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    [–] In-N-Out burgers and Raising Cane’s chicken fingers are overhyped, overrated and subpar fast food restaurants. rankinfile 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    In N Out is above par as fast food. If it's crowded go someplace else, sure. But $5 more is double the price of a Double Double and fries. Heck, skip the fries and drink and get two cheese burgers for $5 and get extra vegetables on them for no extra cost. Compared to most mainstream $5 fast food meals it's palatable, filling and healthy. Make your own lemonade with the fresh lemons for free.

    Of course in CA if you have a good taco truck or bacon wrapped hot dog stand with no line, go for it.

    [–] A black hole walks into a bar rankinfile 2 points ago in Jokes

    Great punchline. Needs better setup.

    Work on it and edit here before the reposts steal it.

    [–] Can I write a check (from my checking account) and cash that into a Fidelity Roth IRA? rankinfile 1 points ago in personalfinance

    The cutoff for 2018 contributions is April 15.

    I use personal checks to deposit in IRAs with other companies, so I don’t see why not. Just make sur it posts on 15 th or before.

    [–] The California company I work for made me work a 23 hour shift. During this shift they clocked me for a minute at midnight so they could avoid having to pay me double overtime and overtime hours. rankinfile 2 points ago in legaladvice

    TLDR: DLSE is your friend.

    I believe /u/zxcv1002 is correct on the hours, except we are all forgetting there is a second meal break due at 10 hrs and any meal breaks given don’t count towards your hours worked. If they worked you through meal breaks they have to pay for that time and possibly penalties.

    DLSE can give you definitive answers. I would talk to them to see if you’re being paid properly. Then you could decide if you file a wage claim if your employer doesn’t make it right. Common advice is wait until you find another job before filing. If your employer is not willing to work this out without the state they will likely find ways to subtly retaliate and eventually fire you down the road. You have three years after the violation to make a claim and can claim all overtime violations going back three years.

    [–] The California company I work for made me work a 23 hour shift. During this shift they clocked me for a minute at midnight so they could avoid having to pay me double overtime and overtime hours. rankinfile -13 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in legaladvice

    Are you saying you got no overtime at all, or just no double time? There is no way to work 23 hours straight in CA with no overtime, but could be no doubletime.

    So, assuming 1200 midnight srarting time, you worked on two workdays. If not over 12 hours on either day, no double time. Time and a halff on any hours over 8 in a workday. I imagine they scheduled you to work 16 hours regular pay ab

    There is no mandatorily minimum time between workdays (with a few exceptions,) There are rules for split shifts during a workday. Work days and weeks for overtime purposes can start at any time of day as long as consistent.

    So i imagine you have 1200 am workday start and they scheduled you to make 16 hrs. Straight time and 7 hours time and a half. Under fed law you could work 80 hrs straight with no overtime.

    Edit: The 80 hrs straight without overtime under feds assumes it was split into two 40 hour work weeks. Yes California has stricter rules. It was just an observation about how overtime weeks can work similar to OPs situation, but I guess out of context.

    [–] Parents stole $8,000 inheritance? rankinfile 8 points ago in legaladvice

    Don’t you think you ought to sit and talk with Grandad about this?

    Find out his side of the story and tell him your’s. Thank him for any gifts even if you didnt recieve them. He may be wondering why he never got a thank you. Ask how he would like you to resove this. You may be wiling to end your relationship with mom by suing her, but how would this affect Gramps? Is it really worth 8k to go through hell with your family and drag him with you?

    There is the possibility that he is being financially abused by family members and needs someone to look after his interest. Call Adult Protective Services if you suspect this.

    [–] I’m half Finnish, half Swiss with French and Austrian origins and whose ancestors were Romanians living in Russia. I speak four languages. AMA rankinfile 1 points ago in AMA

    How did they get to Finland from Moscow? I know Finland was squeezed between Russia and Sweden with borders being changed a few times, but not much else.

    Once travelled by train from Helsinki to Leningrad, but was only in Finland for a day. The border was quite controlled at the time. How are relations with Russia at this time?

    [–] How do you make a hormone? rankinfile 5 points ago in Jokes

    Extract it from your brain? Oh wait...

    [–] Washington State raises smoking age to 21 rankinfile 5 points ago in news

    Don’t sweat it. 10 presidential elections later and I regret having to vote for one idiot or another in every one. BTW, the voting age was lowered to 18 from 21 just shy of the country’s bicentennial.

    [–] Beware of insurance up-sells. Your credit card may offer purchase protections rankinfile 6 points ago in personalfinance

    All that coverage is smart to get, but what I want primarily is medical and medical evacuation coverage as /u/KiniShakenBake mentions.

    My finances will survive a missed flight or hotel booking. (We at peronal finance ate peanut butter and ramen for two years so we wouldn’t go into debt in the first place. Am I right?). An airlift from a cruise ship or a cross pacific medical flight is in a whole different realm of megafucked.

    It is said that one reason sailors wore earrings was to pay for their burial abroad.

    [–] Are my wife and I better off compromising on a home we can afford now, or paying rent for two years until we can afford the home we really want. rankinfile 2 points ago in personalfinance

    OK, since no one has said it: “Kid, you ain’t in yet.” “Don't be spending money like you are.” My journeyman said this to apprentice me. Very good advice. See apprentices get hurt, wash out, laid off, etc. and be stuck with crippling debt from cars, houses, whatever.

    No one here would be giving the same advice to anyone else with a temporary job and halfway through their schooling. Just cool your ass down, save your money, and wait.

    I know your trade is strong, growing, and in demand. You are not. You will be, but not yet. Right now, you are an expense. Soon you will be an asset, so wait. It will be worth it, I promise. Good luck!

    Hey, I hear synthetic cable (with fibers that can monitor wear electrically/electronically) is starting to replace steel, and motor drives are really changing. Preety cool shit.

    [–] I'm 22 and my dad passed away. I also lost my mom a few years ago. I have no idea what I'm doing. rankinfile 1 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in personalfinance

    Life insurance and retirement accounts pass to the named beneficiary outside of probate and generally can't be touched by creditors. So it’s important not to spend those on debts of the estate unless you know for sure you’ll come out ahead, keep the house, etc. Sometimes it’s best to walk away from the estate with those and start over. You don't want to dump more money into a sinking ship you can’t save.

    Don’t pay anything personally until you get local legal advice (and maybe accounting). You could end up owning debt you don’t have to. Most lawyers will give you a free/cheap consultation and answer basic questions. There may be free legal clinics in your area and local law schools may be of help. Life insurance can payout within 30 days if everything is in order, use that to pay for a few hours of legal advice if you have to.

    Beware of sleazy debt collectors and funeral homes at this point when you’re vulnerable. They can be the first to circle. Sleep on it and get advice before signing anything. Good that you are planning, but nothing has to be done too quickly.

    P.S. Sorry for your loss. Godspeed Dad.

    [–] Pull the trigger on Social Security rankinfile 4 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in personalfinance

    So, the break even point is about ~79 years old between retiring at 62 and 67, about 84 between 67 and 70. As others mention, earned income over the limit wil reduce payments.

    I like the general idea of taking it early and reinvesting, but the earned income limit penalty worries me if I am still able to work and might need to. Maybe put it off a few years so the years that can be penalized are fewer and you’re less likely to take a job. Could also take a partime job or business that gives you a few more SS quarters. Think it’s about $7k a year earned income to make the 4 quarter credits.

    Simplified math: Assuming 70% At 62, 100% at 67, 124% at 70. $10,000 per year.

    Age 70 totals: $56,000. $30,000. Zero dollars.

    Age 80 totals: $126,000. $130,000. $124,000.

    Age 90 totals: $196,000. $230,000. $248,000.

    Age 100 totals: $266,000. $330,000. $372,000.

    [–] Question about age of consent in Oregon rankinfile 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Hypothetically you don’t have to worry if it is hypothetical. Just put it off until another hypothetical birthday.

    Is your question about two 17 year olds that are already sexually active? I know California has similar law and the courts tend to be lenient, but 18 year olds can be convicted of sex with a minor close in age and sometimes are.

    [–] My mom was murdered last night and I need help rankinfile 5 points ago in legaladvice

    Not sure and not a lawyer. Any co-signers would almost certainly still owe the debt.

    This is why you get local professional advice on the whole picture. If the estate has more debt than it’s worth it may be best to walk away. You don't want to spend insurance money on a mortgage if you’re going to lose the house anyway, for example. You could actually lose that money and acquire debt if you dont do it right. On other hand if the estate doesnt pay the mortgage it could lose the house.

    You don’t even need to claim her body. The State will step in and handle disposition of remains. Usually cremation and you can collect ashes later. (Mom would understand if you had to do this. I have had poor relatives faced with going bankrupt over a simple funeral.). The state will also have a process to handle the estate if no one steps foreward.

    It just came to mind that you should ask the DA if there are any victim assistance/compensation programs available, and if restitution can be asked for in sentencing of her killer. Don't forget to ask about counseling/therapy, legal, burial costs, etc.