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    [–] The fuck is wrong with everyone in this sub? ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in TheWeeknd

    We’ve worked hard over the past few years to make it a nice place, the things probably been hacked and brigaded more than any other artist sub

    [–] Low Grade OC Meme ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in Blackops4

    Do the specialist training it shows you how to counter them

    [–] Coming Soon: Quad Launcher ryein-ryeout -5 points ago in FortNiteBR

    “C.H.I.E.F” is only phrase I have muted on twitter. The chief meme has gotten annoying but holy shit this one copypasta is the cringiest shit ever.

    [–] What is the difference between auto valeting and auto detailing? ryein-ryeout 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in AutoDetailing

    Other than wash and waxing the outside, paint corrections, carpet vacuuming/shampooing, engine exterior cleaning, what else can car detailers do?

    [–] Project xCloud: Gaming with you at the center - The Official Microsoft Blog ryein-ryeout 23 points ago in xboxone

    The US has a lot of areas where one provider will have a monopoly so they can get away with imposing crazy fees and data caps because you have no other choice than to deal with it. Crazy to think that I could download a terabyte in games today if I wanted to but others with the same provider might have to worry about watching too much Netflix

    [–] Went to the House of Balloons yesterday! Surreal! ryein-ryeout 14 points ago in TheWeeknd

    Abel doesn’t own the building, someone on here actually posted about how they met either one of the tenants or the owner and talked to them about Abel

    [–] Footage of X’s Murder ryein-ryeout 30 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    nobody deserves to die like this

    [–] Tomorrow ryein-ryeout 2 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    dude I used to stan mac in middle school too, loved everything he did and he was probably my favorite rapper before I got big into Odd Future. It’s been years since I’ve followed what he’s been doing so when I saw he died it was a wave of nostalgia. One day I’m gonna find all my Mac Miller x Neff shirts and get so fucking sad

    [–] Tomorrow ryein-ryeout 198 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    It’s funny, these are my two favorite artists and I’d think their audiences would have a large crossover but I’ve seen so much hate directed towards the other artist in each sub. I see peep fans say that x is an abuser and x fans say that peep is garbage. Makes me sad :c

    [–] Pulled the trigger on a C6 Z06..having a blast with it ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in cars

    /r/autodetailing has everything you could possibly need to know about keeping your car nice and shiny

    [–] **NEW IMAGE FLAIRS!!** ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    Are u on old reddit or the redesign

    [–] Another one of my favorite photos of X. ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    Not bad, don’t think I’d ever have it in me to sell mine tho 😩

    [–] horsey and pepe ❤️ ryein-ryeout 2 points ago in GothBoiClique

    Looks more like a newbury comics lol

    [–] 1994 “Taxi Driver” T-Shirt ryein-ryeout 6 points ago in supremeclothing

    Printed on tagless shirts and then the supreme tag was added afterwards?

    [–] Members only be the clique. ryein-ryeout 35 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    he was so skinny back then too