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    [–] Wakey wakey theory rouseco 11 points ago in DHMIS

    Yes, I agree this is a theory.

    [–] Kylie Jenner is a cunt rouseco 2 points ago in facepalm

    speak for yourself, twerp.

    [–] Ex-Trump World Tower doorman releases 'catch-and-kill' contract about alleged Trump affair rouseco 8 points ago in politics

    he didn't give an opinion on chain mihration, just pointing out how it worked in that particular case.

    [–] Post Episode Discussion - S3E9 - Schwanzkopf [TV Spoilers] rouseco 38 points ago in Preacher

    all of those things are just a side affect of his evil selfish plan, it's not heroics.

    [–] Like a glove!! rouseco 1 points ago in gifs

    people have a much easier time putting on gloves than I do.

    [–] Toto - Hash Pipe (Weezer Cover) [Rock] rouseco 1 points ago in Music

    Dale Grover is the best drummer that has ever performed with Nirvana.

    [–] /r/nintendo removed this picture of my nephews birthday party, maybe you guys will apperciate my sisters hard work! rouseco 1 points ago in gaming

    I recently had some one ask me why o'm listening to crap like this when there are bands like Queen that out out great music... I turned the face to him and showed him the cover of Sheer Heart Attack because you know, the song I was playing was from that album.

    [–] Why did Jan Hooks never really take off outside of SNL? rouseco 3 points ago in LiveFromNewYork

    on so far as everything that we know exists is part of the cosmos, sure.