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    [–] Psychology vs psychology major regrettiispaghettii 1 points ago in unsw

    They’re exactly the same, except: - B. Psych Hons does an exclusive elective (psyc1021 iirc) - the ATAR requirement - the name of the degree - if you don’t do an honours year in B. Psych Hons I’m fairly sure it gets changed to B. Sci (Psych), tho I may be wrong

    [–] Today is ... regrettiispaghettii 27 points ago in teenagers

    Omg we have the same birthday :0 We’re birthday buddies

    [–] Friends regrettiispaghettii 4 points ago in unsw

    Lol how did that turn out?

    [–] Friends regrettiispaghettii 4 points ago in unsw

    Hey, I’m pretty much in the same situation as you haha. Down to hang out if you want :)

    [–] I’d rather end my life than try and find a job, everyone thinks I’m lazy but I’m scared to death of even trying regrettiispaghettii 6 points ago in socialanxiety

    Oof I know how you feel my dude, I’m 18 and struggling to find a job, literally just messed up my trial shift because of my anxiety. But I want you to know that life is still worth living, and you’ll find something eventually. Please don’t hurt yourself over this, life is full of so much more. Trust me, I sometimes struggle to believe this too but we just gotta keep our heads up and keep going. All the best

    [–] MATH1041 in trimesters regrettiispaghettii 2 points ago in unsw

    Yep, I took it this term and definitely recommend it, the assignment and mid-term is pretty easy and the final is alright so long as you study. It’s really not too much work so long as you keep up with lecs and tutes. Not much effort or work required to get a good mark, though I’d still recommend keeping up with the content and revising regularly.

    [–] As of today, Kofi Kingston has been WWE Champion longer than Batista was. regrettiispaghettii 3 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Damn same here, started watching late 2005ish when I was 5 and that era will always be the best to me, though a lot of it’s probably nostalgia haha.

    I’ll always remember freaking the fuck out when I saw John Cena lose for the first time lmao

    [–] PSYC1001 exam papers? regrettiispaghettii 3 points ago in unsw

    Psycsoc made a practice paper about a week ago if you haven’t done that one. Otherwise I think the only other practice Qs are the ones on moodle.

    [–] Can I take MATH1041 before MATH1031? regrettiispaghettii 4 points ago in unsw

    Idk anything about MATH1031 but I did MATH1041 this term and I’m pretty sure it’s standalone, so no need to worry

    [–] Cat trains itself everyday not to be cornered by its foe regrettiispaghettii 1 points ago in aww

    All that training and the black cat didn’t even try selling that RKO smh

    [–] Lifeguard loaf making sure I don't drown. regrettiispaghettii 32 points ago in Catloaf

    It’s 2 feet deep lady, what’re you doing here?

    [–] Term 2 Timetable Released regrettiispaghettii 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in unsw

    One of my core subject’s lectures clashes with one of my elective’s lectures. Am I gonna be allowed to take that elective? EDIT: what is the online-only lecture? Would I still be able to show up to the lectures in-person?

    [–] tfw the porch is finally the right temp regrettiispaghettii 468 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in rarepuppers

    I’m guessing you’re a fellow Aussie? Any tips for keeping a husky happy in a hot climate? I’d love to adopt one but I’d feel too bad for them in the summer :( EDIT: thanks all for your advice! Think I’ll go with another breed, wouldn’t want to put the poor doggo through our summers

    [–] Calling a girl a "cunt" is literally the equivalent of calling a guy a "dick" and should be treated as such, but our society treats is as way worse. regrettiispaghettii 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I think it’s just that “cunt” is typically seen as a lot harsher, if not the worst curse word in the English language, whereas “dick” is thrown around so commonly (hehe) that we’ve been desensitised to it, if that makes sense. I’ve typically seen cunt used for both males and females, never seen it exclusively for females before.

    [–] Which basic knowledge did you totally forget for a moment? regrettiispaghettii 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah for sure, I’ve even made the same mistake as OP sometimes. I meant that I’ve forgotten what sound the letter “v” itself makes at times, because it makes a similar sound to “f” in some situations. Guess I should’ve clarified that haha

    [–] Which basic knowledge did you totally forget for a moment? regrettiispaghettii 127 points ago in AskReddit

    Forgot how long to cook 2-minute noodles whilst asking myself out loud “How long do you cook 2-minute noodles?” Had to fish the packet out of the garbage just to find out.

    [–] Baby pan on Fenty beauty Moroccan Spice regrettiispaghettii 19 points ago in PanPorn

    Is this palette worth getting? I’ve been considering it but it’s pretty expensive, but then its soooo pretty

    [–] No take piggy. regrettiispaghettii 3 points ago in Notakeonlythrow

    Omg my labby had a toy just like that! He didn’t like it though, glad to see yours does :)