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    [–] England - Next door neighbors garden is getting out of control rankinfile 2 points ago in legaladvice

    Try also r/LegalAdviceUK

    Is your neighbor well? Do y’all have a agency like Adult Protective Services that can check in with him?

    Maybe do the work with a charity or organization already set up to handle it if you do get permission.

    [–] Texas/Colorado/international leaving the usa to avoid the inevitable. rankinfile 6 points ago in legaladvice

    Thailand has cracked down on visa runners and doesn’t need truck drivers. Investment visas require sponsor and a plan. Permanent residence is limited to a very small number and citizenship even smaller and is not going to happen.

    Early discharge of probation is best shot. May still not get his license back, but he’ll be free to travel. Mexico will let you stay for 180 days if you want a taste of being an expat without getting stuck halfway across the world.

    [–] Interstates and Tribal Land rankinfile 5 points ago in legaladvice

    Many jurisdictions cooperate.

    Cross deputization agreements Allow law enforcement personnel from state and tribal entities to cross jurisdictions in criminal cases. Cross deputization agreements have been used to enhance law enforcement capabilities in areas were state and tribal lands were contiguous and intermingled. Under some agreements, federal, state, county/local, and/or tribal law enforcement officers have the power to arrest Indian and non-Indian wrongdoers wherever the violation of law occurs.

    [–] Texas/Colorado/international leaving the usa to avoid the inevitable. rankinfile 8 points ago in legaladvice

    You’re not going to get advice here on how to break the law.

    On a practical side, if he has no marketable skills here, he’s not going to make it as an outlaw expat. No extradition doesn’t mean no deportation. When he ends up coming back, guess what’s up for him.

    Look into expungement, record sealing, early end of probation, etc. There are jobs like construction/trades that don’t care so much if you have a felony. If suicidal, there are resources and people that really want to help him. Alcoholics Anonymous may be of help.

    Was the DWI in CO? Location will help with legal advice.

    [–] LAOP wants advice on how to stop his parents from [checks notes] setting up a trust for his daughter rankinfile 5 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    Yep, sounds like OP should just ghost her parents for at least the next ten years. Probably why this is hard for her, she’s fighting the fact that she should have cut ties long ago or otherwise made her peace and now she’s going down the rabbit hole again. This is about her, not her daughter.

    [–] Questions regarding getting married to a non-US citizen in America rankinfile 1 points ago in legaladvice

    What visa does she have now?

    I wouldn’t risk it. A visa doesn’t give you rights to enter, it allows you to present yourself at a port of entry where an immigration officer decides. Using a non immigrant visa with the intent to immigrate is violating law, so ICE is really going to scrutinize her.
    The fact that she is Chinese makes it worse since there are a lot of overstays from China.

    You really should consult with an attorney before you make plans or file paperwork. Read up and educate yourself as much as possible so you can get the most out of the consultation.

    Nolo has some good articles and books. Many libraries have them.

    [–] Investing in a house during medical school rankinfile 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Have seen this work for people when they can rent rooms to other students. Wouldn’t do it based on student loan income. Do you have a down payment or any other income?

    If you have a family member that can buy the house as a longer term investment, you could lease from them, sublet rooms, and maybe offset your own rent. But you got to ask yourselves if you want to learn to be homeowners and/or landlords while going to med school.

    [–] Can I withdraw my 403b employer contributions before I'm vested? rankinfile 2 points ago in personalfinance

    You can withdraw your own contributions with 10% penalty and any income tax due. There are a few things that avoid the 10% such as college expenses, first time homebuyer, early retirement/periodic withdrawals.

    Employer contributions aren’t available until you’ve vested by definition. Check with your plan to be sure.

    [–] As a college student, I immaturely quit every job I ever got. Now, as a college dropout, I'm unhirable and trapped in my mother's basement, and it's my own damn fault. rankinfile 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in personalfinance

    OP, I like MFlukes advice. Start your own business. Window washing is a low cost of entry option. A bucket or two, soap, squeegee, old newspaper and a few YouTube videos. Practice for a day on friend’s and family’s houses for free or cheap and you’re ready to go. Just start knocking on doors. Commercial Main Street storefronts are good business.

    You’ll learn why showing up is important and can’t quit because the boss is a jerk....

    P.S. show up with more than the 1k if you can. It will go a long way to show yourself and others you’re serious.


    [–] How to survive a recession? rankinfile 5 points ago in personalfinance

    Be careful with this. Obvious security can make you more of a target.

    Put up barbed wire where everyone else has broken glass bottles on the top of their walls and the first thing to be stolen is the wire and you’ve made yourself known.

    Wall where no one else has one? Cameras where everybody else has dogs, neighbors watching out, and/or pays local thugs/police for protection? Might as well staple $100 bills to a red flag.

    [–] How to survive a recession? rankinfile 1 points ago in personalfinance

    It’s already happening to OP if there’s 20% inflation. I’d definitely stock food for a 20% return. Not like you can just cut all food from your budget.

    [–] How to survive a recession? rankinfile 2 points ago in personalfinance

    I’d say a split of investing in preparing locally and something like USA T-bills. The possibility of you relocating globally is something to your advantage, but don’t bet everything on that.

    I’d actually recommend stocking up on non perishable food and household items at 20%+ inflation. Food, medicine, a bar of soap even, are going to hold their value and are priorities/necessities in your budget. Also consider stocking clothes, work tools and supplies, bicycle tires, etc. If things get really bad you can barter with excess. Anything that will keep your household running and you working. Those are the things we have emergency funds for anyway and you’re not going to beat 20% by investing elsewhere.

    /u/SoupIsForWinners advice for garden is good, I have relatives that grew up during 1930s Great Depression and didn’t realize how poor they were until after because they had home grown food and never went hungry. Maybe partner with a neighbor or start a community garden since you can’t be there everyday. Helping your neighbors is a good thing even if you do it from complete selfishness. Being the fattest one in a starving group isn’t always a good thing.

    Maybe even pay your rent in advance depending on local law, tenant protection, relationship with landlord. This could be risky if you don’t have protections. It could benefit both you and landlord though. “Hey I’ll pay you six months advance for a discount. You get money while it’s still worth something and I get a guarantee of not being on the street.”

    [–] Soon-to-be Ex-Federal Employee here with a question about severance eligibility. rankinfile 12 points ago in legaladvice

    I’d talk to a lawyer or three that knows Fed employment law. Personnel office may or may not be giving good advice. 36k, and the possibility to keep a pension are good reasons to pay for some advice. If you have an Employee Assistance Program, start there.

    Some questions I would have:

    Is losing your security clearance considered “unacceptable conduct”? Can you be tagged “do not rehire” even if you offer resignation? What jobs might you be barred from in future?

    [–] "Go to the ATM because your donation isn't enough" rankinfile 4 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Ya, my 11 yo cousin pulled that hustle at the subway station a few times a week. Would also steal all the newspapers from a rack and sell them.

    That kid probably had more in his pocket than you have in your bank account.