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    [–] No one told me VR would ruin regular games ragamufin 1 points ago in Vive

    It doesn't. LOL 5 days, I've had mine for more than two years, I still play 'regular games' all the time.

    [–] Space man tat by Brian @timeless tattooos Atlanta, ga ragamufin 1 points ago in tattoos

    Awesome tattoo man, I just finished up this psychonaut one with @mantaraetattoo in Austin today!

    I also wanted the reaching right hand, maybe inspired by a similar image?!

    [–] Seeing Deadset's Season 12 Compendium at the top of the sub really makes this place feel like it's on life support ragamufin 9 points ago in Diablo

    Like, maybe the date the new season starts?


    A person who has come to this sub twice for this information in the last two weeks.

    [–] Hugh Jackman destroys a puzzle that took 4 months to complete ragamufin 1 points ago in funny

    I've started doing a lot of programming to automate my job and now I'm building stuff for my industrial engineering thesis in python as well.

    Always curious about stuff I haven't heard of.

    [–] Hugh Jackman destroys a puzzle that took 4 months to complete ragamufin 6 points ago in funny

    It's a joke because 4-6 years on a puzzle is probably the age group it's designed for :)

    [–] Drunk man has an emotional crisis in VR. This reminds me of how weird VR actually is ragamufin 7 points ago in Vive

    Maybe people are searching for any opportunity to escape the oppressive heteronormative structures of modern western culture, perpetuated by people like you who literally imply they have some kind of mental disorder for wanting to play as a female character in an online game.

    [–] Whats your "I'm glad I tried it, but never again" story? ragamufin 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I've done probably every single drug that you can name off the top of your head but I have never done K2/Spice. Mostly lucky that I had good hookups for pot when that stuff hit the market, so i had no reason to experiment with it.

    I've seen it ruin more peoples lives than anything but opiates. Its an incredibly destructive substance.

    [–] Food delivery by drone will soon expand in Iceland ragamufin 5 points ago in robotics

    Wow that girls throat is like an inch away from being obliterated by those props.

    [–] I rented a convertible for our trip to Las Vegas just to make this gif ragamufin 2 points ago in gifs

    I love the quote but I'm not sure that he was right. My parents were big hippies and I grew up in eco communities directly birthed by the movements in the 60s.

    My sample size is maybe only a few thousand people but those folks seem to be aging and retiring very gracefully and happily. In general folks in their 70s who were tuning in and dropping out seem to be much more content t with the state of their lives as they approach the end.

    [–] USA Today reporter killed by drunk driver on H St NE ragamufin 8 points ago in washingtondc

    Nobody is going 30 or even 20 mph drunk on a bike in an urban area.

    [–] a 54 million yo gecko trapped in amber ragamufin 1 points ago in pics

    inb4 dipshits on the internet rubbing amber on their wrinkles.

    [–] Waymo CEO: "We want to get to a hundred percent BEV fleet as quickly as possible and our systems also work very well when you’ve got a high-powered electrical system in the vehicle," ragamufin 5 points ago in SelfDrivingCars

    The dissemination of powerful battery technology into accessible consumer price points has already kicked off and its amazing.

    You can get a 17Ah battery the size of a fat wallet on Amazon for about 30 bucks.

    You can get a 35Ah seal lead acid on Amazon for about $50.

    Its incredible. I run all the LEDs in my backyard off a DC microgrid with ~100Ah storage and I charge all my portable batteries (for cellphones, laptops, etc) out there too.

    Granted I'm a burner so my interest in/demand for portable power solutions is higher than the average person, but these are all just signals that really strong market penetration price points for many technologies are on the horizon.

    [–] I don't understand why people like The Handmaiden's Tale ragamufin 116 points ago in scifi

    The horror lies in it being the modern era and not the 18th or 19th century when this type of dehumanizing bbn behavior was commonplace in the United States.

    The protagonist of the handmaid's tale could easily be black and it would be just as abhorrent.

    [–] Rezz - Witching Hour (2018) ragamufin 1 points ago in electronicmusic

    It's been old for years, festival EDM hasn't been palatable since like 2014.