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    [–] Crowd packs Cambridge Common for Women's March 2018 rhose32 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in boston

    Attitudes like this jackass thinking he and his friends are the only "real" Americans here based on absolutely no evidence or merit are why attitudes like mine exist. You go first.

    [–] Crowd packs Cambridge Common for Women's March 2018 rhose32 -1 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in boston

    Yes, keep rocking in a corner whispering that to yourself. I'm sure the liberal tears will make everything okay.

    [–] Crowd packs Cambridge Common for Women's March 2018 rhose32 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in boston

    I laughed because where the fuck do you get off claiming to be "Real America"? Your shit hole town probably belonged to Native Americans when America was formed. Boston and Cambridge were the site of the American Revolution, and continue to be drivers of the American economy and ground zero for American innovation (see MIT). Our taxes are paying for your welfare, we're representing America to the world, and young people (the next generation) are moving here.

    Oh but you probably put red, white and blue bunting on your pickup truck manufactured in Germany and watch football on your 72" TV manufactured in Japan. Well done. You're totally the real American who gets to tell other people what to think.

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    [–] What is currently known regarding the classified intelligence memo at the center of this social media #releasethememo movement? rhose32 4 points ago in NeutralPolitics

    Doesn't Trump have the ability to declassify classified documents (for example the FISA warrant and info related to it)? Is there a reason he wouldn't if the Mueller investigation was a scam?

    [–] How to deal with RP? rhose32 3 points ago in TheBluePill

    They showed us a gender neutral power and control wheel http://saveservices.or/pdf/PowerandControlWheel.pdf Girls weren't explicitly told not to be evil on their periods, but everyone was told they were responsible for managing their own feelings and being upset was no excuse to do things on the wheel.

    [–] How to deal with RP? rhose32 3 points ago in TheBluePill

    So having self esteem, managing your own emotions, and keeping a cool head is some sort of "secret harsh truth about the differences between men and women that nobody else is willing to say"? Because they taught me basic communication skills like that in grade school. I don't see why you need to get that from a group of dudes who think women are terrible.

    Regardless of what RP is to you, what it is to probably the majority of other RP users, and what is described in the sidebar is that women need to be submissive/inferior to their husbands in order for relationships to succeed.

    We actually make fun of the "I just go for the self improvement tips and can ignore the bad stuff!" attitude quite a bit here.

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    [–] How to deal with RP? rhose32 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in TheBluePill

    Those "subconscious dynamics that make men and women attracted to each other" don't work for a lot of people and a lot of relationships. That's what this entire post/thread/sub is about. As I said, don't presume to speak for me.

    [–] How to deal with RP? rhose32 5 points ago in TheBluePill

    Dude, no. You're not privy to secret truths that nobody else is privy to, you're not "saying what everyone is already thinking just in a harsher tone".

    What the OP and all the people on this thread is saying is that fundamentally WE DON'T WANT TO LIVE BY REDPILL STANDARDS BECAUSE THEY'RE HORRIFYING. AND WE DON'T HAVE TO.

    None of the women on this thread want men to ignore what they say, none of the women on this thread want their husbands to be dominant over them, and the men on this thread don't want those things either. If you got your shit together that's great, but don't presume to speak for me because you discovered working out and pulling your weight in the relationship.

    [–] How to deal with RP? rhose32 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in TheBluePill

    Dude, having a job =/= "acting like men". As another commenter pointed out, women have been actively involved in the working economy since the industrial revolution, and have been agricultural workers before that.

    Feminism is caused by women being angry about unequal treatment, whether that treatment is being denied the right vote and participate in public life, or not having access to education and vocational training, or having no resources to escape domestic violence, or being denied access to jobs and economic opportunities, or not having agency over our own bodies, or not having our ideas taken seriously. It's a perfectly rational response. "Confusion" and "disposabiliy" have nothing to do with it. Feminism is making women "act like men" only if you believe that only men can be fully actualized humans with agency over their own lives.

    [–] How to deal with RP? rhose32 14 points ago in TheBluePill

    The truth is somewhere between "women are children who need to be controlled by men" and "women are not children who need to be controlled by men"? Riiiiight. . .