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    [–] Escaped medical leech on hospital floor rocuronium 1 points ago in pics

    my wife (ER Attending) had a pt 2 nights ago in for maggots -- the nurse shrieked and ran, she squished them on the gurney when they came welling up out of the wound after she pulled out the random articles of 'dressing' he had stuffed in there.

    In his case, they also kept the wound nice and clean, exposing the shiny ortho hardware in the dude's open ankle.

    [–] So I showed the picture of the pastitsio to my wife and guess who's coming to dinner? rocuronium 1 points ago in tonightsdinner

    This one is seriously full-fat. I used the recipe from

    but used 2:1 beef:lamb instead.

    2 sticks of butter, whole milk greuyere beschamel for the win!

    [–] Shells in yogurt sauce with peas, basil, feta, and pine nuts rocuronium 3 points ago in tonightsdinner

    One of my (and my kids) fav recipes from one of the best cookbooks of the past 20 years, Ottolenghi's Jerusalem. I don't want to steal his IP, here's the official link:

    I'm sure googling 'ottolenghi conchiglie' will lead you to the details

    [–] Pappardelle with lemon, feta, mint, pine nuts and squash rocuronium 2 points ago in tonightsdinner

    sure thing

    pkg pappardelle

    1/2 lb bulgarian style feta (I like garden of eden from TJ)

    1/3 c fresh lemon juice w/pulp

    3 summer squash

    medium onion

    2 medium shallot

    3 cloves garlic

    5-10 fresh mint leaves

    3-5 oz pine nuts

    olive oil


    while boiling pasta, toast pine nuts, saute onions/squash in hot olive oil til they get a little color. add garlic, saute for a half minute, add lemon juice and toasted pine nuts. Finish with a knob of butter.

    Drain pasta, combine feta with onion/squash and pasta. Toss in mint and enjoy!

    [–] What cultural norm destroys your savings? Everyone else, find low cost solutions. rocuronium 1 points ago in Frugal

    $3 per server * 12 servers = $36/8 an extra $4.25/hr for your "small percentage" -- and that's using your really shitty tipping numbers. All the places I worked made better money. Obvi the bar and servers do better than line but they all get tips.

    [–] What cultural norm destroys your savings? Everyone else, find low cost solutions. rocuronium 0 points ago in Frugal

    Typically the front of house staff will "tip out" a large percentage of their tips to the runners, busboy, kitchen staff and bar.

    [–] Good neighborhoods/cities for families? rocuronium 1 points ago in LosAngeles

    I lived in Alhambra for 8+ years and it's fantastic.

    [–] Help me identify this old joystick rocuronium 2 points ago in vintagecomputing

    I played a lot of Choplifter and Karateka with this exact joystick on our old Apple ][e, it's almost certainly a generic clone.

    [–] TUFU: mounting dicks rocuronium 22 points ago in linuxadmin

    gotta start with

    man mount 

    [–] Ubiquiti UAP-UC-PRO Question rocuronium 5 points ago in homelab

    my UAP-AC-LR continues to work just fine if I turn off or kill the controller

    [–] Help in Orange, Texas? rocuronium 6 points ago in sysadmin

    Many people (people like me) don't have a Unifi switch and everything works just fine. You could ssh into the AP and issue set-inform to get things working for now.

    set-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform

    [–] 12 meals that take 5 minutes each to prepare for $4.50 total. (Ramen egg-drop soup, optimized microwave directions) rocuronium 19 points ago in Frugal

    Please don't cook with hot tap water. It's one of the first calculations we did back in HS chemistry and I remember it lo these many years past. Hot water dissolves all sorts of nasty stuff way way better than cold water. Like a million times better.

    [–] weather not ideal so it's time for a braise! chicken thighs, tomato, cream, kaffir lime and garam masala rocuronium 1 points ago in tonightsdinner

    it's the Delhi-style from Yamuna Devi's fantastic "The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking":

    1/3 c whole cloves

    5 3-in cinnamon sticks

    1/2 c green cardamom pods

    1 c cumin seeds

    3/4 c coriander seeds