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    [–] How do you plan a destination wedding? reginaldvontooshface 3 points ago in wedding

    If you're aiming for the Caribbean I have a friend that specializes in that. PM if interested

    [–] A bruschetta martini reginaldvontooshface 5 points ago in WeWantPlates

    Looks like the same thing they serve at bar Louie

    [–] You reginaldvontooshface 2 points ago in Jokes

    A man goes to a urinal and reads the graffiti on the wall "what are you looking here for, the joke is in your hand"

    [–] Estate sale find. Any idea what these would all be worth? reginaldvontooshface 3 points ago in coins

    I have one with a definite D on it and another with an S. Know how much those two could be?