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    [–] The Church of Satan sends its condolences over Notre Dame. rans_2001 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    We shouldn't use the Old Testament for Commandments since Christ just pulled the good ol' bait and switch with the Law of Moses, but the lessons from the stories in the Old Testament apply.

    I'm not a catholic (like i said above) and I agree with evolution and just scientific beliefs in general, but I also believe in creationism (long story short, basically science is part of God's power, he didn't just snap his fingers and everything appeared).

    The main problem with the Old Testament is how it came about, say for example with the New Testament, everything in there is pretty much first-hand accounts of everything being told. Or for me, the Book of Mormon is also the same thing, it's a collection of records passed down between various individuals (Prophets, royalty, children etc.) and is also a first or second hand account of everything happening. However, with the Old Testament, it's not first-hand accounts, a lot of it is "stories" passed on to people over time. So for example with the flood, it could have very well happened, but maybe it didn't actually flood the whole earth, but just a large area, and maybe Noah didn't take 2 (well technically like 3 or 4) of each animal, but rather just as many animals as he could collect. Over time these stories could have just been altered through each person. Which is also why there are so many unbelievable things in the Old Testament compared to the New Testament / Book of Mormon, the most unbelievable thing in the Book of Mormon would be like the 3 days of darkness, and in the New Testament it would be all the miracles Christ performed, whereas in the Old Testament, there was a guy who lost his super-human strength because he cut his hair, Moses split a massive body of water, someone turned into a pile of Salt etc.

    (fyi, it was Moses and the Israelites, not Joseph, Joseph was the one where his brothers sold him as a slave and he became the second-hand to Pharaoh) I don't think we can 100% write off stuff like that, because with science, nothing is definite. Either way though, like I said, maybe it did happen, just not exactly how it's told.

    In the end though, yeah no one should be following the commandments in the Old Testament over the New Testament. Like right now I'm reading through the Bible again, and I forgot how weird the Old Testament was, like I'm near the end of Exodus, and aside from the "good stories", it's basically just a whole bunch of incest, rape, murder for dumb things, incest rape, did I mention incest?

    [–] The Church of Satan sends its condolences over Notre Dame. rans_2001 2 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    I am LDS, and I can confirm that the majority of Christians do not refuse to acknowledge the Old Testament. They love to reference things in it for excuses to freely hate on groups of people, everywhere from the LGBTQ+ community, non-white races, other religions (especially mine lol). Not to mention, all the big bible stories are in the Old Testament (Joseph in Egypt, Moses, Jonah, Abraham, Daniel in the Lion's Den, David and Goliath, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego etc.).

    [–] Do We Have a Siege Mentality? rans_2001 8 points ago in latterdaysaints

    I think it depends on the situation. In my city, one of the high schools has this hallway which is infamous for literally like no one in the school wants to go there (even most of the members) because it has all the super judgemental, stuck up, "normie" members who hang out there, and no one else wants to go there because of them. This isn't just a isolated thing either, this type of stuff is infamous all over the city. On the flip side though, I have personally been attacked (not physically or anything) strictly because I'm a members, I've been called names, I've been told I abuse LGBTQ+ people (which they said still applies when I mentioned I have 3 LGBTQ+ siblings), I've been told how awful of a person I am because I'm in a murder and sex cult, I could go on and on about the stuff I've heard. I don't blame a lot of members for having a siege mentality, especially considering our history too. On the other hand, I don't blame outsiders seeing all the crappy people in the church and especially those who have been hurt by the church.

    [–] I get so depressed when I read articles/posts that are critical of the church/members rans_2001 2 points ago in latterdaysaints

    I mean it's less about personal discipline and more with stopping unintentional habits. Since I stopped using social media on my phone, I noticed I constantly had an urge to just scroll through any social media for no reason. It's a great opportunity to replace that urge with anything else like reading an e-book, reading scriptures, or maybe even talks too.

    [–] I get so depressed when I read articles/posts that are critical of the church/members rans_2001 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in latterdaysaints

    I've spent (and I haven't stopped) like a solid 150-ish hours over the last few months being able to refute pretty much any argument I come across. Even after all of that, it doesn't change much. It is a great help for me not being phased by what other people say, but no one else wants to change their mind no matter what you say. I can write a 10 page essay refuting each argument they say about something like say Polygamy, and guess what, they do not care. They still brush it all off and talk about how I'm just in denial and I'm brainwashed etc. Arguments don't amount to anything. If you do come across arguments that you have a hard time responding to, dm me, it's like a hobby for me to research stuff like this.

    Edit: If you want to check out some of the resources I've used, I'll list them below.

    LDS Truth Claims "lecture" series:

    Jim Bennett's reply to the CES Letter:

    I haven't used this one too much yet since it's sort of new, but it's seems good so far:

    Kwaku El, on of the hosts of Saints Unscripted :

    Jim Bennett's Blog:

    Honestly just anything with Jim Bennett, he's great. Except I would give a warning if you listen to his 7 episode series of podcasts he was on with Bill Reel (Bill is a vocal ex-mormon, he's better than most of them, but still) I listened to all 7 parts (a total of like 15ish hours) and it was pretty rough, especially near the end. After listening to the final episode, I was pretty depressed for the next day or two. So I would warn against that, as it gets pretty heavy.

    [–] Just picked these 4 signs up from the middle of an intersection in town, all ran over. So many people showing how pathetic they are in this election. rans_2001 8 points ago in alberta

    As someone voting Alberta Party, for me, it's not a matter of them winning, because they aren't. I'm voting to hopefully set a precedent. In my riding, there's a good chance we are going to have an NDP MLA again, and if we can get the Alberta Party candidate to second place, it is really going to show how much we do not want the UCP here. If enough people vote AP this election, it could potentially establish them as a more legitimate contender next election.

    [–] Devastated. rans_2001 2 points ago in latterdaysaints

    A service mission is a full-time mission. Heavenly Father knows where he needs you to serve. In general, I have never heard a missionary hate their mission after finishing it, even if they did not want to go where they were called. You should listen to this episode of the "Latter-Day Saint Mission Cast", it is about a girl who put her papers in, got her call to Japan and was super excited to go and all. Nearer to her mission she was diagnosed with cancer, and after different stages of treatment, she had an option to wait another year to serve a "full-time mission", or work in the center where you are a missionary on ( back then). I'll leave out the details of what happened, but she ended up being able to get someone baptized.

    I'm not saying you will have the same experience as her, but you going on a service mission is what God needs you to do.

    [–] UCP candidate Tom Olsen did not attend debate in his riding (Calgary-Buffalo) at Kerby Centre. Is instead represented by silk plant. rans_2001 1 points ago in alberta

    Vote for one of the parties besides UCP and NDP, imo the Alberta Party is great and has a lot refreshing ideas and is great for people more in the middle. Green party is also really great. I'd say the Liberal party would be a decent option if you wanted to vote for a party similar to the NDP that isn't the NDP.

    [–] I NEED Friends rans_2001 1 points ago in homeschool

    I'm 18 years old, and sorta had the same problem as you, for the longest time I went to homeschool PE type things at the YMCA, where I was able to make friends. Overtime though, those friends started going to public school or moved, so I eventually stopped being friends. For a good 3-4 years the only friends I had were from church, which was fine and all, but I couldn't hang out with them a lot since they were in school. When I was about 13, I decided to get into Magic: The Gathering. I did that for a couple years, and I was able to make a play group of about 6ish friends until I got a job which kinda caused me to not be able to go every week. I'm still friends with a couple of those group members. About a year and a half ago, I built a computer and got into playing video games, one of my coworker friends did the same, and one of my old homeschooling friends already had a computer, and since then we play video games all the time, and I have met so many friends who have come and gone through video games. Basically the best advice I can give is to find a hobby to do, there is usually a community of people with any sort of hobby. Try getting into mountain biking, art, film making, table top gaming, video games etc. I mean even if you only have a laptop, and don't have money to build or buy a good computer, there are lots of video games you can play on basically anything. You can literally just download the app Discord on your computer, find a game you can play on your computer, and search for a "server" of people that play that game and make friends super easily that way.

    [–] campaign sign stolen, again. rans_2001 4 points ago in Lethbridge

    I mean there was that funny video from the 2016 election of that guy who booby-trapped his Trump sign, it's not a bad idea.

    [–] So... so much for coffee? Guess I’ll have to stick to the tried and true. rans_2001 6 points ago in latterdaysaints

    They totally could announce a change tomorrow, the ministering announcement was on a Sunday session

    [–] Lethbridge police investigating after body found in Galt Gardens - Lethbridge | rans_2001 3 points ago in Lethbridge

    Oh snap, I wonder if I passed by it while biking to work around 4:15, there definitely wasn't any police or anything there yet.

    [–] I'm curious - what do real Mormons think of the musical The Book of Mormon? rans_2001 1 points ago in latterdaysaints

    I haven't watched it, but I want to. I probably wouldn't like it too much tho, since I just don't like musicals in general.

    [–] Sincere question. rans_2001 3 points ago in latterdaysaints

    I don't think there is an official definition, however I define it as the basic (unchanging?) beliefs listed here. Like I believe that our beliefs on those doctrinal topics won't change. For example, I don't believe that our understanding will change from our current understanding unless there is revelation. I believe that our belief in priesthood will be unchanging, but I think that it isn't impossible that who is allowed to hold priesthood keys and authority can change etc. I just think that doctrine is something that we believe that is at the base level, unchanging.

    [–] Struggling rans_2001 1 points ago in latterdaysaints

    I keep forgetting to listen to it, I'll probably get annoyed by it, but it's better to say I listened to it rather than not.

    [–] POLL: 100 percent of Albertans believe province will be ruined if those assholes win the election rans_2001 1 points ago in alberta

    I'm not too sure, I'm just pretty confident NDP will win in my riding since there are way more NDP signs (yes, I know, signs aren't really the best showing of the chance of a party getting in), and most people I have talked to are just voting for whoever has the best chance of beating the UCP candidate. It also doesn't help that the UCP candidate hasn't shown up to any of the forums we have had so far.

    [–] POLL: 100 percent of Albertans believe province will be ruined if those assholes win the election rans_2001 3 points ago in alberta

    Oh totally, a big problem with them is that people don't know who or what they are. Their rebranding over the last few years has turned them into exactly what Alberta needs, people vote NDP because they don't want to vote UCP, and people vote UCP because they don't want to vote NDP, whereas they don't realize there's a party that's not too conservative and not too liberal.

    If the Alberta Party can at least get second place is a decent chunk of ridings, it can really establish them as a legitimate party.

    [–] POLL: 100 percent of Albertans believe province will be ruined if those assholes win the election rans_2001 11 points ago in alberta

    I took the CBC compass and that put me more in line with the Alberta Party but it feels like a wasted vote and I just don’t know much about them. I still have about two weeks so maybe I need to dig into their proposed policies a little more

    You can check out their platform statements here I'm voting for them because they have really great platform statements and are a breath of fresh air with stuff like their Digital ID plan, or Film in Alberta plan. The only thing is that there's no way they are getting in, but one reason I am voting for them over NDP, is because I'm pretty confident the NDP will be getting in at least in my riding, and I want the Alberta Party to get in second place (and they seem like they have a decent chance to), just as a final "suck it" to the UCP.

    [–] Struggling rans_2001 2 points ago in latterdaysaints

    Yeah, like you can say you don't believe the 3 witnesses because of it being spiritual. That however can't explain how none of them ever denied their testimonies of the BoM even while leaving the church (Oliver Cowdrey, Martin Harrid) or how none of the other 8 witnesses denied their testimonies, even the one Whitmer boy who went full on anti-mormon. While none of this evidence strictly proves the truthfulness of the gospel, it gives sufficient evidence to make it probable.

    [–] I converted a few years ago then quit after a year or two. I am now considering going back and am afraid it is for the wrong reasons. rans_2001 4 points ago in latterdaysaints

    Diet coke is fine, although the WoW does talk about just trying to be healthy in general, but that's not specified or enforced. Video Games don't really matter, that's moreso for teenagers, and just like anything else, play them in moderation. Like I play "violent" video games (Quake, Dark Souls 3, Rainbow Six: Siege etc.), but they don't really affect me any differently than anything else