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    [–] It is so incredibly frustrating as an alcoholic in recovery to go to AA meetings as an atheist. sadmachine88 12 points ago in atheism

    In addition to not being very effective like the other person said, they’ve also done their damndest to frame alcoholism as a moral and spiritual problem instead of a medical and/or mental health condition.

    [–] This fb page sadmachine88 12 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Also Hillary’s campaign against Obama back in the day was blatantly racist lmao

    [–] City hopes 'Baby Shark' song will drive homeless from park sadmachine88 -22 points ago in news

    I don’t care about your dumb kids going to the park while a huge chunk of the homeless population is working women with children

    [–] Real truth right here sadmachine88 -16 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Suicide is everyone’s issue not a men’s issue. Women are more likely to attempt suicide and more likely to be diagnosed with depression. Men die of suicide more because they tend to choose more effective methods.

    [–] Tom Thumb and Keller police are serious when it comes to protecting their Blue Bell ice cream. sadmachine88 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in texas

    No they’re just jumping on the totally chill and reasonable bandwagon of “dumb kid who licked ice cream deserves death penalty” for publicity because all cops are beautiful.

    [–] Sheboygan serial toilet clogger sentenced to 150 days in jail, probation sadmachine88 3 points ago in nottheonion

    OCD isn’t just doing random stuff because you get an urge it’s a particular pattern of symptoms. You carry out the rituals because they provide a temporary relief from uncontrollable anxious thoughts. And the rituals generally take up at least an hour of your day.

    Seems more likely to be a weird sex thing, or he just has some axe to grind with women.

    [–] Oh. No. Well I’m canceling my order. sadmachine88 8 points ago in cyberpunkgame

    The Onion has been killing it lately with the gaming news articles. I enjoyed the one about the guy who breaks into Todd Howard’s house

    [–] Boston Trolls: Solidarity action on 6/26 sadmachine88 19 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    In the long run, a public backlash from an employee uprising will have a much bigger effect than “lets just give them supplies and have the revolution later.” It will hopefully make more public companies worry about getting involved with something like this because of customer boycotts and difficulty attracting new employees. Forbes is already telling people to sell their Wayfair stock because of the tone deaf response from leadership.

    [–] pretending to be homeless sadmachine88 15 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Not narcissism, cognitive dissonance. Everyone can rationalize doing something sketchy but when someone calls you out on it your brain starts to hurt and you get mad.

    [–] There should be a limit on customization of fast food orders sadmachine88 3 points ago in doordash

    I got one of those earlier that was like “easy on the tomato, lettuce, cheese” lol just pick it off like an adult

    [–] “I have no idea how any of this works...” sadmachine88 1 points ago in IncelTears

    People take birth control pills for plenty of other reasons than contraception. Regulating heavy periods, acne, etc. I know you’re just making a point and that’s cool but sometimes people aren’t aware of this. :)

    [–] “I have no idea how any of this works...” sadmachine88 1 points ago in IncelTears

    Lol no. Most republicans aren’t posting Pepe the frog or whatever by they’ve been supporting racist policies for decades and they still do.

    [–] Need a new bag sadmachine88 2 points ago in doordash

    Just get a $5 insulated bag at Walmart. And there’s probably pizza bags on Amazon. Don’t go through DD

    [–] Brock Turner is now in a textbook. sadmachine88 -4 points ago in JusticeServed

    Yeah what does this Criminology professor and associate dean know about crime? Sounds like some SJW virtue signaling to me

    [–] Brock Turner is now in a textbook. sadmachine88 7 points ago in JusticeServed

    Lmao I’m sure his victim also wishes that there was no reason to put him in a Criminal Justice textbook

    [–] Large cash tips for fast deliveries. sadmachine88 1 points ago in doordash

    Lol you live in Miami. Perhaps you haven’t noticed but traffic can be a bit of an issue there. That’s probably why people are late.

    [–] I guess it works... sadmachine88 3 points ago in DiWHY

    Just put your phone in a ziplock bag and throw some sand on top

    [–] Boobs are still legal sadmachine88 11 points ago in texas

    Maybe like 1% of us. Even people like me who accept them consensually are just doing it because we know it makes y’all feel nice.

    [–] Instagram Influencer With 2.6m Followers Struggles To Sell 36 T-Shirts sadmachine88 3 points ago in nottheonion

    They’re just people trying to make a buck off of stupider people. It’s a tale as old as time. Also you spelled narcissism wrong Dr. Freud

    [–] Freefolks ! You made it !! sadmachine88 1 points ago in freefolk

    Some people are so fragile and insecure. Everyone has to like what they like or it’s an attack on their character.

    [–] Is there a way to see the reviews being left for me? sadmachine88 4 points ago in doordash

    Lmao I saw that thread and you’re living in another reality. Hope you get deactivated before you challenge a customer to a duel over your honor being besmirched