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    [–] No wonder why we can find weird things in video games. raynehk14 84 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    it's lack of foresight and deadlines, but not lazy programming. You reuse whatever codes you can in virtually any programs not just games cause it's just not cost efficient

    [–] Microsoft is being so wholesome lately. raynehk14 739 points ago in gaming

    If the market rewards companies for being kind, it will become the norm and it doesn't matter what their ulterior motive is, as long as their actions align with their words

    [–] Genuinely So Impressed By James Doing The Magic Trick! raynehk14 2 points ago in weeklyplanetpodcast

    Thank you kind person! I indeed do not remember this at all but I might replay it someday so thank you anyways!

    [–] Genuinely So Impressed By James Doing The Magic Trick! raynehk14 2 points ago in weeklyplanetpodcast

    I think he just let go of the floppy disk and removed the dropping disk in post.

    [–] Fall Guys sold 2 million on steam in a week. raynehk14 2 points ago in Games

    but on the other hand, some games would be horrible finals cause of how unfair or RNG based they are, and if you place the finals first then you run out of good final options

    [–] White House condemns China for delaying Hong Kong elections despite Trump suggesting same for US raynehk14 8 points ago in worldnews

    Two things can be wrong at the same time. The most important thing is to have a consistent stance yourself, and don't let your own disagreement with politicians sway your support or opposing on important topics just cause "the people you don't like is supporting this, so this must be wrong"

    [–] Back to the Future Trilogy 4K Blu-ray: Includes exclusive levitating Hoverboard replica. raynehk14 1 points ago in movies

    It looks ok when you move it but when it's just sitting on a shelf it looks horrible. Might as well just glue it to the plexiglass

    [–] Looking through old threads and came across this prophet correctly predicting the name of the sequel raynehk14 1 points ago in horizon

    I found this thread cause I just started playing Enslaved: Odyssey to the west and was looking up if people found it very similar to HZD

    [–] How to get cancelled in 2020 raynehk14 4 points ago in videos

    there are plenty of offensive stereotypes about Japanese but wearing a kimono/yukata isn't one of them

    [–] [eShop / USA] Summer Sales: Capcom, Activision Blizzard, WB Games, Team 17, GameMill. Ends by 7/31 (50% off and higher) raynehk14 4 points ago in GameDeals

    Yes, and personally i like rev2 more cause of the narrative structure and the story was pretty decent (until it gets classic RE cheesy towards the end) and while some has issues with the partner AI, i personally dont find it bad and if you have a friend/younger sibling to play with it's a lot of fun

    [–] How to go From FOM to Jail in 5 hours raynehk14 12 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    I value good communication skills more than technical know hows in my colleagues tbh

    [–] RE4 best dog raynehk14 2 points ago in residentevil

    It's a "spin-off spiritual successor" to clock tower

    [–] RE4 best dog raynehk14 2 points ago in residentevil

    You actually can have that dog (or at least a dog with the same character model) as your AI partner in another Capcom horror game, Haunting Ground

    [–] Actors and their stuntmen raynehk14 1 points ago in pics

    That's the problem with celebrity culture, a lot of people don't understand the difference and often confuse an actor's public persona and think "this person entertains me therefore they must be a likable good person irl"

    [–] 10/10 Game Reviews: the truth - Alanah Pearce (Ex- IGN Employee) raynehk14 17 points ago in Games

    Word of mouth worth way more than the arbitrary review score. I don't even know what score fo76 got but the facts about the game's flaws and people's negative experience stuck with me.

    [–] For those who have asked for the entire 1984 VHS ‘Han shot first’ portion raynehk14 1 points ago in StarWars

    I firmly believe this is why a lot of people felt "well the original star wars was nothing special" cause they only ever watched the (ironically) specialized version

    [–] As a kid I never imagined that in 2020 I'd end every conversation with "Stay safe"... raynehk14 1 points ago in self

    2019 was the year of civil unrest for a lot of places in the world, the US is just late to join the party