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    [–] MONSTA X (몬스타엑스) - ALLIGATOR rocksiesgurls 17 points ago in kpop

    It wasn't bad but their music really hasn't been my cup of tea lately. They used to make such bops as title tracks. Now I feel like their music is years behind. It's just a personal opininion tho.

    [–] Yeji rocksiesgurls 11 points ago in kpics

    There's something so charming about her. I love her fierce gaze and eyes.

    [–] Saerom rocksiesgurls 4 points ago in kpics

    Beautiful, i love the top a lot

    [–] Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) - PIRI (Trailer) rocksiesgurls 4 points ago in kpop

    So excited for this omg and its just the trailer.

    [–] LOONA - X X (Choerry Image Teaser) rocksiesgurls 6 points ago in kpop

    She looks so gorgeous the purple hair is actually killing me. Cant wait for it anymore aaa.

    [–] 13 things about Apink you should know @ Billboard (190201) [ENG SUB] rocksiesgurls 13 points ago in kpop

    9 years in and they still seem so uncertain in explaining their anwser to certain questions ;____;

    [–] SHINee's Taemin to Make a Solo comeback in February. rocksiesgurls 16 points ago in kpop

    SHINee's Taemin to make solo comeback in February and is currently in the finals steps of preparation.

    [–] JYP’s Daughter has been born! rocksiesgurls 78 points ago in kpop

    Aw.. that caption is so cute. Healthy baby born, congrats.

    [–] A Shawn Mendes/One Direction collaboration might be in the works. [Twitter] 👏👏👏 rocksiesgurls 12 points ago in popheads

    Simple: time. They're both extremely busy and don't live in the same continent. Plus it needs to fit somewhere in their musical process/thought.

    [–] What event in kpop did everyone seem to forget about? rocksiesgurls 107 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in kpop

    Why is it surprising? They issued a long apology, why would you still talk after everything is made clear/explained and apologised for.

    [–] Don’t you think it’s time for a non Asian incorperated into a group rocksiesgurls 20 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in kpop

    No thank you. One of the few industries east asians can shine in and yall wanna ruin it

    [–] OG Kpop fans: What’s something recent Kpop fans will never understand? rocksiesgurls 48 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in kpop

    In Korea it's normal to just like one group and frowned upon to be multifandom, I'm not surprised that international fans are catching up. You don't have to like 89 groups. Just like you don't have to like every pop girl out there. So I get it.

    [–] Mina rocksiesgurls 5 points ago in kpics

    an iconic picture

    [–] Fandom Combinations rocksiesgurls 6 points ago in kpop

    It didn't happen a lot a while ago, people did more group combinations. But there has been a weird trend going on for a few months now where people mash up fandom names with each other. I'm personally not a fan of it but it is indeed a thing.

    [–] Red Velvet - SAPPY rocksiesgurls 4 points ago in popheads

    On god when u tell u that it's so annoying. You can't have any bad opinion about a song or you're an "anti that hates the group to dead." No i'm just saying that... the song in my opinion is just fucking bad?

    [–] Red Velvet - SAPPY rocksiesgurls 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in popheads

    Like I honestly don't get this comment section saying it's good lmao but opinions differ for everyone or some people just suck up everything their favourites bring out

    [–] Red Velvet - SAPPY rocksiesgurls 3 points ago in popheads

    Well damn that was bad

    [–] Hyuna and Edawn record A Romantic Duet mentioning the Word "Fiance". rocksiesgurls 20 points ago in kpop

    Yeah sorry I didn't wanna give Allkpop clicks 'cause I got the ss from twt. I should've linked the IG directly. Sorry 🙏🏽

    [–] Hyuna and Edawn record A Romantic Duet mentioning the Word "Fiance". rocksiesgurls 188 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in kpop

    Hyuna and Edawn basically confirmed they are engaged with those lyrics 😭 I'm so happy for them and if not I'm still happy, that's why I tagged it as rumour. Hyuna her post Cred. Ss translate: from AK