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    [–] England are World Champions rp_247 2 points ago in Cricket

    Well Played Indian Women.....You won the hearts...

    [–] Harmanpreet Kaur throws helmet in style after completing her century rp_247 1 points ago in Cricket

    Whoa....what an inning by Harmanpreet... World Class Batting against 6 times champion Australia...

    [–] Harmanpreet Kaur Smashes Unbeaten 171 in the semifinals ICC Women World cup 2017 rp_247 2 points ago in Cricket

    Take a bow, Harmanpreet Kaur.... What a terrific inning she played in the semi-final... pls carry this form in final too against England and win the world cup... All the Best for Final to the champions

    [–] KP hints at World Cup tilt with South Africa rp_247 2 points ago in Cricket

    He's currently world cup 2019 he will 39.....I don't want to see him on the team...

    [–] Who is the best fielder of all time? rp_247 29 points ago in Cricket

    Obviously Jonty Rhodes....