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    [–] Feds order Georgia sheriff to return $69G spent on Hellcat muscle car ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in news

    Guns and cars aren’t the same thing, like at all.

    Why do we need to be confiscating people’s cars instead of just suspending licenses? Driving without a license is illegal so it’s basically the same thing as taking their car away, minus all the extra work and money it will cost the police to deal with tons of confiscated cars.

    This also allows people to sell their car or let other people use it instead of having it put in a lot for an indefinite amount of time

    [–] Feds order Georgia sheriff to return $69G spent on Hellcat muscle car ryein-ryeout 2 points ago in news

    Y’all need to stop comparing guns to cars they’re completely different

    [–] Feds order Georgia sheriff to return $69G spent on Hellcat muscle car ryein-ryeout 15 points ago in news

    wtf the solution is obviously to have someone lose their license for reckless driving not have their car taken away

    [–] Nah..just us two is fine. ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    And they love to hate things they don’t understand

    [–] but....but....I don’t want to be tracked ryein-ryeout 33 points ago in assholedesign

    They’ve been advertising this game for years and it still isn’t released. Did he expect that not a single person would capitalize on this concept? It’s not even that unique, basically just Katamari Damacy but you play as a hole instead of a person.

    [–] A real winner ryein-ryeout 21 points ago in trashy

    it’s a somewhat popular pose for guns like that

    [–] Community mural tagged with name of dead rapper ryein-ryeout -4 points ago in trashy

    y’all read 1 complex article and think you know the whole story 😪

    r.i.p jah

    If anyone is interested in learning more about things like the Geneva trial or jumping that guy in jail I can help, I’ve been following x and modding his subreddit for a few years now

    [–] what ryein-ryeout 1 points ago in 4PanelCringe

    I just found this sub so my comment is a month late but here’s the medical record that’s been going around for like a year now that shows she wasn’t pregnant

    [–] That’s Not Your Purse! ryein-ryeout 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in scriptedasiangifs

    All of these videos are made for WeChat or Douyin

    [–] there will NEVER be anybody else like x ryein-ryeout 8 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    When it comes to music, most of the greatest have been immune to copycats due to the fact that they’re so unique and talented

    [–] Mike Ybarra wants to see Cross Progression become a standard. ryein-ryeout 7 points ago in xboxone

    I can’t believe people even use disks anymore. Between my brother and I we have 400+ games and not a single disk.

    [–] OFFICIAL MEMORIAL MERCH RELEASED ryein-ryeout 20 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    never thought I’d say this but I miss when Revenge did X’s merch.

    [–] OFFICIAL MEMORIAL MERCH RELEASED ryein-ryeout 8 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    For $75 I hope they don’t use the blank that they made the mockup on, it’s so bad. If they go with something nicer I think $75 wouldn’t be that bad, especially if SAD! is embroidered

    [–] X being x ...💔 ryein-ryeout 0 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    ok yeah we all hate them as much as you do but going around saying they should be raped is totally unnecessary

    [–] X being x ...💔 ryein-ryeout 5 points ago in XXXTENTACION

    yall gotta stop with this shit it’s so lame