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    [–] Australia, please explain... reamde 9 points ago in australia

    On-site hospital blood collection services are often seen as a periphery hospital function. Pathology collectors do the ward rounds, and the central lab is often in a central location. However, the pathology rooms often service patients from off-site, and they don't need the premium space. Hence the basement :)

    [–] London bombing - “Wrong to Speculate” - How is the MSM going to spin this attack? reamde 2 points ago in The_Donald

    a lawyer who defended the 9/11 terrorists

    Everyone's entitled to a fair legal defense, aren't they? How can you hold that against a lawyer?

    [–] NC mom invents a spray she says will attract any Bigfoot within a mile and a half reamde 22 points ago in nottheonion

    Yeah. I mean, like, he seems to be walking on two feet. Wouldn't that make him Bigfeet at the very least?

    [–] Absolute nightmare in England as settled refugees begin to protest for the implementation of Sharia law. reamde 5 points ago in The_Donald

    this video proves it

    The video's fake. if you're using it as your proof, you might want to look elsewhere. it's from last October and is a celebration of Mourning of Muharram. It's not even of a protest.

    [–] Diversity & the Gift of Islam reamde 1 points ago in The_Donald

    I just don't get how someone can have faith and be called a Muslim if they're too young to understand what religion is...

    [–] Diversity & the Gift of Islam reamde 0 points ago in The_Donald

    The kid was like 3 or 4, he doesn't know what religion even is yet.

    How is he a Muslim kid, then, if he doesn't know what religion is?

    [–] Diversity & the Gift of Islam reamde -1 points ago in The_Donald

    It wasn't kid shyness, it was shame

    How do you know it wasn't just that the kid didn't want to look at some random dickhead pulling faces at them? The kid probably thought someone was picking on them for being Muslim or some shit.

    I dunno. If someone started pulling faces at me, I'd probably be embarrassed? Hmmm what's the difference in facial expressions between embarrassment and shame?

    [–] Men must carry women. reamde 8 points ago in gatekeeping

    Good bot

    [–] Men must carry women. reamde 9 points ago in gatekeeping

    Good bot

    [–] Men must carry women. reamde 341 points ago in gatekeeping

    They're being carried by a white man...

    [–] Men must carry women. reamde 525 points ago in gatekeeping

    Yeah. That tweet is on top of the Donald subreddit at the moment, and they're all for it. Thought it belonged here.

    [–] PsBattle: Airbus A400M Airlifter . . . Flares reamde 54 points ago in photoshopbattles

    I'll buy someone gold if they manage to get that pic of Obama as the background image on /r/The_Donald...

    [–] The original Success Kid picture was 10 years ago today. reamde 162 points ago in pics

    Nope. It was actually a flash back episode shown on the left. Much easier for the animator- he just had to remove the teeth.

    [–] Too Australian for Australians reamde 207 points ago in Unexpected

    Unsub from Shark Facts

    [–] MAGA Discussion: Reports Steve Bannon Leaving White House reamde 1 points ago in AskThe_Donald

    Notice your prediction what incorrect and no one deleted your first comment. Nice try at a pivot though.

    What prediction? I simply suggested that grouping those that aren't explicitly for something with those that are specifically against isn't necessarily conducive to a healthy conversation.

    I didn't think someone would delete my comment. I think you're confusing me with someone else... Relax a little bit!