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    [–] - my time is more valuable than yours ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Some are timers some aren’t. If you drive around super late at night when the roads are empty you’ll notice which lights just change automatically for you and which ones you always get stuck at for a minute

    [–] Best controller evah! ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in xboxone

    Yup I’ve owned 2 of these and haven’t seen either in a very long time lol

    [–] Rental Review: 2019 Infiniti QX80, aka "Shamu" ryein-ryeout 3 points ago in cars

    I swear I read that they were being pulled from the US market because I thought “wow that was short lived” but I did just look it up and apparently I’ve misremembered since I’m only seeing articles about a redesign and nothing mentioning them being discontinued.

    Regardless, pretty much every customer I’ve ever rented one too hated it, except for an older lady on Martha’s Vineyard who would call every other week asking I had an ecosport or Kia Soul available lmao

    [–] Rental Review: 2019 Infiniti QX80, aka "Shamu" ryein-ryeout 5 points ago in cars

    I quit my job at Avis like a week ago but it had been many many months since I’d seen an ecosport in the lot that we share with enterprise and hertz. They didn’t last long at all in the rental world. A lot of the ones we had actually had a problem where they’d make this noise from the back of the car that sounded like you broke something when you hit a bump. Those things sucked ass I’m glad ford killed them off.

    [–] Hopsin painted this picture of XXXTENTACION. Mad props sir ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    wtf is this thread lol is hopsin really considered a cool rapper now. He used to be like the Russ/Logic of rap back in 2013 when Ill mind of hopsin 5 blew up. That shit was corny as fuck even 13 year old me realized that

    The sub loves to hate u man

    [–] Love Gang Forever Tour Announced! ryein-ryeout 2 points ago in GothBoiClique

    damn they not coming even close to MA

    [–] Car guys who drive a 7+ year old car that always need repairs... get in here. I need some moral support. ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in cars

    If it’s the same as my 06 g35 you don’t actually have to remove the front bumper to do the headlight. You can reach in through the wheel well and swap em out

    [–] The good old #freeX times ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    Lmaooo my ig and Twitter bios are both still Free X after all these years

    [–] Here's Why the Audi E-Tron Is the Future of the Audi SUV - Doug DeMuro ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in cars

    Shoutout Sconset. You’re the only person on YouTube, and probably the internet in general, that I’ve ever seen mention this place lol.

    [–] Ready for Endgame ryein-ryeout 2 points ago in TheWeeknd

    yeah honestly this looks like the kinda shit you’d see being made at one of those kiosks with a heat press at the mall

    [–] Ready for Endgame ryein-ryeout -6 points ago in TheWeeknd

    wow this is lazy it’s literally just both brands logos with a line between them. Dumber than killing off iron man after giving him the infinity gauntlet

    [–] Dr. Strange opens the pit ryein-ryeout 0 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    Yeah it’s been over a week anyone who cares has seen it

    [–] Nissan Admits Customers Don't Want A Hybrid GT-R ryein-ryeout 5 points ago in cars

    yeah seriously they did a great job my 06 g35 holds up damn well besides the radio headunit that I haven’t got around to replacing yet lol

    [–] Cd to Aux audio ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in CarAV

    I got one from Best Buy a few years ago for like $40

    [–] oh yeah ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods