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    [–] [Poetry] Lucas the Spider - Musical Spider runlock 1 points ago in youtubehaiku

    That's a copyright claim, where ad money is directed to the claimant. This is a manual takedown, resulting in a copyright strike

    [–] [Poetry] Lucas the Spider - Musical Spider runlock 2 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Sorry had to take it down because it got me a copyright strike

    [–] [Poetry] When I grow up runlock 10 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Isn’t that subjective?

    [–] [Poetry] When I grow up runlock 4 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Don't give me ideas ;)

    [–] Apple TV Update Is TERRIBLE! runlock 3 points ago in youtube

    It literally seems like it's a fullscreen web browser that's just set to - IIRC Facebook did the whole embedded web browser years ago but after so many complaints at the lack of speed they had to U turn because the app was terrible. I think people like to want to think web apps will overtake standard apps but right now there's no competition to the design language and native libraries of a standard app

    [–] [Poetry] In The Depths of My Trailer runlock 38 points ago in youtubehaiku

    The video is trippy as hell and I love every minute of it :D

    [–] Best of 2017 Awards - Winners Announced! runlock 1 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Well christ sorry for ending up on a list I had no part in :') Not only did I not vote for myself others did but it ended up getting a load of attention. /u/zimonitrome even thanked me for posting it, Yeah I didn't know how well it would do, forgive my ignorance But I saw "Funny meme let's post it to reddit". I credited him in the comments as linked by top mod comment on the post and he's gotten a shit tonne of gold anyway for it so I fail to see the problem, I'm sorry he's not the one who posted it, I did and it ended up being so popular it's made a weekly "series" on YoutubeHaiku which always does brilliantly with him always posting them. I didn't repost or anything, just posted it - if you have a problem with me simply posting to reddit take it up with the moderators because /u/AdamE89 finalised the list. Why you're going in on me for posting a meme is actually insane.

    [–] Best of 2017 Awards - Winners Announced! runlock 0 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Lol how did I "steal" anything, I just posted a video after being Subbed to Zimo since 2012, jesus christ

    [–] What year did you first start watching Eddsworld? runlock 6 points ago in Eddsworld

    This is actually Tomska :D (Tom off Eddsworld) I would think he'd go back when history came into the mix!

    [–] RnVjayBUYW1teQ== runlock 5 points ago in FuckTammy

    Gotta love base64

    [–] Apples useless Two-Factor Authentication that sends the password on Mac instead of an iPhone runlock 10 points ago in softwaregore

    Good points raised :) You'll still have to know the iCloud password though AFAIK (Correct me if wrong). You could already be authenticated and logged in on the macOS System but iCloud keeps asking for password prompts, Only thing I could think of that would be a sticking point is if someone has elected to save their password to the browser in which case you kinda deserve to be compromised leaving your system unlocked xD

    [–] Out of interest, How many of you guys have updated to High Sierra? runlock 1 points ago in apple

    Yeah i've known a lot of people to have no issues at all but sadly I fell into the camp that did! Just my luck ;) Every other time I open FCPX the timeline length just says "(null)" and it's impossible to scroll. If I try and edit it just straight up crashes, even on latest version. Not sure if my libraries were corrupted or whatever but it's damn annoying :(

    [–] [Feedback] Reddit Chat needs to be optional, or gone. runlock 1 points ago in beta

    If you're using uBlock, Add these filters, Will at least disable the feature somewhat :)

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