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    [–] Bjj vs American Bjj rkk2 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    I mean, I’m from America and that sounds a lot like of the people from the town of 5,000 I grew up in just with the opposite opinions (I’m guessing.)

    The point of my original comment was that you can be pro-gun on the internet pretty openly. The worst that will happen is someone disagrees or insults you, but that can happen with pretty much any stance you take.

    [–] Bjj vs American Bjj rkk2 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    Do they dox people? Because getting pissed is common place on the internet, but I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone getting doxxed for being pro-gun, and I don’t have to look very far to find pro-gun opinions.

    [–] J.R.'s Laying Pipe Clinic rkk2 1 points ago in nba

    I have trouble believing one of the wealthiest athletes in the world would let his father get assasinated over a debt.

    [–] J.R.'s Laying Pipe Clinic rkk2 2 points ago in nba

    someone will eventually find out.

    Wait, so that’s a deterrent to not suspending him at all but it isn’t a deterrent to doing it in secret? Why? That doesn’t make any sense.

    Since you aren’t familiar you should know he didn’t stop gambling after his sabbatical. If they NBA was so concerned with Michael and gambling don’t you think they would want to keep him out of casinos?

    So the logic is they are going to do this to stop gambling, he doesn’t stop, the league let’s him come back, win three more championships, take a front office job, and eventually own a team? It only makes sense if you ignore what actually happened.

    [–] J.R.'s Laying Pipe Clinic rkk2 1 points ago in nba

    Power comes down to leverage.

    If your version is correct the NBA basically told Michael he’s above the rules because he’s so important to the sport.

    How would have not doing anything prove it’s a farce? The official record is already that they didn’t do anything. The important distinction is when Pete Rose was investigated the league had evidence he was betting on his own games. Jordan had an investigation as well and nothing turned up. Why bother investigating him, lying about the outcome of the investigation, and the suspending him anyway?

    The reasoning does matter if you are saying that it’s true.

    [–] J.R.'s Laying Pipe Clinic rkk2 4 points ago in nba

    There wasn’t only two choices though. They could have 1) suspended him openly, 2) sweep it under the rug completely, or 3) something in between.

    For the theory to work you have to assume the NBA cared about their brand/money above all else. The league was more profitable with Michael. If they really wanted to protect the brand the best thing would be not do anything. Because secretly suspending him and not suspending him at all will pretty much have the same negative backlash if found out. A cost/benefit analysis that concludes they should suspend him but do it secretly doesn’t make any sense because either way the league is saying Michael is above it.

    [–] Uhm.. okay... rkk2 11 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in FellowKids

    Clout refers to influence, not expertise. It’s more about social capital than anything else. Though I would say expertise is a way to gain it.

    [–] J.R.'s Laying Pipe Clinic rkk2 3 points ago in nba

    So why suspend him at all?

    [–] FBI wiretaps show Sean Miller discussed $100K payment to lock recruit rkk2 1 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    It’s going to depend on the situation.

    If you forget to report $2,000 worth of income because you sold your car the IRS will probably just send a letter saying you need to pay it. You won’t face criminal charges. Worst case Ontario you refuse to pay and your wages get garnished. I think they would have to go through a court to do that though, but at the very least there would need to be an administrative hearing.

    If it’s something really bad the IRS will coordinate with an Assistant United States Attorney and bring charges.

    [–] Dad turns Son in for Snapchat Gun Posts, Cops find Child Porn on his phone rkk2 3 points ago in news

    Generally it’s a good thing but the article says what it is.

    If there was no other information I don’t think an opinion should be formed one way or another (as hard as that is with controversial issues), which would also prevent unnecessary character assassination.

    If you just read he headline and comment something like “it was probably nudes of a person two years younger” you are just spreading misinformation which isn’t helpful no matter what the topic at hand is.

    [–] Stipe Miocic gets finished by Struve rkk2 22 points ago in ufc

    It’s called using context clues ya paint sniffer.

    [–] 2018 New York State Wrestling Championships rkk2 6 points ago in wrestling

    Judging by the Siena banner it’s the Times Union Center in Albany.

    [–] Bjj vs American Bjj rkk2 3 points ago in JoeRogan

    I’m okay with private gun ownership.

    Come get me loonies.

    [–] FBI wiretaps show Sean Miller discussed $100K payment to lock recruit rkk2 1 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    No, but repeatedly receiving $10K (or whatever) in your account is evidence of structuring. One of the elements of the crime is that you made the payments to avoid detection.

    The stuff with Hastert was going on for years. So if I have ten years of bank records just under the statutory triggering amount (where the bank would flag it) and there’s also some evidence I have a reason for doing it (in Hastert’s case hush money) the state is going to have a solid case that what I’m doing is illegal.

    If I gave out like four gifts over that time under the statutory limit to the same person, and I was charged with structuring, I’d have a better argument that I didn’t do the payments to avoid detection.

    It’s not that are presumed guilty, it’s that once they’ve established you’ve made a bunch of payments/deposits under the statutory limit it comes down to why you did it. If it’s some grandpa giving his grandson tuition money the Feds aren’t going to care.

    [–] Free Trade dot Jpeg rkk2 1 points ago in neoliberal

    I don’t hate free trade, I just like Bernie’s stance on unions and criminal justice better than everyone else.

    [–] I know I’ll get downvoted for saying this, but... rkk2 10 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    Earnest Scared Stupid is better than anything Netflix has put out so clearly straight to VHS is the best format.

    [–] Black panther is now the best movie of all time according to RT rkk2 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in CringeAnarchy

    You still haven’t provided an example of a review that got censored. Powers’ review wasn’t censored.

    You are spouting talking points that aren’t based in fact, you ignore the context of RTs statement, and I’m the idiot? If RT was banning negative reviews how did Powers and other negative reviews get through? In another comment you mentioned “the publicity of RTs deletions” but haven’t been able to provide an example. Why publicity?

    Also if you want another example of people bitching about a review look at this subs response the dude from US Daily News that reviewed Dunkirk

    [–] REEEEEEEEEEEEE rkk2 1 points ago in botsrights

    Well, yeah, you are welcome to think it’s not funny. The sub is still pretty small so I don’t think it’s reached he point where people acting ironically and unironically have begun to blend. But it’s not like I know anyone who posts there personally so your guess is as good as mine.

    [–] "Proud white male" rkk2 5 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    So who is the oppressor in this scenario?

    [–] REEEEEEEEEEEEE rkk2 3 points ago in botsrights

    I never got that vibe. I post there and don’t think I’m unbalanced but I also honestly don’t think I’ve ever typed a REEEEE comment.

    [–] REEEEEEEEEEEEE rkk2 2 points ago in botsrights

    It’s just people playing along with the sub. Like how people in r/rarepuppers type weird, r/deepfriedmemes using the 🅱️ emoji, and r/libertarian hating libertarian policies.

    [–] What would you do? rkk2 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Nah, I don’t think that’s a bad implication. I just thought the other guy had a point about how people define self defense since that’s a pretty widely accepted exception to not hitting people.

    [–] He Speaks rkk2 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Gassers are a conditioning drill. Football fields have yard markers every five yards. We would typically start at the goal line (the end of the playing field). Sprint ten yards, touch the line, sprint back to the goal line, touch the line, the do the same thing at 20, 30, and 40 yard line. But gassers can be used more generally because “being gassed” is slang for being tired/out of breath which is the goal of conditioning.

    These are updowns. Chopping refers to the sort of running in place the players do before they go down to the ground.

    Ralph is slang for throwing up. The donut thing wasn’t a metaphor.

    [–] What would you do? rkk2 0 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    The original comment said don’t hit people.

    You mentioned not attacking, which is something I’m pretty sure most parents teach anyway.