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    [–] Frances Foster bloo'd and sprayed with cum [Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends] runlock 100 points ago in rule34

    I highly recommend an artist called Sfan, He's on Patreon and literally just asks for $1 and even does votes for animations, and it's some of the most true to the source material i've seen before (Decent example:

    [–] A hard choice runlock 1 points ago in Ifyouhadtopickone

    Left. Side note I love how the title is “Hard Choice” and practically everyone is voting left :’)

    [–] Our lofi hip hop radio livestream is now also up on Twitch! runlock 1 points ago in chillhop

    What would be awesome is if you guys got this going to an ice cast server. Could then plug into background listening on iPhone google home Alexa internet radios etc. Just a thought :D

    [–] To hold her in your arms... runlock 15 points ago in SiriPornstar

    Source Clip Starts at 17:10

    [–] Lets See Whats Under That Skirt runlock 15 points ago in DarkAngels

    "Lets See Whats Under That Skirt" Me: Probably a Vagina Also me: Oh would you look at that

    [–] absolutelynotmeirl runlock 7 points ago in absolutelynotmeirl

    Do I look like I know what a jpg is?!

    [–] Facebook has lost $100 billion in 10 days — and now advertisers are pulling out runlock 1 points ago in worldnews

    Man you’re absolutely right. I just looked on mine. 17 posts until something from a friend. What a joke. So much for a social network

    [–] Their computer broke, and now every video is Steamed Hams runlock 18 points ago in softwaregore

    This happens to me occasionally. It’s because YouTube switched to AJAX page loading. A simple refresh on the browser fixes it when the script goes screwy

    [–] Chrome's new Update might be the reason I stop using it. runlock 2 points ago in assholedesign

    65.0.3325.162 which is the current build according to the About tab, It's a shame, I've even tried digging through chrome://flags to find any settings to disable it and there's literally nothing

    [–] Chrome's new Update might be the reason I stop using it. runlock 6 points ago in assholedesign

    There's literally no button to say yes I wanna keep the download.

    [–] Jennifer Aniston with two good plots on Friends runlock 2 points ago in WatchItForThePlot

    Great, but I'm regaling a story I heard that happened on the set.

    [–] Jennifer Aniston with two good plots on Friends runlock 31 points ago in WatchItForThePlot

    If I remember correctly, they used to cut holes in bras for Jennifer so that her nipples would be on show but at the same time her chest be supported. This may or may not be a rumour but I deffo remember hearing it around the time

    [–] Any word on Monzo’s Apply Pay support? runlock 5 points ago in monzo

    Rumour is around or after April 4th as that's when Monzo's prepaid program ends and they are officially "Out of Beta", It wouldn't surprise me if Apple wants to hold off until that point, Although Monzo has signed an NDA so we honestly don't know, other than it's coming "some time"

    [–] He's got me now runlock 5 points ago in youtubesyllables

    This guy looks like a real life Krieger from Archer

    [–] GG. R.I.P. runlock 1 points ago in youtube

    Damn I'm like the other way around! It's maddening