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    [–] ESP-01 modules programming board roo-ster 1 points ago in esp8266

    Did you mean ESP-32F or ESP-12F? The ESP12-E, 12F, 12S, etc, have an ESP8266 processor.

    ESP32 boards use the more powerful ESP32 processor, support bluetooth, and have more IO pins. They're also more expensive so I use ESP8266 when I don't need the extra features and ESP 32 based boards, when I do.

    [–] What liberal condones pedophilia? roo-ster 6 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Didn't you mean, "predictable fact"?

    [–] ESP-01 modules programming board roo-ster 1 points ago in esp8266

    Not 5V TTL, but otherwise, yes. It takes 3.3v on all pins (except the Analog In).

    [–] What liberal condones pedophilia? roo-ster 49 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    The only political group that supports pedophiles are the 49% of voters that support Roy Moore in his campaign for the United States Senate and they were all 'Conservatives'.

    [–] The Elephants in the room. roo-ster 49 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    It's "small government" in the same way that running trillion dollar deficits during good economic times is "fiscally responsible".

    [–] ESP-01 modules programming board roo-ster 3 points ago in esp8266

    If you're going to the trouble of designing a board, why not just put an ESP-12S module on it and have access to all the pins? (Note that the 12S doesn't require all the passive components needed with the 12-E/12-F).

    [–] Facebook Is an 'Innovator in Privacy,' Says Guy Who Runs Facebook roo-ster 205 points ago in technology

    Facebook Is an 'Innovator in Privacy,' the same way that faulty airbag maker, Takada, is an innovator in facial reconstruction.

    [–] ESP-01 modules programming board roo-ster 4 points ago in esp8266

    The ESP-01 just needs to die. The cost 'savings' don't justify the inconvenience it causes and, in many cases, the cost savings are eaten up by 'solutions' like this one.

    [–] Republican candidate's son shakes up North Carolina hearing with surprise testimony roo-ster 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in politics

    Hopefully, Dad will be spending it with his cell mate.

    [–] Times Square billboard calls out Ocasio-Cortez over failed NYC-Amazon deal roo-ster 1 points ago in politics

    ...which would be fine except the dollars aren't gone and they didn't go to workers. They were just transferred to billionaires that own the billboard companies.

    [–] Nestle and other brands pull YouTube ads over child exploitation fears roo-ster 8 points ago in technology

    If Nestle is upset about child exploitation, it's probably because they're mad they didn't get to it first.

    [–] Working on a gauge clock! roo-ster 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in electronics

    I made one very similar to this.

    At it's core is an ESP8266 running Arduino code. It fetches time from NTP servers which is then stored locally in a DS3231 RTC chip. After much head scratching I learned that the best approach is to store the time as GMT/UTC and convert it local time when displaying. I used the standard time library and the Timezone library by J. Christensen to do the heavy lifting. The only user interface element is a rotary encoder to select a different time zone (if I moved or built a clock for someone else) but it defaults to my time zone.

    My displays are 0-1ma ammeters with the scales replaced. I used a program called Meter Basic to design the new faceplates. I love the lighting effect OP made. Kudos to him for that. I've been too nervous to try this for fear of damaging the fragile meters.

    Edit: OP, please let us know what you work out for the enclosure. More than a year later, mine is still a tangle of components on my desk.

    [–] Santorum Sanitation roo-ster 3 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    That's why I like to remind people about it whenever his name is mentioned -- so it never disappears from the Internet.

    Ideally, that definition will feature prominently in his obituary.

    [–] Santorum Sanitation roo-ster 4 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    If it's Catholic then I'd expect a lot of (underage) Santorum.

    [–] Maryland bill would aim to speed up demise of the Electoral College roo-ster 1 points ago in politics

    Take these two scenarios:

    1) With the current EC system.

    The vote of a single Californian can't change the outcome because the Dems will win the state. Millions of CA voters would have to change their vote to alter that situation.

    2) Popular vote winner becomes President.

    Every Republican vote in CA counts towards determining whether the President will be the Republican or the Democrat.

    The concept of 'battleground state' doesn't apply to scenario 2 because 'winning California' (or Tennessee, or Florida, etc.) only affects who becomes President to the extent that they contribute to the popular vote total. Swaying one voter has the same effect on the candidates no matter which state that voter happens to be in.

    [–] Abandoned cooling tower, Belgium roo-ster 0 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Interesting. Do you happen to know why they don't just re-circulate the hot water? Wouldn't the plant be more efficient if re-used the hot water that's already been through the system?