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    [–] Two Cyberpunk bundles on bundle of holding rouseco 3 points ago in rpg

    Long time Referee and player of the game, it's so standalone that newbies pick it up quick.

    [–] 1000 HOMO DJs - SUPERNAUT rouseco 2 points ago in industrialmusic

    I had this on vinyl and would play it at 33 1/3... i loved the way it sounded all slowed down.

    [–] Across the street from the Supreme Court, the witness of the United Methodist Church: rouseco 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in Christianity

    are you speaking up about the current situation or bringing up irrelevant situations?

    [–] Why do atheists always ask for evidence of God but when we ask them back what kind of evidence is sufficient enough for them they never feel the need to answer us back on that? rouseco 1 points ago in Christianity

    I'll take his first hand account with the same grain of sand that i gave their first hand accounts. Would I need to get either of them to post here their first hand account for you to understand the concept I'm working under?