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    [–] Ex-secretário do Paraná, Cezar Silvestri é encontrado morto em rua de Curitiba robaco 2 points ago in curitiba

    Cezar Augusto Carollo Silvestri nasceu em Guarapuava, tinha 64 anos e foi chefe de Casa Civil e secretário de Desenvolvimento Urbano na gestão Beto Richa (PSDB) e também presidente da Agência Reguladora de Serviços Delegados do Paraná (Agepar), além de ter exercido mandatos de deputado estadual e federal.

    Queima de arquivo?

    [–] Rather, Rinse Repeat robaco 12 points ago in antiMLM

    puriest available

    [–] The most meaningful metric of all. robaco 39 points ago in EnoughMuskSpam

    get out of here with your facts and logic!


    [–] Police spies infiltrated UK leftwing groups for decades robaco 3 points ago in conspiracy


    The undercover officers infiltrated specific groups, but also gathered information on a range of other organisations. The police spies adopted fake identities to infiltrate political groups, usually for periods of up to five years, reporting back to their supervisors on what the activists were doing and what protests they were planning.

    [–] Netherlands in a ‘cyberwar’ with Russia, says defence minister robaco 2 points ago in Intelligence

    The alleged attempt to hack into the OPCW network came as the organisation was investigating the fatal poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in London.

    [–] God damn you Moseby robaco 6 points ago in HIMYM

    Not all countries tho, brazilian netflix doesnt have it, unfortunately

    [–] I think this belongs here. robaco 1 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    How? Why? So many questions..