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    [–] Ro randia Ro! s_98 11 points ago in bakchodi

    Damn , we thicc

    [–] Parents, whats the creepiest thing your kid has ever said or done? s_98 340 points ago in AskReddit

    When I was little, I had nightmares of being in a car crash in a hilly terrain. Iirc I wore a white shirt in that dream

    [–] Og bakchod Shin Chan Nohara s_98 1 points ago in bakchodi

    Kollywood—miss me with that lungi shit

    [–] I prayed that I never had to make this 😭😭😭 s_98 5 points ago in memes

    I personally feel we shouldn't be making memes about him right now. I do understand how you feel about this. It's just that I feel it's not right to make memes right now.

    [–] I mean s_98 2 points ago in CrappyDesign

    Wait a minute...

    [–] Guilty of the crime s_98 2 points ago in memes

    The band...