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    [–] How to implement free form magic and high fantasy quirks? rurikloderr 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in RPGdesign

    It's actually even cooler than that. Basically, Mages are like lucid dreamers, they can change shit because they've awoken to the truth that reality is shaped by belief. Being awakened means that you can basically do whatever the hell you can imagine. Mages are unbelievably powerful because of this, but that power comes with a significant risk... namely, the risk of causing paradox.

    Technically speaking, the people that are still "sleeping" are shaping reality through belief too, it's just not a conscious act. The shared beliefs of mankind create a consensus about how reality works. In essence, the only reason that chemistry works and alchemy doesn't (anymore) is that more people believe in chemistry. Now, there is a reason that technology and science is the consensus and it involves one particular group of mages (who's magic was science and technology) working their asses off during the enlightenment to influence the sleepers so that their particular brand of magic became the consensus.

    The clash between the reality bending shit a Mage does and the consensus is what causes paradox. It basically happens whenever the universe notices that you just fucked with it a bit too much for the sleepers to be comfortable with it. It's especially bad if a sleeper witnesses you do something particularly fantastical. Saying a bunch of magic words and firing lighting from your cock is going to cause some crazy paradox while causing a power pole to fall down and electrocute someone typically won't. It's all about working around the sleepers and the consensus.

    Paradox is some serious shit too.. You change too much and the universe just fucking erases you, like you never existed. It can technically get worse than that too.. Yes, worse than not existing.

    [–] Initiative is a game breaking advantage. All actions should be simultaneous. True? rurikloderr 2 points ago in RPGdesign

    It depends a lot on the level of abstraction you're using for combat. Initiative doesn't make sense for a system with rounds that last for real life seconds. which is one of the bigger issues plaguing the later editions of DnD. Each player takes turns telling everyone what they're doing one after another, but the whole round lasts a total of 6 whole seconds. Initiative was a relic from the earlier editions of DnD where a round was 1 minute of real time in game. Here's the interesting thing about that, and where most GM's got the system very wrong. That round doesn't just represent a single action, it represents many actions but only one that actually matters, the one taken at your place in the initiative order. That's when all that spellcasting you've been doing pays off, or the flurry of melee combat lands one good swing among missed and parried shots. Or when the archer finally finds an opening or a volley finally hits something. It's also why called shots didn't exist in the core rulls.

    [–] Q 1474 rurikloderr 3 points ago in greatawakening

    I don't think it's a missile. It looks like a beta taurid meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

    We pass through the taurid meteor swarm twice a year. They're the remnant fragments of a comet that broke up about forty thousand years ago, give or take ten thousand years. The first time we pass through it is in late October, which is easily visible because the meteors are coming at us from the night side of the planet. The second time we pass through it however, in late June, they're especially difficult to see because they're coming from the direction of the sun. Well.. technically the direction of the constellation Taurus, but it's near the sun in June.

    The still photo shown in that video looks a lot like what happens when one of the larger small meteors burns up in the atmosphere. It's also coming from the general direction of the sun. We've gotten some rather spectacular light shows in the past. A surprising number of the larger meteors to smack into us have been Taurids, often beta Taurids.

    The Tunguska Event was likely caused a beta taurid that explosively disintegrated on June 30th, 1908. It created an explosion roughly equivalent to a 15MT nuke, well.. without all the radiation anyway. That fragment was likely no larger than 30m. There is reason to believe their are a number of 1-2km wide fragments left out there and even the possibility of a 30km wide fragment. Well.. we know of one km wide fragment anyway.. the comet Encke.

    [–] Q 1474 rurikloderr 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in greatawakening

    I'm pretty sure that's a meteor.

    I say that because it's coming from a direction within 20 or so degrees of arc from where the sun is rising. That suggests it might be a particularly large beta taurid. Basically, goes something like this, twice a year we pass through the debris field of a ~100km wide comet that broke up somewhere between 30-50,000 years ago. We call them Taurids because they always come from the direction of the constellation Taurus.

    We pass through the field once in late October, which causes a rather spectacular meteor shower at night. However, when we pass through it again, in mid to late June, Taurus is near the sun so we don't see much. We tend only to see the larger meteors and only very few of them. That being said, we are still bombarded by a shitload of Taurids in June, we just can't actually see them.

    And there definitely are some very large fragments left floating out there. The Tunguska Event in late June 1908 was likely caused by a large beta taurid. When I say large, I mean like 30m wide. Scariest thing I know about is that there is likely still a few 1-2km wide chunks and possibly a 30km wide chunk of that comet out there in the black.. and we pass through the field twice a year.

    [–] Anthony Bourdain pic , disgusting rurikloderr 1 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in greatawakening

    "Normal people do not..." "Normal healthy-minded people do not..."

    I think you have no concept for what a normal person or a normal healthy-minded person actually is. Normal people do all kinds of weird shit. I'm one of the straightest men you could ever meet. I'm so secure in my sexuality that I have no doubt in my mind of it. Yet, I found meat spin absolutely hilarious and I regularly draw cartoon dicks doing all kinds of non-dick related things.

    My personal favorite is a sketch I drew of an alien wearing a gimp mask. It has an absolutely cartoonishly massive erection firing off a single massive sperm cell that is itself firing off a haduoken from the game street fighter (a game I've never actually played). There isn't anything mentally wrong with me. I have no criminal record of any kind, nor have I done anything that would have merited one. I'm in a long term relationship with the girl I plan to marry and I don't sleep around or cheat, despite being put into many situations where the temptation to do so was present. In other words, I'm a pretty normal and mentally healthy person.. Yet.. I draw cartoon dicks.. I think they're fucking hilarious for some reason.

    Hell, I even drew a cartoon of an absolutely disgusting slob of a man wearing only a cape and a woman's high heeled shoe.. on his dick.. while posing like a super hero. Why? The image broke seemingly every convention about heroic characters and was so fucking weird that I just couldn't stop laughing at it. In other words, I wasn't making some deeper statement about high heeled shoes or expressing a hidden desire for a disgusting pervert's dick.. I just thought the image was really funny.

    None of that is a sign of a serious mental instability on my part. None of that is a sign of a societal ill of any kind. I didn't imagine someone that I thought was socially acceptable and drew that, I specifically found the humor in something that society would reel in disgust from if they ever saw it for real. As denial of expectations is the very heart of humor, it would then make sense that the denial of societal expectations and norms could be considered funny.

    A short aside, have you considered that Bourdain's photo might be something as simple as a dumb joke?

    Now, if you didn't know me, and you had some preconceived notion that I was still "in the closet," and you saw my drawings of cartoon dicks.. Well, you might assume, wrongly, that it's evidence in confirmation of your bias. To me it's funny precisely because it subverts societal norms, not because those norms are gone and it's normal for a guy to strap a high heeled shoe to his dick. Nor am I suggesting through my strange art that doing so should be normal.

    In other words.. It is you, and not I, that happens to be the one with tunnel vision. Though I will admit, I was writing more in general than specifically towards you in my original post. I directed it towards the large number of people that keep suggesting that the photos are evidence of.. well, a lot of shit they couldn't possibly prove. For that, I will apologize. I should have made it far more clear whenever I spoke in general or directed at you. Still, I think the kind of thinking you expressed is dangerous.

    [–] Anthony Bourdain pic , disgusting rurikloderr 1 points ago in greatawakening

    I agree, that kind of thinking is not helpful at all and, more importantly, it's dangerous.

    Whenever anyone assumes they're right and everyone else is just outright wrong, it opens that person up to exploitation from someone willing to tell them what they want to hear. For people on the left, it tends to be people manipulating their compassion in order to get them to willingly give up power to an authoritarian. Communism is a perfect example of the kind of tyrannical power structure that can form like from feelings based thinking on the left. For people on the right, it tends to be people manipulating their disgust in order to get them to willingly give up power to an authoritarian. As much as I prefer not to make the comparison to nazis, it's the only truly apt example I have of that kind of power structure that arising from that kind of thinking on the right.

    We're getting into dangerous territory here as people are allowing their disgust of what's being revealed to drive them into a frenzy. It's precisely the kind of thinking that led to Nazi concentration camps or the Japanese Unit 731 atrocities. It was all born out of a disgust that gave them the justification they needed to feed into the capacity for evil found within the human soul. They justified such violence by finding a reason, any reason, they could use to revoke other person's humanity.

    I've wrestled with that kind of disgust my whole damn life. A rage so deep and so pervasive that is has truly scared the hell out of me. We're all capable of going down a path of truly vile intent while justifying our own evils as part of the good. All while simultaneously denouncing "evil" found in anyone we don't like.

    We need to be better than that. We can be better than that.

    [–] Anthony Bourdain pic , disgusting rurikloderr 2 points ago in greatawakening

    I'm not angry, I'm cautious. I don't like that we're making assumptions on subjective grounds. It's not a good sign of things to come. We need to tread carefully when dealing with monsters, lest we doom ourselves to taking their place.

    [–] Andy Spade Instagram...WTF rurikloderr 13 points ago in greatawakening

    So, gonna play a little devil's advocate here.. pardon the pun, couldn't help myself. Where is the line between weird and satan's disciple? Let's assume for a moment that these photos were found on a devout Christian's instagram. More specifically, let's assume that she's really into high fashion and likes to pretend she's a photographer and, being a mother, she absolutely adores her kids to the point where she basically puts them in every photoshoot she attempts. I say "attempts" there because in reality she's not a great photographer and none of her stuff is particularly creative, most of it is just cringy and weird. Despite being cringy and weird, it's entirely innocent.

    Can you please point out the parts that involve the satan's disciple stuff beyond a reasonable doubt? Now, I'm not asking you to tell me a whole hell of a lot about the person. I understand that Andy Spade is deep into some scary shit, but.. which photos above signal that you're Satan's disciple? Which one of those photos is "PURE EVIL?"

    I'm asking because it seems like we're starting to get into the territory where we stop seeing reality and instead just see whatever evils we want to see. That concept scares the hell out of me. This whole thing was supposed to be about dismantling the deep state and reinstating the liberties that we had lost, not about witch hunts and allowing our biases to cause everything to look like pure evil.

    Not everything associated with these people is pure evil. Not every photo is a link to a secret cult unless you have real proof. We can not get caught up in throwing away important principles like due process without losing a part of ourselves. Tread carefully lest we merely replace the monsters we seek to slay.

    [–] “A French Prosecutor said there was sign of foul play in the suicide of Anthony Bordain” rurikloderr 5 points ago in greatawakening

    In truth, one of the biggest warning signs that a suicide is imminent in someone suffering from severe depression is happiness and suddenly getting better. It's happens when they've decided on actually following through. I'm not saying that's what's happening here, but there is truth to the idea.

    [–] LESS FREEDOM: Memes 'will be banned' under new EU copyright law, warn campaigners rurikloderr 3 points ago in greatawakening

    So, this totally ignores the very idea of fair use in either transformative art, education, parody, or reporting the news.. Among a few others. Memes aren't exactly fucking stealing the market out from under the originals. There is no point to this other than trying to curtail expression.

    Fuck the EU, seriously.. As an American, I can't stand anything about it. It's like an attempt to make the United States, but shittier and without due process, equal representation under law, or any of those pesky "rights."

    Personally, from my perspective, the EU looks like little more than Germany financially, socially, and politically invading every other country in Europe. After two world wars it looks like they finally figured out how to pull off that conquest they've so desperately wanted.

    Europeans are just.. so fucked.

    [–] Anthony Bourdain pic , disgusting rurikloderr 11 points ago in greatawakening

    A healthy culture does not produce art like this? You sound about as dangerous as the people we're currently trying to work against. Having weird ass pictures of yourself holding a cow bone over your dick is a hell of a distance away from being a pedo cannibal. You really want everything everyone does to be analyzed with that kind of scrutiny?

    Now, before you say anything stupid let me be clear, I am not saying the man isn't a pedo cannibal. I don't know shit about the guy and I'd never heard his name before today. For all I know he's the worst human being on the planet, but it's not going to be because he took a weird photo. You don't know the context of the image, so what the hell is the point of linking it automatically with anything sinister?

    More than that, assuming guilt of a truly heinous crime over what amounts to expressing yourself in a strange way is all kinds of fucked up. For one, it don't forget that the first amendment is a thing for a reason and it protects precisely the kind of speech and expression that people don't like. Beyond that, we're supposed to give benefit of the doubt, and you're talking in a way that is entirely at odds with one of the most fundamental ideals behind this glorious experiment of ours... presumed innocence.

    I'm actually kind of worried at how many of you are calling for what amounts to lynching or imprisoning people without due process. How many seems to be suggesting draconian limitations on freedom of expression and speech due to your own personal morals. That's not ok at all. I'm not willing to just blindly accept that it's ok to throw away any of our fundamental principles, because doing so only puts us next in line to become the villains we're supposed to be fighting against.

    I'm not saying the image is in good taste. I'm not saying the image is good or that I like the image (I don't). I'm not saying it's not somehow connected to something sinister, it very well could be. I'm saying something fundamentally different here. That expression alone isn't enough to damn a person. That he obviously has the right to be as weird as he wants so long as it doesn't harm anyone else. Let's not blind ourselves to our founding principles, no matter how much you want to hate them.

    We need to be better than they are.

    [–] Cemex writes POLICY about Slavery and Human Trafficking, dated May 2018 by Michel Andre, President. Looks like they know someone is on to them. archive rurikloderr 2 points ago in greatawakening

    It was written in May of 2018 though.. I feel like this is in response to something far more recent. I find it a bit convenient that they've written this in May of this year.. right before any of the camps were found? Literally a month before a child trafficking camp is found on their property? What the fuck is that about?

    [–] Very important info about the secrets of the elites DMT (adrenochrome) trips... this is the what is the elites religion. They take DMT and talk to aliens aka demons and Lucifer. This is how they get their hidden knowledge. Same religion of the ancients. Start at 54:00 rurikloderr 2 points ago in greatawakening

    I posted elsewhere a response about DMT specifically, but I also wanted to mention.. Our oldest form of religion involves communing with our ancestors using things like DMT to make the journey to the afterlife in order to meet with them and join with the all. It also involved a kind of reverence of snakes as the adversary that, through preying on us, woke us up. There is a real truth behind that one and the older less tampered with versions of Genesis 3 cover it almost verbatim.

    It involves a whole lot of symbolism and allegory and for most of the ancient world was understood to be an allegory of a deep truth about where we came from. It was only very recently that we started taking that story to be something that literally happened as it was stated in the most recent versions.

    A snake tricks Eve into taking fruit from the tree of knowledge and sharing it with Adam. The fruit wakes them up and makes them see. They notice they are naked. Here's the thing about that part, it's not suggesting that they are naked and therefore ashamed about sex, that's a very simplistic way of understanding it and also quite a recent idea historically speaking. Think about every dream you ever had about being naked, it wasn't sexual at all.. You feel vulnerable.

    The fruit opened our eyes to how vulnerable we were. Consciousness does that doesn't it? The ability to experience as we do shows us how very vulnerable we are. We know that we can die and we know what can hurt us. If we know what can hurt us, we know what can hurt others and therefore that others are vulnerable too. If we know that, then we know the difference between good and evil.

    More than that, our real history mimics this story so well that it's rather beautiful I think. Long ago, potentially millions of years before humans split off from chimps and bonobos. Before humans could be said to be human at all, the animal we descended from lived primarily within trees. Snakes were our primary predators.

    An unfathomable number of generations alongside our oldest adversary promoted keen eyesight in all primates that had been preyed upon by snakes. Keen eyesight requires the development of a larger brain. Sexual selection of the males that were best able to avoid snakes, therefore having the best eyesight and eventually the more adaptable brains, by the females of our ancestor species meant that the development of human intelligence and eventually consciousness was driven by a choice made by Eve at the behest of a snake trying to trick her.

    Do you recall what happens next? God appears in the garden and calls out to Adam and Eve, who are hiding due to their nakedness, i.e. their vulnerability. God realizes that they're not awake and tells them what they've just done. Here's the thing about that, it's only recent translations that seem to suggest god is punishing them. In the older versions I've read it seems more like a father sorrowfully telling his children the consequences of what they've just done.

    What are those consequences? Eve was told she would be subservient to her husband and that birth would be painful. Well yeah, no shit.. With a bigger brain comes a bigger head and that's quite literally the reason birth is as painful as it is for our species. It's also the reason our infants are so fragile, they have to be born premature in order to avoid killing the mother during childbirth. We need to take care of our young lest they die and women are biologically suited to that roll, but that makes them vulnerable due to the vulnerability of the child.

    Also, because we're a social species where the males are actually involved, the males are the ones that risk death to protect their family. The dynamic there is one that will just naturally gravitate towards a situation where men will work to provide and protect women and children, sacrificing themselves in the process if need be. It's also the reason for the whole thing about subservience, that kind of thing will just naturally arise due to having to defer to men due to the nature of the responsibility involved in the man's role. You can't be trying to take command when the person protecting you tells you to hide or run.

    There is more to it, but I don't have the time to go into more detail. Regardless to say though, our oldest religion is still very much alive within Chrisitanity so I don't know what the fuck Alex Jones is talking about. It sounds like he's getting ready to sell holy water, for a reasonable price.. of course.

    [–] Very important info about the secrets of the elites DMT (adrenochrome) trips... this is the what is the elites religion. They take DMT and talk to aliens aka demons and Lucifer. This is how they get their hidden knowledge. Same religion of the ancients. Start at 54:00 rurikloderr 3 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in greatawakening

    They're trying to misinform you. Alex Jones is a part of this attempt to control you. I admit he might not realize what part he is playing in all this. I suspect he is doing it in order to try to stay relevant. He's never had much actual information about anything. A lot of what he says is either a lie outright or an attempt to capitalize on something that the MSM won't cover, but is already being covered elsewhere. He uses the legitimacy gained from covering real stories in order to sell the crazier shit.

    I've been doing a whole lot of research into DMT as part of something I've been working on, specifically the reconciliation of science and religion. I've spent quite a while working to discover lost or hidden knowledge from ancient sources, read the original translations of religious texts, and integrate that with what I know about a vast number of scientific fields. I've already discovered that there are a great many things we no longer know about ourselves. I've also discovered, and to add some weight to this I should mention that I was an atheist, that the bible stories are far more true that people think, though not necessarily in the way that people think.. at least, not anymore. It's so much more profound than anyone could possibly know. The feeling of literal biblical awe that it caused literally changed me.

    In regard to DMT though. Ask yourself a question.. Why would the elites make it illegal if it allows you to talk to demons? Aren't demons supposed to be insidious tricksters that can corrupt any man? I know that if my goal was to suppress the truth and spread lies and demonic knowledge, and I had something that could bring a person's mind in direct contact with something that corrupting.. I'd be promoting it. I'd make sure everyone knew how amazing it was and I surely wouldn't make it illegal only after ten thousand years of consistent use by almost every culture throughout history.

    Yeah, that last bit is absolutely true. Humans have been using DMT for many thousands of years. DMT is produced by your brain already. When you die, assuming it is any kind of death that doesn't destroy the brain outright, your pineal gland will produce a massive flood of DMT. You'll hear that it causes hallucinations of an afterlife where there is none, but I'm not entirely convinced of that as there is something very strange about consciousness and stranger still about a person's experience when given DMT.

    There are lines of evidence suggesting that consciousness could be inherent to the structure of the universe itself. I can't prove this in it's entirety yet, and I still need to confirm some of what I've been researching, but I'm starting to see signs that the brain might be accessing something from "outside" itself. We know so little about how consciousness and memory works. Yet what we do know has potential implications that go well beyond what most scientists would be willing to consider without substantial evidence.

    DMT then, might be the way by which your consciouness can remain intact as it reintegrates with the whole. In death, this integration is permanent. In life, you integrate temporarily. Most say they experience literal death and are given the chance to go back and live as if they hadn't died. Often people will come back from that experience completely convinced that they did, in fact, die but were given a second chance at life. Many people rate it among the most important events in their entire lives. An experience as profound and important to them as the birth of their children.

    Given the profound sense of connectedness and love they say exists in that place, I can't imagine what you find there has anything to do with demons. I know enough about demons to know the one thing they can't fake is a real sense of love for anyone else. You can't fake something you can't feel yourself.

    It's even more profound when you consider ancient sources on the subject. A lot of myths, legends, and religions contain elements that wind up telling a single continuous story. A three day ressurection shows up everywhere, as does a flood, and a story like the tower of babel, a world tree, trees of life and knowledge, stories of snakes as an advesary.. It's everywhere.. even in places that can't be connected causally to Christianity. I'm not talking about some attempt to jam the religions together in order to foster a rejection of religion.

    No, I'm talking about a truth that they all share in common pointing to something so truly awe inspiring and real that I can't really explain it in any way other than to express that I can see the divine. I can see it and it changed me forever. There is no doubt and there is no conflict with science anymore within me and, if you knew me personally, you would understand how big of a deal that really is. They are one and the same because of course they would be. The elites don't know that they're going to fail if they attempt to combine the religions. They were meant to be combined, to be understood within the context of the truth that can't be hidden because it's everywhere. In attempting to break faith by merging religion they will only succeed in making people see the divine in all things.

    Alex Jones is just using the fear cultivated around this drug, a fear created by the very cabal we're supposed to be fighting against, to concoct a story that people are willing to belief. It's low hanging fruit for him. Use extant public fear and some disturbing truths in order to convince people actively looking for sinister intentions that something they don't know about is full of sinister intent. He's a very shady piece of shit, to be honest. He puts on a show that feeds on your fears and then tries to convince you he's the one doing you a favor. You need only look at the products he sells to know everything you could possibly know about him. He's a snake oil salesman pretending to be the news everyone else is too afraid to report on.

    Also, in before he starts selling Holy Water to protect you from demonic possession.

    [–] MR 11 Test is making me angry. rurikloderr 1 points ago in Warframe

    Your opinion is capable of being wrong while also remaining your opinion. Stating something is your opinion does not preclude it from criticism or comment.

    [–] News proves Q. Euro bond market does today what Q said - Two weeks ago rurikloderr 1 points ago in greatawakening

    What can you do with gold? Well, for one, it doesn't react with oxygen.. that means it won't tarnish and if it doesn't tarnish it isn't going to corrode. A metal that keeps it's luster essentially forever, that's got a fair number of uses socially for one. Ask yourself, why is jewelry a human universal? Why did kings wear gold?

    Beyond it's use as a status display, which I can not do enough to express the importance of, it's also one of the more useful metals in technology and medicine. It's an exceptional conductor of electricity but more importantly, because it does not tarnish, it is particularly useful for contacts involving low currents and voltages. Since it lasts essentially forever and isn't reactive, you can use it to make exceedingly hardy circuits. I don't think I need to express how much of a game changer electronics has been for humanity. As far as I am aware, there is only one metal that acts as a better conductor of electricity, silver.

    It reflects infrared light so it's used in basically every infrared telescope known to man. It's used all throughout every spacecraft I know of because of it's reliability for cooling solutions in space. So, that essentially means all satellites need it for any kind of reliable functioning. Shit.. one I just found out about was it's use as a lubricant in certain extreme environments, space included.

    It's uses in medicine are widespread because it's one of the few metals that you can put in the human body without worrying about the horrifying effects of metal toxicity or infection. It's hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, meaning it's well tolerated by biological systems and exceptionally deadly to bacteria. It's why it was used as a dental filling for thousands of years, still is technically.. OH! I just remembered, gold nanoparticles are being used to increase the efficacy of antibacterial medicines now too. That one is kind of a big deal.

    Truth be told though, the primary reason it's so useful is just the fact that it's exceptionally easy to work with without having to melt it first. You can dissolve it with aqua regia in order to create very pure concentrations of gold without much effort. The gold powder you get out of solution is also surprisingly easy to melt given the relationship between particle size and melting temperature. In other words, even if you don't have an arc furnace you can work gold.

    [–] MR 11 Test is making me angry. rurikloderr 1 points ago in Warframe

    Not true, there are many situations in which projectiles are superior. Mag is an excellent example of a frame that should always be using projectile weapons. Magnetize just causes hitscan weapons to trace a straight line to the center of the bubble from wherever it hits on the surface. While this can be somewhat useful for targeting specific enemies within one of Mag's bubbles, it misses out on a whole lot of the benefits that come from using projectiles instead. The most immediate benefit being filling the Magnetize bubble with rapidly spinning projectiles with punch through. They basically just orbit in the bubble til they despawn or hit something. Projectiles with a high enough projectile speed (Panthera is good for this) can actually hit enemies on the opposite side of the bubble before being completely redirected.

    The biggest benefit comes from the lesser known effects of her Magnetize ability, namely that the bubble stores a small fraction of all damage dealt to it. The stored damage is used for two seperate effects. The first effect deals the stored damage to every enemy standing in the bubble every half second. The second effect is an explosion in a pretty large area after the bubble collapses. If I'm remembering it correctly, the damage dealt by that explosion is equal to all of the possible damage ticks from the damage over time effect added together.

    Anyway, the reason that projectiles win out for Magnetize, beyond the physics inside the bubble, is that the multishot from hitscan weapons is basically ignored. There is only one collision with the bubble for any hitscan weapon so you don't really get to add all of a hitscan weapon's damage to the bubble. Beam weapons are a special case of hitscan weapon and I'll cover that in a moment. Projectile weapons with multishot actually create multiple projectiles in the game world. Magnetize, as you might have guessed, counts the damage dealt by every single one of them. That means that a rapid fire projectile weapon with a decent amount of multishot, Panthera or Secura Dual Cestra for example, build Magnetize's damage faster than any other class of weapon in the game.. usually.

    Beam weapons are a special case and I'm not sure it's entirely understood how they interact with her Magnetize ability. That being said, there are two things that can possibly make them arguably better than projectile weapons.. sometimes. The first is that, especially since the beam weapon change, most beam weapons have a very high fire rate and that makes up for the lack of multishot. Now, I haven't tested how multishot effects beams in the new system and if they act like a secondary damage multiplier then they might actually effect the bubble, but being essentially hitscan weapons they probably don't. The second effect is that beam weapons can always hit a Magnetize bubble regardless of range. For example, the Panthera's secondary effect (basically a chainsaw) functions mechanically as a beam weapon with a very very short range (6m?). However, if you aim the secondary fire towards one of Mag's bubbles, it will always add damage to the bubble.

    [–] It was my Wife's birthday today. Here is the phone call from my mom compared to her's rurikloderr 2 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    My girlfriend's mother will post pictures of herself my girlfriend's birthday. She'll post a picture of my girlfriend as well, but I've always liked the contrast of which pictures she chooses. She posted a younger picture of herself visibly pregnant surrounded by people at what I imagine is a baby shower or a some other form of social gathering. She looks like she's in her element and enjoying the attention she's getting. Oh, quick note before I move on, my girlfriend has pretty significant social anxiety and such a gathering would be something she'd find extremely uncomfortable.

    The one chosen for my girlfriend? Her looking uncomfortable while staring over a book she was reading. Realistically, you can only see her eyes and hair as the book covers the rest of her face. I personally think she's jealous of my girlfriend's youth and natural beauty (her mother puts a lot of work into her appearance while my girlfriend just looks absolutely stunning without trying), so whether conscious of it or not she's trying to ensure she isn't outshone by her own daughter on her birthday.

    Though, one amazing thing came out of it.. One of her mother's coworkers or friends immediately recognized it for what it was and posted the reply "Congrats on your daughter's birthday!" followed by a smiley face. Always appreciate when other people notice the narcissism too, even if it's just a momentary glimpse.

    [–] What is the scariest photo that exists? rurikloderr 18 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in AskReddit

    I'm designing a game where the technological singularity just isn't possible. Something always happens to prevent it from happening. Any time anyone has tried to make anything that would result in exponential intelligence gains it just.. doesn't happen. Worse, no one has any idea why as repeating experiments with identical equipment seems to result in completely different outcomes. No attempt to breach the singularity fails in exactly the same way.

    For example, you build a general AI and turn it on, everything is fine at first, but once it hits that period of exponential growth it just fails entirely. Perhaps it begs to be turned off as it seems to panic about something or just seems to go completely mad. Computers will just shut down and become unable to be turned back on, immediately fill all their storage space with junk data, or just break entirely in ways that seem impossible. Neural implants or genetically enhanced minds will contemplate the totality of the information gathered and just.. break.. Most of the time a person that experiences the singularity just becomes totally unresponsive, commits suicide, or dies outright with a look of utter horror stuck on their face.

    There is a mechanic in the game where you can use a limited version of one of the singularity implants to see just a part of the totality. In essence, it allows you to just auto succeed at a task so long as you are capable of succeeding at all, but it comes with inherent risks, namely.. losing your fucking mind. The longer you look, the more danger there is. Users often report a sense of dread as their mind contemplates more and more of the whole, as if there is something so wrong that even glimpsing it for a second would destroy them utterly. The quote you wrote there, it reminds me of the kind of shit that happens when you get a little too close to the singularity.

    Specifically, it reminds me of one of the NPCs in the game. There is a mission you can get to recover a test subject from a research lab where they were trying to solve the singularity problem. You meet someone who survived seeing the totality and he tries to warn everyone about what's out there. Most of what he says seems to be gibberish, talking in a kind of broken mathematics with rules that don't make sense. He seems to plead with everyone to pay attention as he writes strange symbols over and over but nothing seems able to decipher any of it. Occasionally though, and with great effort, he'll slow down and speak in allegory about something watching us from beyond and between all things.. of a waking nightmare that only gets closer. He speaks of the void as if it was a living thing and our existence as some kind of theft.

    After recovering him and getting him aboard your ship, he will become almost impossible to control when he finds out that you plan to make use of a jump gate. He goes missing the moment you pass through the gate and only you and your crew even remember him ever having existed. You can't find any evidence of him ever having existed. The research lab, the experiment, even the details in the mission log disappear. However, turning off the lights in last room he was in will result in hallucinations of the strange symbols written all over the room.

    [–] What is the scariest photo that exists? rurikloderr 2 points ago in AskReddit

    That image, with a small alteration, is one of the most fucked up things I've ever laughed at..

    [–] What is the scariest photo that exists? rurikloderr 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I was very close to having a literal spit take when I read this.

    [–] Guns are for killing, NOT Crowd Control (IPS Changes) rurikloderr 1 points ago in Warframe

    or to stagger them even to open them for finishers.

    It already does this..

    [–] Why is there so much hesitation with making lacking frames good when there are already ones that break the game? rurikloderr 1 points ago in Warframe

    Why is the idea of losing looting as a mechanic a bad one, though? Yes, it's the removal of a mechanic, but it's arguably a pretty uninteresting mechanic.

    I don't think you read the entirety of what I said on the subject. I think you stopped at that one example and assumed you knew the rest of my argument, which.. I can forgive, it was a wall of text and I commend you for reading some of it at least. Hell of a lot better than the people who only read the titles. Regardless, you might be right that on it's own it's a fairly uninteresting mechanic. A lot of core mechanics in games are fairly uninteresting, on their own.

    Take Mario Bros for example, jumping is a core mechanic.. just jumping. Beyond that, the only other directly controllable interaction, without powerups, is to move right or left. On it's own, jumping and moving right or left are incredibly uninteresting. They're so.. minor.. they don't seem to mean anything. Other games do so much more with movement.

    Yet, if you did change those dynamics, even a little, it would drastically change the entire feel of the original Mario Bros. Any one mechanic, when taken out of it's proper context, is almost always uninteresting. It isn't until you add blocks, enemies that you can jump on, and start expanding that system that things start to get interesting. So, the question I'd have to ask is, what part does looting play in the basic feel of what makes Warframe.. well.. Warframe?

    I think if you're honest with yourself you'll see that actually picking up loot is a huge part of the essential gameplay. It's just one mechanic, that on it's own is something very small and uninteresting, but it's never played on it's own. You're never in a mission where all you do is loot and you never do anything else at all. It's more integrated into the foundations of Warframe's gameplay than you probably expect and I guarantee that removing it or fucking with it too much will absolutely change everything about the way warframe feels.

    Picking up loot is boring. Low MR newbies might go down running off to loot a hallway or something, but I can't remember the last time I died because I went to go scoop up resources.

    This is precisely the kind of shitty statement that will make devs want to ignore any suggestions you might have. This point you make here is so small picture that all it says to me is that you no longer have any connection to the vast majority of players. You've even forgotten how those frustrating moments in your early career made for some of the most memorably fun experiences in the game.

    I make it a point to spend about half of my time in game playing with low MR players. No, I don't just mean powering them through shit either. I mean playing with them, stripping the mods off my weapons, bringing an Mk1-Braton and Aklato and just playing alongside the new guys as a peer rather than just a mentor or guide.

    I imagine in your jaded elitism that you forgot what it feels like to pick up an Oberon piece for the first time. This big ass column of glowing purple pops in out of nowhere, dropping from an enemy that amounts to a miniboss for you, and you have literally no fucking clue what you've just found.. but picking it up is one of the bigger rushes in the early game.

    Both of those outcomes are shitty, and leave the player feeling like they got robbed. Nobody enjoys that, nobody looks at that and goes, "Yeah this is the feeling I want to instill in my players."

    You made choices, in those choices you decided that something was more important than taking the time to grab the loot when you could. The looting rules didn't arbitrarily change, you knew that your movement gets locked out at the end of a mission, but you specifically chose not to take that time to loot. You chose to focus attention on something other than looting. This is precisely the risk reward stuff I'm talking about. If nothing is on the line, then there is no sense of accomplishment at all. The risk makes the choices mean something.

    If you could look out across a battlefield and see something particularly cool dropped over there, then that'd be different. You'd want to run over there and grab that neat thing. But there's no way to tell what something is before you pick it up, except in the most general sense. Blueprint drops all look like a glowing purple container. All mods have the exact same model when they fall on the floor.

    First, there are coloration changes to denote when you've found a rare mod, and you can clearly see it in the golden color of the light coming off it. That being said.. Yes, all mods have the exact same model, good.. they should. You want distinct models to let players know from the silhouette alone what they're about to go get. Endo has a distinct look and so too do blueprints and most other things of real worth. However, you also need to make getting that mod a small gamble. It is Condition Overload or is it just another Streamline? That gamble is actually important.

    So why not just skip straight to that point, and drop it directly into my inventory?

    Because that is fucking boring. It would be little more than a bunch of text on the screen, a sprawling and meaningless jumble of increasing shit. I would much rather get to experience those moments where I've just killed an entire hallways worth of densely packed infested and the hallways seems to be littered and stained with the fruits of my labor. Do you really feel no sense of satisfaction running over a whole killing feel of loot? Do you feel nothing at all when you see that mess.. that glorious victorious mess?

    The joy of looting isn't picking something up off the ground, it's in knowing that you GOT something. The older I get, the less interested I am in sifting through piles of garbage for the one thing that might be worth it in the first place.

    Just read what you wrote here..