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    [–] French manifestant boxes three armored policemen with barehands robot_nixon 9 points ago in PublicFreakout

    You need to learn history because you sounding dumb as fuck out here homeboy.

    [–] Over 1/3 of Canadians under 34 are still living at home robot_nixon 27 points ago in canada

    Honestly I hear this all the time... but really I don't think I could just move away. I love my family and friends too much. I want to have kids soon and I want my children to know their grandparents and great grandparents, and I want them to play with my cousins kids etc... Don't you think that many people are in a similar situation?

    [–] China cracks down on minorities again, and Canada says nothing robot_nixon 19 points ago in canada

    Not when I grow my own potatoes and make the worst vodka you could ever imagine. We aren't all slaves to the LCBO.

    [–] Ex-Disney Star Orlando Brown Arrested in His Underwear by Bounty Hunters in Crazy Video | TMZ robot_nixon 2 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Yeah I know some people too. I think the key words is "some".

    SOME people are fucking crazy, this sub is proof enough of that.

    [–] Belfast freakout, bonus video in comments. Vertical video warning robot_nixon 30 points ago in PublicFreakout

    I came here to post how that was the best part. The delivery of that line actually made me laugh out loud.

    [–] Belfast. robot_nixon 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Thank you for the great video, but is there a reason the sound was not included? I have noticed a few videos recently that have the same format with no sound so I'm just curious.

    [–] Store owner films shoplifter as he makes her empty her backpack robot_nixon 19 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in PublicFreakout

    The only time I would call the cops is if the thief was a repeat offender. Then I was usually just disappointed because I tried to cut them a break and leave them some dignity but it meant nothing to them.

    I would tell people "if you are legitimately hungry and have no money just ask me and I will try and help you". Some people would be so grateful they would cry, and others would keep trying to play me. The joys of working in retail.

    [–] Megathread: F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen robot_nixon 3 points ago in politics

    This is going down in history.

    I'm not getting my hopes up until I see some hard evidence. This looks serious, but so far Trump seems untouchable.

    [–] Customer has a dispute with a shady gas station cashier. robot_nixon 0 points ago in PublicFreakout

    In Ontario you pump first, but I have no idea where this was filmed.

    [–] Customer has a dispute with a shady gas station cashier. robot_nixon 2 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Are you in Canada?

    I live in Toronto, and I always pump before I pay.

    I have only ran in to one or two gas stations that made me pay first.

    [–] You're not fucking listening to me! robot_nixon 31 points ago in PublicFreakout

    A real estate agent in my city has a giant billboard with that phrase on it.

    [–] Ontario Liberal Party Tweets Accusing Doug Ford of "Mansplanning" robot_nixon 11 points ago in canada

    This is what sold me. I actually quit drinking alcohol because I refuse to support the lcbo or beer store. Maybe Ford will screw everything else up but at least I will be drunk for it.