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    [–] Decent realchildofhell 14 points ago in reddeadredemption

    The Big Dirty

    [–] Very Distant Lands, Part 9 (4/4): "As an Everlasting Dream" realchildofhell 1 points ago in u_magusmirificus

    Excellent! Couldn't have said it better. Thanks for all your thoughts, it's been a real treat to read. Ooo will live on in the hearts of everyone inspired by it. Happy Birthday!

    [–] "Very Distant Lands" part 9 will be up later today. realchildofhell 1 points ago in adventuretime

    Looking forward to it! I've been listening to Lake's original Christmas Island song basically on repeat since it all ended. Thanks for your thoughts friend.

    [–] What was the funkiest house or apartment you lived in at some point, and what were some of it's strangest or most memorable features? realchildofhell 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I lived in a big old haunted house on the south side of Atlanta for 3 years. That place should've been condemned. It had a rickety wrap-around porch, leaks galore when it rained, and lots of critters under the house and in the walls. The bathroom had this outrageous clawfoot tub and a chain-pull toilet. There was a ghost that would slam the front door pretty frequently and whistle a jaunty tune. One day this family knocked on the door and said their grandfather used to live there and even died in the house. They just wanted to take come clippings from the old garden and visit the old place before they moved. I asked if he ever slammed the door and whistled on his way out and they said he did every day. Thanks for letting me crash at your pad, Grandpa Joe.

    [–] Shirt Club Live realchildofhell 4 points ago in venturebros

    If you normally wear a large but sometimes those run a bit short, then I would definitely do XL for shirt club. I usually wear M everything but my Venture shirts routinely try to ride up.

    [–] Shirt Club Live realchildofhell 4 points ago in venturebros

    In my experience these are kind of slim fit. I would size up from what you normally wear if you don't want it to hug you too much.

    [–] What's the city like lately? realchildofhell 1 points ago in Atlanta

    I understand that and the current market increases have a lot to do with the incredibly high demand and relatively limited supply for in town neighborhoods. It's still just crazy to me that houses in Candler Park are now similarly priced to ones in Seattle. Things are still pretty affordable once you get outside the city, though. But Christ, MARTA is better? I have never heard anyone say that but I don't know anybody from Boston.

    [–] What's the city like lately? realchildofhell 1 points ago in Atlanta

    It's a give and take. A lot of seedier parts of town have been developed into nicer areas in the last decade but everything in general is way more expensive. There's tons of stuff to do on any given night and the food is incredible, but the music scene is more splintered (but way busier) and it's tough to find a community to participate in especially if you're used to Athens. The DIY spaces are still around and there's even a new one called The Bakery that took over an old burner space, but a fire forced the closing of Mammal Gallery, Eyedrum, Murmur, and Broad Street Visitors Center. I believe they all still exist as organizations operating out of other venues, but haven't found new permanent homes. MARTA is still dreadful with no promising developments on the horizon. The weekend is absolutely bonkers. I've been here my whole life and now that I'm closing in on 30 I'm not so sure I want to stay but don't really have anywhere else to go. Atlanta seems determined to become LA lite and there's a lot of opportunities but I'm iffy on raising kids here. Housing is outrageous so good luck finding anywhere to live in a desirable part of town if you're on a budget. Also don't listen to people who say you can get by without a car. They are unicorns. Everyone still drives.

    [–] (NSFW) What are your Dragoncon hookup stories? realchildofhell 6 points ago in dragoncon

    I've just been calling her that leading up to the wedding and have heard her tell this story verbatim. 1000% sure we know each other.

    [–] Smoker for 20 years. 2 weeks quit. Jogged 1/2 mile today without stopping. realchildofhell 2 points ago in stopsmoking

    It totally sucks. I got a little overzealous when I started back and ended up blowing my knee out. If your joints have a hard time running, swimming is really great for building lung strength and it's low impact so much easier on your legs.

    [–] Smoker for 20 years. 2 weeks quit. Jogged 1/2 mile today without stopping. realchildofhell 6 points ago in stopsmoking

    Make sure to take rest days! If you haven't been exercising for a while you're gonna need to condition your muscles before you can run for distance consistently. You can really hurt yourself overreaching and set yourself back. Shoot for cardio 3 times a week and take weekends off in the early going. Good luck!