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    [–] Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg loses more than $15 billion in wealth in a single day rohbotics 56 points ago in technology

    Well he works for Facebook, so to sell shares he needs to do so in a way that minimizes his ability to operate on insider information.

    [–] Wholesome Canadian rohbotics 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    That is just wholesome memes, they disable downvotes

    [–] Make Your PWA Work Offline Part 1:—Static Files rohbotics 0 points ago in programming

    Just comply with the LGPL, it allows you to have closed source code.

    [–] Getting to Go: The Journey of Go's Garbage Collector rohbotics 2 points ago in programming

    Or it could mean that the default settings work well for your use case.

    [–] Let them smash rohbotics 7 points ago in funny

    Valuing the china? idk either

    [–] Test Linux Operating Systems Online rohbotics 26 points ago in linux

    The hypervisor is presenting a keyboard, monitor and mouse to the vm, and then a remote desktop interface to you, transparent to the vm.

    [–] Anthony Bourdain "Now you know why Restaurant Vegetables taste so good" rohbotics 23 points ago in videos

    In case you are serious, Michelin Stars are one of the best ratings a restaurant can get.

    The tire company wanted to get people on the road and moving, so they created a travel guide with stars on restaurants with exceptionally good food. This eventually became one of the premier rating systems for restaurants.

    [–] Google invests in a closed source fork of Firefox OS rohbotics 0 points ago in linux

    True, but my point was that he probably didn't look at the paperwork that came with the phone at all, or care enough to go look at it know if he still has it.

    [–] Google invests in a closed source fork of Firefox OS rohbotics 4 points ago in linux

    You know, he might not care? Maybe he just wants a phone, doesn't care about the GPL paperwork.

    [–] kids eating salt and vinegar chips. rohbotics 2 points ago in funny

    the 'unfunny' part of the username checks out guys

    [–] How to use .deb files? rohbotics 8 points ago in debian

    That is better (newer) practice that also installs all dependencies (if available in your repos).

    [–] Judge Aaron Persky, who gave Brock Turner lenient sentence in rape case, recalled from office rohbotics 1 points ago in news

    California is weird here. Since 2010 we have had an open primary system for everything but Presidential primaries.

    This means anybody can vote for any candidate in the primary, and the top 2 candidates regardless of party affiliation get to the general election.

    This means that you can have 2 people form the same party in the general election.

    [–] Non-Americans, what does America do right? rohbotics 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Its more like a mini cooper, still damn impressive tho

    [–] Hello Qt for Python rohbotics 1 points ago in programming

    This looks like PySide revamped, not sure tho

    [–] 😐🔫 rohbotics 1 points ago in CGPGrey

    India did it kind of with the 1000 rupee note (About the same value as 10 GBP)

    [–] Disabled right clicks rohbotics 14 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Or like many of these 'secure' on screen keyboard things, have a random key layout