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    [–] If given the opportunity to have a one on one meeting with a member of the First Presidency or Quorum of the 12 to ask one question; what would you ask? rans_2001 3 points ago in latterdaysaints

    I honestly have no idea what I'd ask them, there's so much I would want to talk to them about. Like I'd love to just have the opportunity to sit down with any of them for a day and just be able to talk to them one on one about anything. If I really had to narrow it down to one question, I would want to ask them what regrets they have had in their life, both church related and non-church related.

    [–] Nikita, I just want to tell you, we all love you! rans_2001 2 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    My performance is way better now, I have no crashing, no stuttering, good fps, no desyncs. It depends on the computer and server, it's generally less of a problem with the devs.

    [–] Let's all agree that we actually have no idea how to fix things and quit speculating on how to fix it, claiming it would be easy to do so. rans_2001 1 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    Yeah, the only time I complain that something shouldn't be so bad I a game is badly designed assets since I know how they are made. I can't comment on netcode related stuff, economy stuff etc.

    [–] Is EFT worth it? rans_2001 1 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    I've played the game for about over a year on like a mid-low end pc. When I bought the game it ran like pure trash, and I was garbage at FPS games. A year and a half, and 700 hours of rainbow six: siege later, I can definetly say it's worth it. It's a bit confusing at the start, and even I still don't get a lot of the game, but it is an insanely fun game especially with friends.

    [–] Nikita, I just want to tell you, we all love you! rans_2001 9 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    I've been playing this game on and off for like a year and a half, every time I start playing again, the game is in better shape than it used to be, I just started playing it again after a break of like 2 months, is way better now. If you only focus on the negative, you can't stay positive.

    [–] Men and women, what's an advantage about being your gender that you're willing to admit? rans_2001 5 points ago in AskReddit

    And also we are the only ones ever to be asked to do anything physical. It's like, yeah I can pick up that like 10 kg box, but so can literally everyone else in the room, you don't need a "big strong man" to lift it.

    [–] [Serious] People who previously went missing, what is your story? rans_2001 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Maybe, I'm not sure, this was like over a decade ago so I may have been longer.

    [–] Division between YW classes rans_2001 4 points ago in latterdaysaints

    Not until they graduate, I'm 18 and I would love to start going to Elder's quorum and adult Sunday School, but I can't until I graduate (and get the Melchizedek priesthood).

    [–] People that have actually won a giveaway from YouTube, what is your story? rans_2001 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Naw, it's a joke because since the game came out the ranked gamemode has always said it's in beta for some dumb reason

    [–] [Serious] People who previously went missing, what is your story? rans_2001 44 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah, it's no joke, my sister and I were playing around a long time ago when we were kids, for some reason I climbed into the washing machine, and she closed the door/latch and laughed at me and ran out for like 5 seconds and came back and let me out. In that like 5-10 seconds I was in there I started suffocating so quick, it was spooky.

    [–] People that have actually won a giveaway from YouTube, what is your story? rans_2001 19 points ago in AskReddit

    You should message Ubisoft about this, because tbh even though they suck at maintaining their game, the have really great customer service.

    [–] Endgame-watchers of reddit, how does it feel to be able to look at social media without fear of spoilers? rans_2001 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Me and my friend are waiting until our other friend has seen it to discuss it. Except we did tell him that fortnite is in the movie, as well as Hulk dabbing.

    [–] Hymnspiration rans_2001 6 points ago in latterdaysaints

    literally just the last two verses of 284 - If you could hie to Kolob

    [–] I'm working on a Lego Starwars short film rans_2001 53 points ago in blender

    You could probably reduce the amount of vertices if you made a height map and a normal map instead of making a bunch of individual studs.

    [–] Shitty weather megathread rans_2001 1 points ago in alberta

    Dangit, I want to check how bad, but I'm kinda comfy while watching netflix, guess I'll wait to see until tomorrow when it's half melted.