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    [–] The Road To 1,000,000 Words Of Content - Part 2 (April) remain_unaltered 1 points ago in juststart

    If you don't use Yoast then how do you add meta description and keywords for each articles? Or they are not necessary?

    [–] [Showerthought] Rahul Gandhi, after all, might become a better PM if he delegates all important decisions to panels of experts instead of taking own decisions like Modi (like DeMo etc.) remain_unaltered 5 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in india

    That's exactly randians doing these days, promoting and appraising Rahul and MMS. From last few weeks I'm confused, are we, randians really the enlightened (which we think, we are) and aware ones with liberal thinking. Or just another bunch of gullible people. Who suddenly starts to support one leader instead of the whole party intentions as a whole, like those illiterate and literate idiots started to do with Modi!!

    I was not on Reddit 2 years ago so I don't know what was our strategy when congress was in power, were we hating Congress too, like we are hating BJP right now or we were supporting congress.

    We need to think or may be randians are now mixed with propagandist. Are you guys not aware (I know you are, but now I'm in doubt) of misery the Indian people are going through due to these two corrupt parties and their corruption. Not just these two parties, actually we all are the cause of this misery. We could have been a lot better with the man power and resources that we have. But a big number of Indians are crawling around in this country without food, basic amenities, getting killed, raped, harassed every day. Only a bunch of people are actually living the life that a human should live, we are just surviving.

    We need to go for NOTA and promote NOTA with our peers not another crooked or puppet leader. I support AAP even if they have made mistakes but at least they are doing something against all odds and obstacles.

    Edit: If you have any counter argument then give that, don't just downvote and leave.

    [–] 8 Years Gone in 50 Seconds remain_unaltered 1 points ago in BeAmazed

    I'm not the person in the gif, that I'm sure of. :|

    [–] Arizona Dust Storm remain_unaltered 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Top comment highjacking not highdriving to mention /r/IdiotsDrivingThings