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    [–] Australian government supporting international criminals reamde 3 points ago in AustralianPolitics

    hmm no mention of Australia in the article. No link for the article. Racist username. Fail photo links.

    [–] Barnaby Joyce Resigns reamde 0 points ago in australia

    Anyone want to put money on a Tony & Barnaby anti-Malcolm shitposting duo?

    [–] Reddit’s The_Donald Was One Of The Biggest Havens For Russian Propaganda During 2016 Election, Analysis Finds reamde 3 points ago in technology

    I was banned for calling them insane. They were suggesting that the Podesta brothers were bathing in the blood of children to stay young...

    [–] She deserves her own comic reamde 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Has anyone mentioned Cloak yet?

    [–] FISA Memo Full Text reamde 34 points ago in conspiracy

    My thoughts exactly. Why did certain Dems and others raise such a fuss about this memo?

    Because it was a document that was classified as top secret, and it was declassified for political purposes. That's not ok.

    [–] A large chunk of Podesta's email went missing right around Madeline McCann's disapperance. Just saying. reamde 6 points ago in The_Donald

    They're two sketches of one witness police were looking for. It's two composite sketches of how witnesses described the same person.

    Police have issued two efits that they believe are descriptions of the same man, who is now being sought as a priority by the British detectives leading the new McCann inquiry.

    Fuck me, this sub is full of so much bullshit. You're ruining lives with this conspiracy shit, and none of you give a fuck.

    same source: [The depicted individual] was described by the witnesses as white, aged between 20 and 40, with short brown hair, of medium build, medium height and clean shaven

    John Podesta was what... 58? and Tony Podesta was 64. Yeah, they really fit the description of a male aged between 20 and 40.

    [–] [NO SPOILERS] Just thought this poster from S3 was cool reamde 5 points ago in gameofthrones

    I have one on my wall too. Got it as a gift :) Some friends picked it up when they were in India. I don't think it's an original...

    [–] Google defining the "National Socialist Workers Party" as far-right wing. IT HAS SOCIALIST IN THE DAMN NAME!!! reamde 2 points ago in The_Donald

    Occupied France was safer than it is today.

    Seriously? 70k + people were deported and killed in concentration camps.

    Your entire post is a Nazi apologist piece. Surely you're better than this.

    [–] Had to get my blood drawn today. This was on the wall at the lab. reamde 9 points ago in funny

    Syringes and butterflies generally use the same gauge needle. Just a different collection apparatus attached to it.

    [–] Last year a "white" driver ran over a bunch of people deliberately. Multiple witnesses confirmed he was shouting "Allah Akbar" and in court he spouted off about the Quran. That terrorist attack too was blamed on drugs and mental illness. WAKE UP, AUSTRALIA! Or you'll end up like Rotherham. reamde 0 points ago in The_Donald

    His defence plea of not guilty due to mental illness is now rigorously examined by medical professionals. Both prosecution and defence expert medical examiners must agree on mental impairment for the plea to be accepted.

    I'm not sure where you got your narrative that people are claiming that the driver was white, and no one is denying that the driver yelled "Allah Akbah." None of this precludes him from being mentally ill.

    [–] A user shares some art in r/art: It doesn't go well reamde 2 points ago in SubredditDrama

    I hate this post modernist take on memes nowadays. It's like look how profound I am I made them all dickbuts, but all I see is people ripping off artist who were more groundbreaking than they were 600 years ago. Art is not about copying someone who is already good. It is about creating something completely new and thought provoking but now all we get is what if this Keanu or what ever was sitting or some shit. Or you get a fucking giant Jackdaw on a canvas. Its like anyone can do this shit. And dont give me that shit any one can do iy but they ahvent yet, there needs to be discipline behind the expression otherwise it is meaningles.