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    [–] Do you care about who narrated your book? rail16 27 points ago in audible

    I’ve returned multiple books due to bad narration.

    I have now learned to play the sample unless it’s from a narrator or series I’m familiar with.

    [–] Best Bang for Your Buck . . . er Credit rail16 3 points ago in audible

    This is great news! I wasn’t aware of there being a continuation of this world.

    Added to my wish list.

    [–] West Lothian is open again rail16 2 points ago in WestLothian

    I follow Glasgow since I work in the area, but it would be nice to find more local news and stuff.

    Hopefully folks will see the sub open for submissions again and it'll be active.

    [–] Audible Codes rail16 1 points ago in audible

    These books look wonderful, do you still have any UK codes left?

    [–] Mum’s ‘screams of pain’ as her toddler falls to her death from Royal Caribbean cruise ship while ‘dangled from window’ by granddad rail16 5 points ago in worldnews

    Here is a less dramatic, click-bait, headline for the same story that I found on Sky News.

    Toddler dies after being 'dropped by grandfather' on cruise ship

    Local media have said preliminary reports suggest the child was being carried by her grandfather who slipped and dropped the child overboard.

    [–] An Amazon engineer made an AI-powered cat flap to stop his cat from bringing home dead animals rail16 1 points ago in Futurology

    The car flap that we have has an RFID sensor to read the chip that most pets have these days.

    We can program it to recognise up to five animals. The flap stays locked unless there is a known chip within a few inches of the door.