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    [–] Friends is a fucking terrible show s_98 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    British sitcoms > American sitcoms

    [–] Should I wait for Poco f2 s_98 10 points ago in Xiaomi

    I think it'll be more expensive than f1 (like how OnePlus increase price with each model). If your current device is fine, then you should wait. I hope they reduce the chin and notch in f2.

    [–] Does anyone know where I can get my name printed on a football jersey in Delhi? s_98 1 points ago in delhi

    I got printed from Shankar market next to cp and Nehru place. Unsatisfactory. Nike and Adidas used to do it back in the day. No idea about current status.

    [–] why did swimming in a chlorinated completely get rid of dandruff? s_98 3 points ago in HaircareScience

    Chlorine bleaches my hair (Black to dark brown) and makes them rough

    [–] Perfect age for any player s_98 41 points ago in FifaCareers

    Does he play for the Roman Empire?

    [–] The Lungi dilemma. s_98 4 points ago in bakchodi

    Instruments are too expensive for most. Hence almost everyone owns a cheap guitar and plays nothing else matters intro on it.

    [–] Is it though? s_98 28 points ago in guitarcirclejerk

    Guys. Butter. Scotch. Tele

    [–] "Stupid dog, you make me look bad" s_98 13 points ago in SoulCaliburCreations

    This looks like a villain from the show

    [–] [OC] s_98 5 points ago in bakchodi


    [–] Fuck, help me s_98 4 points ago in guitarcirclejerk

    I honestly like the looks