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    [–] Rare lecture by Apollo 16 Astronaut Ken Mattingly retrologist 11 points ago in space

    Ken is only one of three humans to have conducted a deep space EVA.

    [–] Apollo 15 view of a crescent Earth on the way back home from the Moon in 1971 [1000x1000] retrologist 3 points ago in spaceporn

    Source images: AS15-99-13483, AS15-99-13484, AS15-99-13487, AS15-99-13488, AS15-99-13489 and AS15-99-13490

    [–] Sunset on Mars retrologist 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in space

    This is one of the images that was used to produce the colorized version.

    [–] Sunset on Mars retrologist 5 points ago in space

    The raw image has not been posted before and is more atmospheric IMHO.