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    [–] gethim.mp4 rogue_researcher -2 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    This is gungeon, doesn't have the same ring as america

    [–] *Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personal, King. rogue_researcher 4 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    I used to be a no past killed scrub baby like you but between hard work, determination, asking for help, unlocking a lot of high tier weapons, and Casey did I get to kill the Hunter's past. There's still hope.

    [–] What do you know about your workplace that you are not supposed to know? rogue_researcher 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Working in market research I know that the majority of the surveys done in the facility for some high profile companies is written up by the staff working there. That's right kids the reason we don't have dark chocolate filled Oreos is because I didn't like it.

    [–] After 65 runs I've finally beat my first past! rogue_researcher 2 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    I still can't bring myself to buy a piece of the bullet, nor am I lucky enough to have the ability to steal it.

    [–] Playing as the robot is a rewarding and enjoyable experience :) rogue_researcher 25 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    Him not being able to hold a companion just shows his cold and ruthless heart is incapable of love and compassion. He may be the cutest but he is the least caring. Like Hitler as a puppy

    [–] Another synergy for "The Scrambler" rogue_researcher 8 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    What about silent but eggly. Some of the eggs you shoot to the enemy are rotton having the chance to poison.

    [–] Well, shit rogue_researcher 8 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    That's the spice talking.