–] BattlEye: Update on the number of PUBG bans: 1,500,000. racast5 -4 points ago in Games

    It's not really about the winning itself. Sometimes it's fun just to stomp some people without really trying.

    Look at it this way, playing single player campaign in a shooter against NPC's can be fun, right? Even though the NPC's are almost always inferior in every sense--strategically, HP, ammo, weapons. It's still fun to run through them and feel invincible. I don't think you need a lot of mental gymnastics to understand how that can feel gratifying.

    There's tons of games with P2W mechanics. Are those people "cheating" because they have advantages over the other players? Most people say no because that's how the game was designed. But in the end it's the same thing. One player has an advantage over another, they both still find it satisfying.

    [–] Mueller is reportedly zeroing in on the Trump campaign's data operation — and the RNC racast5 1 points ago in politics

    Devil's advocate position: A lot of people believe the investigation into Hillary's emails and Benghazi adversely affected her campaign in an unfair way. It wouldn't be too hard to hit your political opponents with 'frivolous' investigations in order to sway public opinion about them.

    I'd rather they keep investigating, but keep absolutely everything under wraps until the investigation is concluded.

    [–] My asshole boyfriend cheated on me, for every upvote I’ll ignore another one of his texts and have another sip of gin racast5 46 points ago in drunk

    You're looking at it the wrong way. He cares, but he cares about himself. He was caring about himself when he cheated on you, and he's caring about himself when he's trying to get his steady relationship back. You want someone who cares about you. People who cheat think only about themselves.