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    [–] House Homeland Security chair calls on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft to explain the spread of mosque shooting video relevantlife 3 points ago in politics

    to explain the spread of the mosque shooting video.

    Um. Well. It was livestreamed, and people clicked "share" or "retweet."

    Goddamn, these people really need to join the rest of us in the 21st century.

    [–] Four months ago today, I quit smoking cigarettes. relevantlife 2 points ago in stopsmoking

    I can breathe. No wheezing. Near constant cough is gone. I don't smell like shit. I have more money. More energy. I can actually taste and smell.

    [–] Pete Davidson was right, and he absolutely should not apologize to the Catholic Church. Anyone who still attends catholic services is complicit in worldwide child rape. Anyone who still pays tithes to the Catholic Church is helping fund cover ups and settlements for child rape. #CatholicValues relevantlife 1 points ago in atheism

    It’s no secret that the Catholic Church worked to cover up instances of child sex abuse and protected abusers over victims. It has been on the news for decades. It’s not a secret. Everyone knows.

    When things like that occur, the only way to force change is to show the organization that you no longer support their actions... aka hold them accountable.

    You don’t hold organizations accountable by continuing to donate and attend.. attending and donating indicate support.