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    [–] You have to make the greatest prog rock band of all time, who do you choose for each instrument? rayway27 1 points ago in progrockmusic

    Keyboard - Wakeman Vocals - Gabriel Lyrics - Peter Hamill Drums - Bruford Guitar - Frippster Bass - Robert Webb of England

    [–] Naughty Prog Songs? rayway27 2 points ago in progrockmusic

    It's great, my favorite song on islands.

    [–] Best prog bands that nobody has heard of? rayway27 6 points ago in progrockmusic

    England! The Garden Shed is amazing and on par with Genesis/Yes IMO. Also the imperial hotel.

    [–] England - The Imperial Hotel : One of prog's most underrated pieces rayway27 2 points ago in progrockmusic

    I’m in the same boat as you! However I can’t find the lyrics anywhere!! Does anyone know where I can find them?

    [–] King Crimson - Islands [Progressive Rock / Jazz] rayway27 0 points ago in Music

    I think this one is better than larks tongues. Ladies of the road and letters are so good

    [–] Other than Pink Floyd, who's your favorite artist? rayway27 2 points ago in pinkfloyd

    I agree, listening to prince rupert awakes now

    [–] Any young people here? rayway27 2 points ago in pinkfloyd

    in the unique position of getting to live out your entire adulthood with this awesome point of musical reference to ret

    No love for AMLOR and Division Bell? (And Endless River)

    [–] What line, stanza, or verse is most meaningful to you? rayway27 1 points ago in pinkfloyd

    Envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned

    [–] Thoughts on Meddle? rayway27 4 points ago in pinkfloyd

    I disagree strongly

    [–] Thoughts on Meddle? rayway27 8 points ago in pinkfloyd

    Wish embryo was on it