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    [–] Nice guy on cosplaying girl rhose32 20 points ago in niceguys

    What a patronizing asshat

    [–] They've organized and started an advertising campaign rhose32 1 points ago in niceguys

    How am I supposed to find them if they're at home all the time?

    [–] My desires vs. the reality of my wife’s inhibitions. rhose32 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in sex

    Yay for blackmail!

    [–] what is wrong with having an abundance mindset when it comes to women? rhose32 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in exredpill

    If he comes back:

    Instead of lying to and cheating on people you're dating, can't you just . . . chill? Make some friends and hang out with/text them from time to time instead of your gf? Work out? Channel your artistic energy into a Deviant Art gallery? Volunteer somewhere? There's literally thousands of things that would keep you from over investing emotionally in a girl in the early stages of dating that don't involve mistreating your dates.

    If you define "abundance mentality" as "being able to move past a rejection or breakup" or "being able to walk away from a women who isn't good for me", then you're right, there's nothing wrong with an abundance mentality. But what abundance mentality seems to mean to you is "as soon as I start caring about a woman, I need to tear her down with lies so I feel like she has less power over me".

    You're using this warped idea of abundance mentality as crutch to avoid dealing with your own fears or being used. And no, women won't like it more than flowers because NOBODY LIKES BEING USED AND LIED TO.

    Also, there's nothing wrong with wanting to date multiple people casually rather than be in an exclusive relationship. If you're burnt out and want some time to play the field and build up your confidence that's totally fine. There are plenty of women who also want to play the field, especially if they just got out of bad LTRs and need to recover. I know a couple guys who are doing this (engineering school doesn't leave a lot of time for serious relationships), but they're being HONEST with the women their seeing.

    [–] what is wrong with having an abundance mindset when it comes to women? rhose32 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in exredpill

    If someone wants to get into an LTR and you promise to go exclusive with the full intention of dumping them latter, you are lying to them and wasting their time. If you tell someone that you're exclusive but sleep with other people behind their back, you're lying and cheating. If the reason you're lying and cheating and wasting people's time is because you're comfortable using them and don't care how they perceive you then fine, you might be able to get away with it for a while (especially if the women are naive or insecure). It sounds like you're interested in lying and cheating and wasting the time of women you like because you think it will make you more attractive to them though, and more likely to want to be in a relationship with you. It won't.

    EDIT: words

    [–] what is wrong with having an abundance mindset when it comes to women? rhose32 2 points ago in exredpill

    So lying? Wasting people's time? Thinking "a girl your really like" is going to like being cheated on and lied to more than whatever you consider "neediness" to be?

    [–] Opinions on porn? rhose32 1 points ago in sex

    It messed me up. I came across really violent rape and abuse porn at age 11, which was my first exposure to sex. Now I have intimacy issues with men (21f).

    [–] Would you be concerned if your boyfriend read RedPill, MGTOW, self-help books, etc? [24F] [26M] rhose32 58 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in relationships

    Terpers believe women are the mental equivalent of children who can't make their own decisions and need to be controlled by men. Think about the risk you're taking: even though you say you want a promotion at work, he might "know" you really don't (because biotrufs say he should be the provider) and undermine you. What if you say want to spend time with your friends and family, but he gets to decide you don't because he's the man? Or you try to tell him you're feeling neglected or upset, but he gets to decide you aren't because you're just "hampstering"? Or you say you don't want sex, but he gets to override that and have sex with you anyway because it's just a shit test and you secretly want him to assault you? (Or "be dominant" as they call it). Or that he gets to cheat on you because it proves his "value" and you secretly want it, despite saying you don't?

    Bottom line is you can't trust him, and you should be with someone trustworthy. The fact that he "treats you well" (which in this case seems to mean "not openly abusing your partner" and is THE BAREST OF MINIMUMS in a relationship, not something you get props for) doesn't change the fact that he has a view of women and relationships which is fundamentally incompatible with your own: you consider yourself to a person who deserves full agency over her own life, while he considers your agency to be unnatural and a threat.

    EDIT: words, grammar

    [–] White House paper: Corporate tax cut would boost wages | TheHill rhose32 4 points ago in neutralnews

    So basically wages go up and down in accordance with industry/economic trends and the corporate tax rate has no significant effect one way of the other?

    [–] Breastfeeding your child is molestation... rhose32 30 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    Nipples are literally for babies. The fact that men happen to like them is a bonus.

    [–] Aaaand he failed the assignment. rhose32 0 points ago in niceguys

    IDK, my brother is a photographer and he takes pictures of people without explicitly asking permission sometimes. He claims you can capture people's expressions more authentically when they don't know you're photographing them. It's not sexual and he'll edit out the face if the photo is going to be used commercially, but it could be interpreted as creepy in some contexts.

    I just don't think this comic is good example of the niceguy mentality. He's not threatening anyone or acting entitle to their bodies/time. Basically we don't know what his motives are and nothing in the comic suggests they're malicious.

    [–] Aaaand he failed the assignment. rhose32 2 points ago in niceguys

    He wasn't covering up the model's boobs, he was drawing the woman behind her.

    [–] Aaaand he failed the assignment. rhose32 -1 points ago in niceguys

    I think this is kinda cute. Isn't r/niceguys supposed to be about people who claim to be nice but actually treat people badly?

    [–] Nice guy is totally not a stalker (he's a hero) rhose32 1 points ago in niceguys

    This sounds kind of nice actually. Is there anything in here which suggests he has nefarious motives or expects special treatment as a reward for doing this?

    [–] Donald Trump to become first president to speak at anti-LGBT hate group's annual summit rhose32 5 points ago in worldnews

    Why should I accept the guy who's constantly acting against my best interests and those of people I care about?

    [–] Redpiller tries to convert (self-described) unattractive 35 year old virgin biologist on a CasualIAmA. Gets taken down brilliantly by OP. rhose32 3 points ago in bestof

    What people don't like about TPR is that it takes ideas that do work (get your validation from yourself not your romantic partners, live a health lifestyle), wraps it in a layer of misogynistic bullshit, then pretends the misogynistic bullshit is what was actually working.

    As I said already, TPR didn't invent self improvement. All the strategies I listed are common sense positive lifestyle choices that have allowed countless people (men and women) to improve multiple facets of their lives for years. TPRers seem to believe that a) these are "their" self improvement techniques which they invented (Ex. WISNIFG is "their" book), and b) because these (again, common sense self improvement) techniques allow you to improve yourself then the misogynist parts of TPR are justified.

    There are literally thousands of articles written about lifting weights, improving your social skills, making friends, getting your finances in order, developing a sense of humor, improving your look, and building your confidence. The idea that you somehow "need" TPR to do all those things and that the can't be found anywhere else falls apart with a google search.