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    [–] Birds are insane. riwong5 5 points ago in BeAmazed

    What do you mean by joke? Birds are drones used by the deep state to track everything. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

    [–] Putting this on my vision board riwong5 39 points ago in HolUp

    346,424, actually.

    [–] what a great guy riwong5 54 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Uhm, the word is "actually". Get it right next time. /s

    [–] I don’t blame them riwong5 21 points ago in dankmemes

    I'd like to think that there's an alternative universe where this exact sequence occurred.

    [–] Biden is factually not Trump riwong5 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    You're wrong, it's all CGI coverups, and every news network is in on it. /s

    [–] Something's wrong I can feel it riwong5 30 points ago in BanGDream

    Ran's rebellious red noodle is on the wrong side

    [–] What kind of president do we have riwong5 22 points ago in facepalm

    I think they're talking about lowest approval rating as in the average rating, not the single point of lowest approval. Trump has a average rating much below any other president.

    [–] I’ve been playing too much. I just got the game. Someone help, I think I’m addicted. riwong5 3 points ago in GirlsMemeParty

    Haha, I already had a 4/5 team (of 3 and 4 stars) and got lucky, but I actually couldn't play for the last 3 days of the event or else I woulda gone for t10

    [–] I’ve been playing too much. I just got the game. Someone help, I think I’m addicted. riwong5 8 points ago in GirlsMemeParty

    It's purely grinding and having a good team. This is the best rank I've ever got, and it took around 7,500 stars just to get a full team with the right type, and another 15,000 stars just to buy flames. I had a total of around 45 hours of game time during the event.

    [–] sexism is wack yo riwong5 1 points ago in HolUp


    [–] Wow... Fortnite’s getting real desperate riwong5 1 points ago in sadcringe

    But only young children would fall for this

    [–] egg_irl riwong5 5 points ago in egg_irl

    She's Mitake Ran, from the BanG Dream franchise. HH-chan was created because someone thought that the logo of her band, Afterglow, looked like the HH website logo.

    [–] I was told my lemon bars belong here! riwong5 13 points ago in bisexual

    If I remember correctly, the lemon bars thing is kinda just a parody of the "Come to the dark side, we have cookies" thing.