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    [–] Dota 7.07c racast5 2 points ago in DotA2

    That was back when you needed an aghs to even start playing. Now he doesn't need much. He does far more burst and tower damage early game compared to pre 707 tiny. If he has a blink dagger, bottle, and boots he's pretty set. Travels and sny next and he's strong. I could actually see him getting play in almost any role.

    [–] Dota 7.07c racast5 6 points ago in DotA2

    You just play him more like a ganker/split pusher now. He was already hard to gank with his 40% status resistance. Pick up early blink/travels and just get pick offs and split push towers with +120% tower damage. Travels completely make up for the move speed difference. And you'll still be picking up SNY more than likely

    [–] Dota 7.07c racast5 42 points ago in DotA2

    -60 damage, but +10% damage to heroes and +45% to buildings.

    If you're an average midgame tiny with ~200 damage, then you're missing ~40 damage on heroes and gain ~40 damage to buildings. But now you have +15 armor.

    Platemail+chainmail is ~2k gold for that armor. Demon edge is 2200 for 46 damage. It's basically just a buff. Spending the same amount of money will put you back in the same place, except now you do more damage to buildings. If you get more than 200 damage the buff is even stronger.

    [–] Nov 16 Competitive Matches - Europe & CIS racast5 -2 points ago in DotA2

    Because you're not two heroes, you're one hero with two units. You benefit from the items regardless of which unit it's on. Why don't people still do 4 protect 1 and just let 1 hero soak up all the gold on the map? It turns out spreading farm around makes your whole team stronger. Midas is overpriced and radiance is useless after 25+ minutes. It's not a viable buidl on anyone. All it does is help you farm and split with the bear across the map, but there's way cheaper items for increasing farming speed (maelstrom) and cheaper items for letting you farm split push with the bear (aghs)

    [–] Nov 16 Competitive Matches - Europe & CIS racast5 -2 points ago in DotA2

    I think lone druid is good, but that midas+radiance is just super outdated. How many carries honestly buy either these days? If you go low cost fighting items build towards aghs later it's pretty scary. Just treads/maelstrom on the bear, vlads/sny on the hero.

    [–] Belgium’s gambling regulators are investigating Battlefront 2 loot boxes racast5 3 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    I don't think you need to be able to sell something for it to have value. You're paying for it, so the value is defined by that transaction, not any hypothetical future one.

    Half the things in a given home are unsellable because nobody wants to pay for used household goods. That doesn't mean they don't have value if your house burns down in a fire. Insurance pays for it regardless of if you could've sold it to someone.

    [–] Dendi appreciation thread for sticking around even after bad times racast5 15 points ago in DotA2

    They get too passive in the mid game and want to fall back to the jungle to farm. Stronger teams generally make better use of smokes and rotations during this period and it's almost always where navi struggles against those teams. When they get such a good early game lead that it forces them to use it, they stomp. They did it in both game 1's against VP yesterday and today.

    [–] The “we basically monopolize our industry so fuck you” starterpack racast5 19 points ago in starterpacks

    The top left one is comcast, which is your local ISP for most americans. It's from a south park episode

    [–] New Tiny very popular in NA pro scene? Why? racast5 1 points ago in DotA2

    I think there's reason for both. Tree grab if you're going the standard carry build and toss if you're gonna go mid and fit more of a ganker role.

    [–] Remember times when you had to play the game to unlock its extra content.....? racast5 94 points ago in gaming

    Most companies would kill to have the sales numbers, but most won't spend the time to actually make a game good. Miyamoto was the one who said a delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever. Do you think ubisoft or EA would ever postpone a major title launch so that they can actually innovate? It's pretty clear mario odyssey and BotW had a huge amount of development time I don't think other studios would be down with.

    You could release battlefront 2 later, but you would miss being able to launch in the same window as 'the last jedi' movie. There's absolutely 0 chance they've ever considered missing that window to focus on delivering more content.

    [–] New Tiny very popular in NA pro scene? Why? racast5 3 points ago in DotA2

    It's just not a black and white buff/nerf. The old aghs was more consistent damage for sure. And the stat gains, though low, helped.

    But he's better at almost everything else now. His level 10 talent is +20% magic resist and grow gives +40% status resist when maxed, on top of his strength based resistance. He's extremely tanky when he gets a few items (especially since the first item doesn't need to be aghs anymore). And he's also better at bursting because of tree throw and talents which improve toss and avalanche. Toss not requiring a target is a HUGE buff. The only other two spells which reposition people are lasso and hook and they're game changing when used right.

    You basically traded some armor, AS, and right click sustainability for a huge increase in versatility, survivability, and burst.

    [–] [Minor Spoilers] [Mario Odyssey] Just 100% finished the game and wanted to share my personal crowning achievement! racast5 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Try doing it on the moped and make sure your camera is angled so the two jump rope swingers are in line with each other (you're looking at it from the side). I was banging my head against the wall and beat it the first time i tried it this way.

    [–] The new ult interruption system is absolute nonsense with projectile ults racast5 5 points ago in Overwatch

    Depends on the implementation. CC is a fun mechanic if there are ways to counter it. The problem is only when there's no counter play to something. Then it just feels overpowered because you can't do anything but accept your fate.

    If there were just as many heroes with CC removal, or CC invulnerability granting abilities as there are with CC then it would add another level to the game. Rather than get stunned->die.

    [–] Nov 12 Competitive Matches - Europe & CIS racast5 1 points ago in DotA2

    Not exactly a ticker, but the trackdota app can send notifications to your phone whenever a certain team starts a game on a tournament ticket. I rarely miss games

    [–] Giant discount liquor store opens in West Wendover, giving Utah buyers another place to cross the border for cheap booze racast5 0 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in SaltLakeCity

    I think you're really confused about what the federal government regulates, what the SCOTUS does, and what the interstate commerce clause is.

    The SCOTUS primarily rules on whether a given piece of legislation is unconstitutional. Basically, you would have to argue that laws prohibiting the growth/sale/consumption of marijuana infringe on the rights guaranteed to you by the constitution (think the bill of rights, freedom of speech, right to bear arms, etc). The interstate commerce clause doesn't have anything to do with the constitution. It's its own piece of legislation. In fact, the interstate commerce clause is the source of controlled substances act which makes marijuana illegal on the federal level. So you would actually have to argue that one or both of those pieces of legislation infringes on your constitutional rights...which..good luck with that since they've been around for over 50 years.

    But assuming that's what you actually meant, under what precedence would you argue that the interstate commerce clause is unconstitutional? And why do you thing the SCOTUS would suddenly change their mind on that, when alcohol has been regulated under this clause since nearly the prohibition era.

    And then, even if those pieces of legislation were ruled unconstitutional, it still falls on states to regulate themselves, not the federal government. As I've stated, even though alcohol is legal on a federal level, individual states and counties are free to make their own laws on it, which is why we have many dry counties around the U.S. Every state in the U.S. could make itself a dry state and ban the sale alcohol. If weed were hypothetically legal on the federal level, all states could ban the sale of it, same as alcohol.

    [–] Nov 10 Competitive Matches - Europe & CIS racast5 1 points ago in DotA2

    Seriously, I don't understand the obsession with the venge pick. It's a mediocre support and carry. Maybe as a last pick counter to certain lineups it makes sense. But it's had 0 impact most games they take it.

    [–] Nov 9 Competitive Matches - Europe & CIS racast5 2 points ago in DotA2

    He probably means round robin VS single/double elim. Round robin guarantees everyone plays everyone else.

    [–] Giant discount liquor store opens in West Wendover, giving Utah buyers another place to cross the border for cheap booze racast5 1 points ago in SaltLakeCity

    Not always. For instance, you're required to prove that you have a legal license and valid registration when you're pulled over. It's not the cops job to prove you dont have it.

    [–] Giant discount liquor store opens in West Wendover, giving Utah buyers another place to cross the border for cheap booze racast5 2 points ago in SaltLakeCity

    IANAL but I'm pretty sure you would be held accountable for that if you were caught, even though you live out of state. And your friend might have to prove he had no knowledge of it. I have friends in the liquor business out of state who won't ship to Utah.

    That said, it's pretty easy to ship liquor discreetly.