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    [–] Dems Vow to Probe 'Why the FBI Stood Down' on Kavanaugh ryansc07 0 points ago in politics

    Two witnesses say it never happened. One says it did. So we are going to believe the former correct?

    [–] Talk to us 3: Weapon balance ryansc07 1 points ago in Blackops4

    Just a tip but generally any gun that takes 556 or 762 ammo will be an assault rifle. 10mm or .45 are the smgs.

    [–] Hurricane Florence: NHC reports 83-foot waves near eyewall ryansc07 -4 points ago in worldnews

    A reminder that Puerto Rico's corrupt local government failed its people in multiple ways? How is that relevant to Trump or the current hurricane? Do you just read headlines and base your opinions on that? I bet you do.

    [–] Photos reportedly show massive stockpile of bottled water left on a runway for more than a year in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria ryansc07 100 points ago in worldnews

    Its called fake news. He may call a lot of stuff fake news that isnt fake news, but he also calls out a lot of legitimate fake news. Its everyday on every website.

    [–] 75 hotel workers arrested at Labor Day protest in California ryansc07 1 points ago in news

    It does not trump your right to protest. However it does not mean you are allowed to protest wherever you want.

    [–] 75 hotel workers arrested at Labor Day protest in California ryansc07 2 points ago in news

    I didnt knoe my rights were less important than these protestors. Silly me.

    [–] 75 hotel workers arrested at Labor Day protest in California ryansc07 -1 points ago in news

    Wow I cant believe you are ok with protestors infringing on the rights of people. Seems hypocritical.

    [–] Bank Of America Freezes More Accounts Based on Questioned Citizenship ryansc07 0 points ago in news

    Well my social was stolen by an illegal immigrant so a lot of them do have one.

    [–] Shooting at Madden Tournament in Jacksonville ryansc07 0 points ago in xboxone

    Just curious what do you think should be changed with the gun laws specifically?

    [–] Man, reading the comments on AngryJoe’s newest videos genuinely hurts me ryansc07 1 points ago in gaming

    No one is asking for realism. There is a large portiom of fans who ask for historical accuracy.

    [–] Halo: Infinite Is Halo 6, Microsoft Confirms ryansc07 3 points ago in Games

    Well the most important blunder for me was not having nearly enough missions as Blue team. I want to be Chief, I want to fight alonside his badass veteran war buddies and get to know them. But instead we get Locke for 3/4 of the game. There are literally only 4 missions you get to play as Chief. Thats weak sauce.

    [–] Swedish roaming gangs set 80 cars on fire ryansc07 11 points ago in worldnews

    Then say that. Dont say automatic weapons because it makes you look like an idiot who doesnt realize automatic weapons habe been banned for decades.

    [–] What did a professional say or do that made you immediately lose trust in them? ryansc07 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I was in a super bad car accident that ripped my knee open. The wound would not heal and was starting to get infected so we went to a doctor in our small town who specializes in knees and joints. He walks in and ask to see my knee and his first words after seeing it were "holy shit". That made me feel kinda nervous, you dont want to hear your doctor say that about your condition but I sucked it up and let him do his thing. He messed around with it for a while and then casually says "ok we'll give it a shot" and starts asking when I want to do surgery. My sister who was with me immediately said we will find someone who is better suited for this and the doctor freaking said good to her because he didnt even trust himself. I ended up going to a plastic surgeon who specializes in veterans who are victims of trauma and he was the best of the best. Long story short dont trust every doctor you see.

    [–] Swedish roaming gangs set 80 cars on fire ryansc07 13 points ago in worldnews

    How you know someone knows nothing about guns.