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    [–] I reckon this belongs here realchildofhell 10 points ago in adventuretime

    I remember somebody here linked a tabletop rule set a while ago. Just dug out the google docs link

    [–] 30 year olds of Reddit, what's something you regret about your twenties? realchildofhell 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I was also a pm for a few years and walked out when another pm threatened to stab me during a meeting for talking over him. Fucking pm bullshit man.

    [–] Florida Man realchildofhell 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Bullet Sticks in Florida Man's Testicle After Wife Shot Him.

    [–] What is something you did that increased your quality of life so much that you wished you would have done it much sooner because it changed your life forever? realchildofhell 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Taking my damn vitamins. I have been plagued by canker sores my whole life and I had cut out most sugar and salt from my diet because those were triggering them, but I kept getting them from accidentally biting myself or stress. I asked doctors and dentists and they never knew what to tell me. I was doing some research last month about what the hell causes them and someone mentioned it might be a symptom of B12 deficiency. I started taking a multivitamin every day and BAM NO MORE FUCKING CANKER SORES. I can drink root beer and eat chips and have birthday cake and not suffer weeks of pain for it. I'm finally free. I'm going to Disney world for my 30th birthday/honeymoon and going to have the best cake of my life. Take your fucking vitamins.

    [–] I just read “The Sirens of Titan” by Kurt Vonnegut. realchildofhell 2 points ago in books

    I just finished Sirens of Titan last week! Vonnegut really is one of the best.

    [–] Let's talk about the difficulty realchildofhell 2 points ago in wargroove

    A well earned victory! On to naval battles!

    [–] Let's talk about the difficulty realchildofhell 2 points ago in wargroove

    I finally beat it. The strategy of having Caesar out in front and then pulling him back to heal worked. You have to closely monitor the attack range of everything and try to stay just beyond it. If you can get to the third village with 3 pikemen, both alchemists, and your archer still alive then it's doable, but you absolutely have to stay bunched up with Caesar in front. Once you capture the third village you get another alchemist, so split the party and send two alchemists and a pikeman out to the fourth village on the edge of the map. You get a knight for capturing it which makes running down archers a lot easier. But yeah, it's a slog. I don't know how you could possibly get S rank on it since you have to crawl through the whole thing.

    [–] Let's talk about the difficulty realchildofhell 1 points ago in wargroove

    I just played it again for 2 hours and lost on turn 58 because I made one mistake and Caesar got caught out of position in range of an archer, a mage, and a knight. I had a full war party and couldn't do shit about it. This game man.

    [–] Let's talk about the difficulty realchildofhell 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in wargroove

    I got so so close with a squad on the last village before the barracks and a damn archer got my alchemist and everything unraveled on turn 55. My general strategy is to lead with Caesar since he can absorb more damage while I position everyone else. Try to save your pikemen for knights, leave the archer and alchemists hidden in around the perimeter until you have some money for at least two heals, and don't let Caesar's health dip below 3 without pulling him back. The issue is surviving the initial waves with enough units so you can make money. They just barrage you with knights and archers, it's insane.

    [–] Is this a hint?? realchildofhell 23 points ago in adventuretime

    Lawful Evil.

    [–] Compared to everyone else your age, what life skill are you probably in the bottom 10% of? realchildofhell 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Skating of any kind. I have been trying my whole life and at 29 I still fall the fuck down like a newborn giraffe every time.

    [–] KORG VOLCA MODULAR!!!!!! realchildofhell 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in synthesizers


    [–] What’s a very common thing that you just cannot relate to? realchildofhell 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in AskReddit

    Your husband needs to learn self control because that is inconsiderate as fuck.

    edit: so you people downvoting me, you think it's okay to just eat all of something and leave nothing left for your partner especially when you know it's something they like?

    [–] Which Books Do You Consider A Perfect 10/10? realchildofhell 1 points ago in books

    I love the surreal imagery of the magician and his demon cohorts, the open critique of soviet literary society, and the meta-narrative of the Pontius Pilate arc. The whole book is just well constructed and it hits all the marks that I look for in fiction. The historical context is really interesting, especially since the book was written in secret by Stalin's favorite playwright and wasn't published until decades after his death. Maybe it's just not your type of book.

    [–] Stardew Valley creator puts his new game on hold to make more Stardew Valley realchildofhell 19 points ago in pcgaming

    It's a slice of life, farm-sim RPG with some classic top-down Zelda dungeon crawling mixed in. You can romance certain characters, arrange your farm however you like, and go explore the areas around town. The music is also wonderful. If you want a relaxing game with tons of replay value then give Stardew Valley a try.

    [–] What was the worst live performance you've ever seen? realchildofhell 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Flock of Seagulls at the Georgia State Fair. The state fair itself is a sad conglomeration of those mall parking lot carnivals run by methheads, but good god the show was somehow even worse. The stage lost power like 3 times with a longer turn around each time. The sound guy kept wandering off so they'd be frantically gesturing to an unmanned mixer while a microphone just continued to feedback. The bassist was super into it and would get like 5 people in the front row to start clapping in beat while the singer just side-eyed him. What a shitshow.

    [–] Which Books Do You Consider A Perfect 10/10? realchildofhell 2 points ago in books

    I have to stop myself from buying so many copies whenever I found another cover. My tattoo is from #8 on this list.