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    [–] I'm Matt Levine, Money Stuff columnist at Bloomberg. Ask me anything. rocuronium 3 points ago in IAmA

    one more here, without RSS I would be adrift. (now using Inoreader after Google Reader disappeared)

    [–] Help with salt-stack? rocuronium 1 points ago in sysadmin

        - source: salt://hostname/files/muh_folder

    [–] Why is this community so negative? rocuronium 5 points ago in sysadmin

    OP's use of the "toxic" label for /r/sysadmin really defeats any other points (s)he made in this post.

    [–] The Making of a Silk Mattress (Li Ziqi) rocuronium 4 points ago in ArtisanVideos

    I have one! It was expensive but not outrageous ($200 from Costco)

    Here's a video of their process:

    [–] Running so slowly, can't figure it out! rocuronium 2 points ago in MDT

    transmit / recv buffer on the VM's NIC properties, make sure they're both set to 2048.

    [–] Network Topology Software rocuronium 7 points ago in sysadmin

    ty for replying and not editing cause lol

    [–] "During the 1970s these neighborhoods in Pasadena became susceptible to the racist propaganda of the fundamentalists." A fascinating read on some of the sociopolitical and racial history of Pasadena via it's battle over schools (a whole other book on its own) rocuronium 2 points ago in pasadena

    What I found most interesting was that the fundamentalists were correct (for the wrong reasons) that the Federal takeover would destroy PUSD for decades.

    What I think the author got wrong here in her opening stanzas was "the historical scholarship that discusses northern busing issues seems to focus on the role of racism and place it at the center of the busing opposition’s motives. The evidence from Pasadena, however, radically alters that perception. The actions of fundamentalists suggest that the role of anti-busing sentiments and the events in Pasadena were imbedded in a larger conservative agenda which was motivated in part by religious fundamentalism and an opposition to big government."

    Those anti-communist and anti-progressive reactionaries and the anti-minority racists were the same people sure they hated govmint too but that was merely the wedge issue that let them gain the upper hand on the PUSD school board.

    [–] So I showed the picture of the pastitsio to my wife and guess who's coming to dinner? rocuronium 1 points ago in tonightsdinner

    This one is seriously full-fat. I used the recipe from

    but used 2:1 beef:lamb instead.

    2 sticks of butter, whole milk greuyere beschamel for the win!

    [–] Shells in yogurt sauce with peas, basil, feta, and pine nuts rocuronium 3 points ago in tonightsdinner

    One of my (and my kids) fav recipes from one of the best cookbooks of the past 20 years, Ottolenghi's Jerusalem. I don't want to steal his IP, here's the official link:

    I'm sure googling 'ottolenghi conchiglie' will lead you to the details